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Health and Fitness

 10 Important Things To Consider Before Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Yoga is the art and discipline of merging the physical and the spiritual. It is nothing but a tool that will help you become close to your true spiritual being. Yoga is involved in the work of steering the inside of an individual and seeks to achieve the oneness of being. An individual can become more aware of him or herself and can achieve what is called Oneness or Union with the spiritual.

There are several unique benefits of performing yoga. These benefits are not only physical but also spiritual. An individual can achieve physical fitness as well as mental stability through the art of yoga. Furthermore, these benefits manifest on an enduring basis. This means that they are not of a short-term nature but more permanent.

It is because of these numerous benefits and the high effectiveness of the discipline of yoga that this way of exercise and life is becoming popular by the day. Today, more and more people are flocking towards the art of yoga to heal themselves. This has made the profession of a yoga teacher or a yoga instructor very lucrative.

A person today can choose the profession of a yoga teacher and be very successful in the profession. Additionally, he or she can also find peace and joy in his or her profession. However, certain things need to be considered before becoming a yoga teacher. Some of them are as follows:

Being Passionate about the art of yoga:

One of the most important considerations that an aspiring Yoga Teacher should make is the discipline of yoga. It is expected of the aspiring yoga teacher to be aware of yoga and be passionate about the discipline.

If you are aspiring to become a professional yoga teacher and are driven by passion, you will love your work. This will help you drive yourself as well as your students towards achieving great milestones in yoga. Before making this important leap in your career as a yoga teacher or instructor, you can test your passion for the discipline by participating in the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.


Do you want to consider this profession permanently or as a part-time profession:

This is a very important consideration in every profession? Deciding if the individual wants to take up the profession of a yoga teacher on a full-time or part-time basis will give clarity to the individual.

If you are ready to spend your whole life as a yoga teacher, you can consider taking up professional degrees and certifications that will help you establish yourself as a yoga instructor. On the other hand, if you are only passionate and want to experiment the line, performing trial sessions can be useful to get feedback. Thus considering the amount of time you would like to invest in this profession will help you drive your career as a yoga teacher for the best.


Do you want to concentrate on physical healing or mental healing or both:

There are innumerable benefits of the practice of yoga. People preach and perform yoga for physical fitness, as well as for spiritual and mental healing. Therefore, a yoga teacher must choose the kind of healing and teaching that he will be provided through his yoga sessions.

If you will provide physical fitness-related yoga you need to focus on asanas like Naukasanas (boat pose), Dwi Pada Uttanasana (both leg raise pose), Viparita Karni (inclined pose), etc. While if the focus is on spiritual healing focus will be on asanas like meditation, pranayama, etc. Since the approach of a yoga teacher will be different based on the results, deciding the type of teaching one intends to provide is important.


The style of yoga you are passionate about:

The discipline of Yoga is very vast. It is impossible to know, learn, and expertise in all the styles and forms of yoga. Therefore, people usually focus on one style. Choosing the style of yoga may depend on the yoga teachers’ personality and his or her passion. Thus choosing the style of yoga they would like to teach is one of the first steps to becoming a yoga teacher and an important consideration.

There are thirteen styles of yoga. These include prenatal yoga, aerial yoga, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, power yoga, yin yoga, Bikram yoga, Iyengar yoga, and the Sivananda yoga. The aspiring yoga teacher should explore these styles and find the one most compatible with their personality. This will help them provide the best teachings to their students.


Are you interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor:

A certified yoga instructor is an individual who has completed various courses in the yoga discipline from recognized institutes. If you are contemplating becoming a professional yoga instructor or teacher. Getting certified will help you get more students and increase your credibility.

There are various certificates to choose from. The aspiring yoga teacher should check if their style and forms of yoga are listed in the course details. They can do certifications by completing 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Nowadays due to the pandemic, all the yoga schools in Rishikesh and all over the world are conducting this teacher training course online and if you are a beginner then you can start with the online 200 hour yoga teacher training course to become a certificated yoga instructor.

Be ready for ups and downs in your professional career as a yoga teacher:

The path of becoming a yoga teacher is not necessarily smooth as many other common professions. This is because this profession is mostly driven by the passion of the teachers and students. Therefore, aspiring yoga teachers should prepare themselves for a bumpy career.

An aspiring yoga teacher should be well prepared to face lows in their careers and still find a way to remain passionate. They should make strong circles that will help them remain passionate about the art and take a break once in a while.


How much time would you like to invest in your sessions:

Fixing the session timings for yoga training is important. This is an important consideration for a teacher as it is often the deciding factor for students to join classes. Thus the teacher should be clear about the amount of time he will be able to dedicate each day towards his profession.

He should also be clear about the basic principles of yoga and see to it that his principles are aligned with those principles. The sessions and classes should be considered and set based on these rules and regulations.


What do you wish your students to learn as a takeaway:

This is a very important takeaway for any teaching profession. Especially, in the discipline of yoga, a very important goal is to be able to create a profound impact on the lives of the participants. Thus the yoga teacher should consider designing the course in a way that will have a lasting impact on the participants. He needs to consider and ascertain the aims he wishes to achieve through his classes and work on them.


Be able to confront and provide lessons to a different type of people:

Yoga is a very common and widely known practice. With various governments’ initiatives and other publicities, the benefits of yoga are getting famous by the day. This is leading people from various works of society to join the discipline.

Therefore, the yoga teacher should be aware that choosing this profession will lead him to meet different kinds of people regularly. He or she should thus consider this prospect and be prepared for the same.


Always be ready to learn and adapt:

The art and discipline of yoga is a never-ending and pervasive process. Therefore, there is no end to learn and adapt various asanas and styles of yoga. As an aspiring yoga teacher, you should be aware of the same. Therefore it is advisable to always keep an open mind and be open to new learnings as a yoga teacher. Thus the individual should enter the profession of the yoga teacher keeping this consideration in mind.

Concerning this, the aspiring yoga teacher should meet people from various works of society and learn from them. They should interact with people who are engaging in other forms of yoga and learn from them the benefits and what drives them. This will help them have an open mind and always be ready to learn and adapt.

Therefore, from the above article, we can see that becoming a yoga teacher is not as easy as it looks. Apart from being aware of the various nuances of the discipline of yoga. The individual should be very passionate about the same. Furthermore, he or she should consider a variety of the above-mentioned factors. Considering the above-mentioned factors will not only help aspiring yoga teachers to create a blueprint of their future profession but also ensure that they are satisfied and succeed in the profession.

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200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa flow & Yin.

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