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10 Advantages of Drupal Web Development You Didn’t Know About

Drupal, an open-source content management system and web application framework, is one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) on the internet today.

It was created by Dries Buytaert in 2000 and has since been used by hundreds of thousands of developers and designers worldwide to create custom websites and applications.

Whether you’re just getting started with Drupal or are looking to improve your skills, the following article will help you become more familiar with this popular platform through its many benefits and advantages for Drupal Web Development.

1) Drupal is user-friendly

Many web developers use Drupal Web Development to build their company’s website. It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate even for people who aren’t too tech-savvy.

If your business has more than one department, you can create separate logins for each of them. If a new employee joins your team and you want to provide him/her access to only one part of your website, you can do that with no problems at all.

And if you want to make any changes or updates on any part of your site, it takes minimal effort and knowledge, unlike other content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla where users have limited options due to their unfriendly interfaces.

2) Low risk

Compared to other types of development, such as Ruby on Rails or .NET, there’s a much smaller margin for error with Drupal.

The wide range of plugins and themes gives you a lot of freedom to experiment with how your site looks. If things go awry and a problem arises, it will likely be due to one faulty plugin or theme that you can easily swap out for another that does exactly what you want—with no effect on other elements.

Additionally, if you have an issue with your code, you have access to an extensive community of developers who are more than willing to help. Even if they don’t know exactly how to fix your issue, they might point you in a direction that helps get things back on track.

3) Upgrades are automatic

With most websites, you have to pay your web developer every time you want a new feature. But with Drupal, your developers will upgrade automatically to keep your site up to date with current functionality and security.

They won’t cost as much either: One platform means fewer costs for maintenance and upgrades—which translates into happier customers and more money in your pockets.

It’s easier to build on top of existing features: Because Drupal is an open-source framework, it’s easy for developers to build on top of existing features instead of creating them from scratch. This can save you time and money by eliminating unnecessary design elements or development work.

It’s flexible enough for any business model: From e-commerce sites to social networks, Drupal has been used by companies across industries since its inception. As long as your business needs are met by its core functions, it can be tailored toward whatever type of website you need.

The community is strong: If there’s something that isn’t included in the core or an extension pack but that your company needs, chances are someone else out there has thought about it too—and built it!

4) There are no unexpected expenses

When you choose to work with a Drupal Web Development company, there should be no unexpected expenses.

There should be a fixed price or price range that is agreed upon upfront. The keyword here is fixed. Since everything can and does change as a project progresses, clients and companies must have an agreement beforehand so everyone knows what to expect.

There should never be any surprise expenses that come out of nowhere at any time throughout your project. A good web developer will do everything in their power to make sure all costs are accounted for before working on your site begins.

This eliminates potential problems down the line and allows everyone involved in your website project to relax knowing they will not get hit with huge surprises later on.

5) Customization comes easily

Another great benefit is that in Drupal Web Development if you know PHP and HTML, you can make almost any change to code. Unlike WordPress and other platforms, your work isn’t going to be overwritten by future updates; instead, it will be an enhancement.

This means that if you want to customize something, it doesn’t require a developer—all it takes is research and time. So whether you have an idea for an advanced feature on your website or are simply looking to tweak something small like font size or color, it’s possible with Drupal.

6) Hosting is convenient

When you choose a managed hosting package, it’s easy to forget that all those little things you have to do yourself if you don’t have your server are provided for you by default with a managed service. Things like backups, updates, and even some security measures.

With Drupal hosting and Drupal Web Development, none of these things need to worry you. This allows not just greater time efficiency but also peace of mind as well. If something goes wrong – which is rare – then there’s always someone else to fix it right away.

7) Maintenance is simple

Because Drupal Web Development requires much less server maintenance than other content management systems, you can spend your time doing other things.

The system’s built-in caching capabilities help ensure that your site is always running smoothly, even if you have thousands of visitors at once. Because updates are automatic and frequent, you never need to worry about missing security patches or receiving a new update before it’s ready. That translates into fewer headaches for you and peace of mind for your clients!

8) Security precautions are built in.

As a free and open-source solution, security precautions are built into Drupal by default. That means you’re not as likely to have a site hacked as you would with proprietary solutions. Security breaches can be costly in time and money, so it’s worth it to pay for a safe solution.

Moreover, since your site will always be up-to-date because security updates are handled automatically, you’ll avoid having to deal with out-of-date software that makes you vulnerable.

Not only is it safer, but security will also never become an afterthought—which is especially important when your business relies on a solid website functioning at all times.

9) Long-term value improves with age.

Drupal is an enterprise-class web content management system (CMS) built on PHP. Despite having been introduced in 2001, it continues to be popular today.

There are numerous reasons why it remains one of the most widely used open-source CMSes.

One reason many don’t know about: Drupal performs best with older versions of PHP, which continue to get security updates long after their official end-of-life dates. This means if your company doesn’t want to spend big money on proprietary software or has difficulty upgrading from older versions,

Drupal Web Development can remain supported and secure for years beyond its initial release date while giving you a modern platform that grows better with age!

10) There’s an endless supply of skilled developers.

The more you work with a platform, the easier it is to find developers who are skilled in that area.

If you need a custom plugin or integration built for your site, it’s much easier to hire a developer who has previously created Drupal modules than one who has never even used it.

The reason for that is simple: people often specialize and build up their expertise over time. It’s not hard to find developers because they’re everywhere! They’re probably already working on your website right now – you just don’t know it yet!


Drupal is an open-source, free content management system that provides many advantages to any business looking to manage its website. The following are ten advantages of a Web Development Companies that you may not be aware of but will help make your next project the best it can be to grow your business.

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