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10 Breathtaking European Villages That You Should Visit Next Year


There are hundreds of European towns that embody the spirit of each country, including Paris and Rome. This is why in this article, we decided to compile a list of seven breathtaking European villages that you need to visit next year.

Be still our beating hearts! We are now assembling our list of the most stunning villages in Europe. Our adventures are all breathtakingly scenic. However, many European hiking trips take us through beautiful villages that combine historical wonder with astonishing beauty. Here are the top 10 most breathtaking European villages, from the medieval hilltop hamlets of France to the Italian Riviera’s coastal towns, Portugal’s cobblestone lanes, and England’s charming Cotswolds.


Why Should You Visit Breathtaking European Villages in 2023?

Europe is a tourist destination. We often choose to stay in the well-known cities of Europe, such as Paris or London. They are amazing. However, sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. Large cities can be overwhelming, crowded, and overcrowded. It can also be costly.

You can have a more relaxed experience by visiting small European cities. My experience has shown that small European cities are often the best places to escape. They are walkable, cozy, charming, and easy to get around. It’s possible to explore peacefully without having to juggle with selfie sticks. Driving in Europe’s smaller towns is not dangerous.

These are just a few of the many small European cities worth mentioning. For l only say 33 of my favorite small European towns. These beautiful, small European cities are often tourist hotspots despite being smaller.

These cities are small and offer something for everyone. You can choose the small town you want to visit based on your interests in art, architecture, UNESCO sites, or charming medieval villages.

Spello, Italy

Umbria is a beautiful postcard; it’s clear. Just when you think you have seen everything, you come across Spello. It is undoubtedly Umbria’s most beautiful town. There’s something magical about its charm. Spello is a lovely town with rich architecture, winding streets, and churches.

It is a great town. We recommend that you visit during the summer. The warm weather showcases the honey-colored homes you see on Google images. Let’s not forget about the endless supply of flowers. The freshness of flowers is tangible – it’s heavenly!


Seydisfjordur, Iceland

The tiny village of Seydisfjordur lies in the middle of east Iceland. A dramatic fjord hides it. Every week, a ferry connects Iceland to Denmark and the Faroe Islands. It’s an excellent option for European visitors who enjoy the strong sea legs of a Scandinavian raider.

Although the population is less than 700 people, the town has a vibrant arts scene, numerous guesthouses, breweries, and restaurants. One of these restaurants is one of the best sushi restaurants in Iceland. Tvisongur is a concrete sound sculpture surrounded by majestic scenery.


Conques, France

This perfectly preserved medieval-walled village is deep in Aveyron, France’s least-known region. It has been a pilgrimage stop along the Camino de Santiago route since its inception. Visitors will find an area that appears frozen in time with some of France’s most OK food.

From Roquefort aged underground to exquisitely plated masterpieces at Michelin-starred Le Suquet restaurant to a Relais & Chateaux hotel with 13 rooms in nearby Laguiole.


Colmar, France

Colmar is in Alsace, near Switzerland and France. It is well-known for its fairytale-like houses, winding canals, and charming architecture. Every home is decorated in bright colors and has wooden architectural details.

You can visit this beautiful European town in just one day. You won’t find a bustling, crowded city with many activities. Colmar is quite relaxed. Explore the city by walking around it.


Monemvasia, Greece

The old town of Monemvasia, just like a page from the Medieval Era, was built on top of a massive rock that juts into the sea. The main tourist area of the old town was built entirely on the slopes of a stone. This gives you a stunning view of the sea from the highest point. It would help if you visited the beaches and churches of Elkomenos Christos and Agia Sofia in Monemvasia. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Europe.


Ambleside, England

Ambleside, England’s sweetest town, is the gateway to England’s Lake District (a World Heritage Site). The village green, small-scale pubs, and other non-chain shops offer a sense of the local culture. While the Bridge House (17th century), built over the small stream, gives a glimpse into the past, it also offers a sense of the town’s present. Ambitious nature walkers can walk the 45-mile Windermere Way, and the Ascending Loughrigg Fell allows you to view beautiful Lake Windermere from the top. Grizedale Forest offers more opportunities for hiking and mountain biking, horseback riding, and zip lining through treetops.


Zermatt, Switzerland

You can visit some of the most famous mountains in Switzerland, such as Matterhorn, Weisshorn, or Monte Ros, by spending a few days at Zermatt. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful towns, and the views from here are breathtaking.

Zermatt is a great place to ski, hike, or trek. You can take the cable car to admire the alpine landscapes and not get tired.


Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto, a small village in Umbria’s northernmost region, is the winner for its exceptional location. There’s no reason not to visit the central railway connecting Rome and Florence. It is a beautiful town, and no matter how you arrive, the stunning views of the volcanoes will make you stop dead in your tracks.

The 14th-century Roman Catholic Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary is one of the main attractions. The incredible facade is worth seeing, no matter what your views are about religion. The exterior and interior took over 300 years to create.


Pyrgi, Greece

The xylan, a black-and-white geometric design covering buildings, arches, and balconies in Pyrgi, is its claim to fame. Pyrgi, a village on the beautiful island of Chios, is one of two mastikahoria villages involved in mastic cultivation and production. This was used historically to make liqueurs, drinks, and chewing gum. The intricate decorative motifs, unique to Pyrgi, were influenced by Genoese control of the island in the Middle Ages. They are essentially medieval Italian graffiti.


Rothenburg, Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one of Europe’s most beautiful places. This Medieval town is like a movie set. Many of the colorful houses are from the 900s.

Plonlein Corner is the most famous tourist attraction in Rothenburg. This charming little square was featured in numerous movies, including Beauty and the Beast (2017). Avoid crowds by getting up early in the morning if you want to avoid them.



While planes and trains are great, there is nothing like the excitement of a road trip. Four Seasons Hotel guests can now rent a classic car to take them between Cap-Ferrat and Milan. The region offers an excellent vacation spot with its beautiful coastline, picturesque villages, and pristine beaches. These remote villages, which are not accessible by train, will inspire you to travel to Europe by car.

If you plan to visit some of these breathtaking European villages in 2023, we recommend you check out the ETIAS website for updated EU travel information and requirements. The website will also help you apply for an ETIAS visa waiver if you are eligible.

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