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10 Fun and Exciting Things to do in Panama City on a Budget

Escape the stress of your daily life and visit Panama City, one of the hottest vacation destinations in the world. If you don’t have time to take a week off, don’t worry; there are plenty of things to do in Panama City on a budget.

Check out this list of 10 fun and exciting things to do in Panama City on a budget that will have you exploring this beautiful city in no time!

1) Go sightseeing at Fort Amador

Visit Fort Amador in Panama City, Central America. The fort is located at the entrance of the canal with spectacular views of the water, mountains, and the skyline. To visit this site, you can rent a cheap car rentals panama city near Bayonne Shopping Center.  The Rental Radar offers cheap car rentals panama city for as low as $25 per day and only requires a driver’s license or passport for identification. 

At Fort Amador, visitors can see The Seven Gates monument built to commemorate the seven nations that helped build the canal. Visitors can also enjoy dining at one of many restaurants which are all fairly priced and reasonably delicious.

2) Visit Casco Viejo

There are only two reasons you should visit Casco Viejo. First, it’s the perfect place for an intimate night out. The old colonial buildings with terracotta tiles have been transformed into chic restaurants and bars, making it the most vibrant part of the city. Second, Casco Viejo is also one of the best places to just stroll through – no need for destinations when you’re happy to be surrounded by that colorful architecture at every turn.

3) Watch the sunset at Flamenco Beach

Watching the sunset at Flamenco Beach is a great budget-friendly activity that can be done any time of day. The sunsets are always beautiful from here, but they’re most amazing at around 6pm. Bring your own picnic basket and find a nice place in the sand. You won’t regret it! After you’ve watched the sunset, stop by Burger King and grab a Whopper for dinner (if you didn’t already have one). Then take off for some nightlife – there’s no shortage of bars in this city. Or stay out late for more gorgeous views: head over to Las Velas nightclub on 10th Street NW. There’s an entrance fee if you don’t have VIP access, but if you get lucky and score free entry, it’ll be worth every penny. Plus there’s an open bar until 11pm – who doesn’t love free drinks?

4) Sunbathe at Pedregal Beach

Pedregal Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Panama, with light blue water and yellow sand. You’ll find lots of restaurants, people, vendors and surfers waiting for the perfect wave. Nearby you can also visit Villa Franca & The Museum of Modern Art by Mexican Artist José Luis Cuevas. With food from over 100 countries, shops filled with traditional Latin American handicrafts, animal exhibits at Jungle Farms, parrot-training programs at Parrots Unlimited World Institute, orchid gardens at the Lyman Estate Garden & Botanical Center, it’s easy to see why visitors are always wanting more time. 

5) Go bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes

For fun and excitement, Lucky Strike Lanes is a great place for an inexpensive day out. Bowlers can enjoy video games, munch on pizza, and drink pop during their break. Another bonus of bowling at Lucky Strike is the competitive prices! For $11 per hour, you can bowl all day with unlimited shoe rentals. This is by far the cheapest bowling alley I have been to–plenty of room for more than six people at one time–and best of all this doesn’t feel like your average subpar bowling alley! The lanes are clean and well-maintained; so much so that I felt safe enough not wearing my shoes!

6) Get dinner at Fat Tuesday

If you’re looking for some cheap things to do in Panama City Beach, head over to Fat Tuesday for some seafood. Fresh Gulf seafood is always just $4.95, served Cajun-style with fresh lemon or drawn butter. With all of the tasty appetizers at Fat Tuesday, it’s no wonder that this hole-in-the-wall can’t be missed when out enjoying the attractions of Panama City Beach.

Start off your visit with crab cakes and fried shrimp from their extensive list of appetizers, then dig into one of their mouthwatering dishes like shrimp Creole or grilled tuna kabobs with a Louisiana tomato sauce served over rice pilaf and sautéed vegetables.

7) Take A Horse and Buggy Ride In Coronado

A popular activity in Old Town Coronado is horse-drawn carriage rides through the old fashioned town. It is especially fun for kids! For an extra fee, you can take your own photo inside the carriage. If you have the stamina for it, rent a car from The Rental Radar and make your way around town yourself – or if you are too tired, If you love scenic views, head to Amador Causeway at sunset. The walk is beautiful by itself but you get to enjoy the most stunning views of the bay with ships and boats zooming past as well as nice breezes coming off of water. There are benches set up all along the walkway so feel free to stop and watch before continuing down this relaxing route. 

A good rainy day activity is renting bikes from Panama Cycle Rental and taking a ride out onto Isla Taboga which has some beautiful mangroves perfect for bird watching (you might even spot some iguanas!). You can also visit Taboga Fort which was built back in 1633 by Spanish settlers who first inhabited Panama’s coasts.

8) Play Mini Golf at Pirate’s Cove Miniature Golf Course

Pirate’s Cove Miniature Golf Course is one of the most popular places for cheap things to do in Panama City Beach. They offer 9 holes that are great for family outings, group celebrations, birthday parties, and more. There is plenty of shade with waterfalls, water features, scenic ponds, and all kinds of challenges for every skill level. The hours are seasonal so call ahead before making your plans!

9) Check out Museo de la Biodiversidad (Museum of Biodiversity)

Cheap things to do in Panama City Beach: I love that you have mentioned the idea of getting involved with community projects. One of my favorite such organizations is the Museum of Biodiversity (Museo de la Biodiversidad). In this museum you can see flora, fauna, and natural resources from the tropics all over the world. They offer guided tours, day trips, expeditions, workshops, seminars and volunteering opportunities. All these activities are cheap but offer lots of interaction with locals which can make it feel more than worth it!

10) Learn about the culture with a visit to the National Museum

The National Museum of Panamanian Culture is an intriguing location with plenty of interesting artifacts and displays. The most famous one is the gaudy statue of Vasco Nunez de Balboa that sits outside the building. The entrance fee is $1, but once inside visitors are invited to tour at their own pace or just enjoy the museum’s ambiance while they take pictures or read some of the informational placards. For free, this museum is worth a visit because it gives you more understanding about life in Panama before.

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