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10 Movies To Learn The German Language To Study In Geramany

Do you want study in Geramany ? Are you excited about your decision to Study In Germany. But don’t you think you need to know the German language well before setting foot in Germany?

Now the question is – How?

Why not combine your love of films and languages to accelerate your path to language fluency?

It appears to be a good idea. After all, watching movies is an effective way to acquire an ear for the language.

German movies are not only historically significant but also a fun and effective source of information for German learners.

I believe that the improvement in my German during my stay in Berlin was due to the movies I watched there rather than having conversations in German!

Movies are definitely one of the most effective languages learning methods because they provide you with enough entertainment to help you progress in learning German.

So, when you are all set to study in Germany, try to watch out the films I’m recommending in this blog.


Why Should You Learn German from Movies?

MOTIVATION is the key to successful language learning! That’s correct. You may have the resources and time required to gain the knowledge.

However, if you lack motivation, even the most conducive environment will not help you master German, the “language of science and machines.”


Conversation –

Movies are also an excellent way to learn about other cultures. Discussing a popular film is an excellent way to interact with your new German mates. Can you imagine how many English discussions you would miss out on if you didn’t know any legendary English-speaking celebrities?


Entertainment –

Movies are simply enjoyable and entertaining. You can keep them when you’re too tired to do anything else. It’s the same as saving your most difficult exercises for the end of a workout when you have the least amount of energy.


Naturality –

Movies also frequently employ natural conversational German.

With technological advancements, you can now watch hundreds of films with various audio and subtitles whenever and wherever you want.


German Movies You Should Watch to Learn the Language

Learning German through films is something you will never get tired of doing if you have the time.

So, here is a list of the top 10  German movies for you.

Sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn before the fun begins!


1. The Lives of Others (2006)

If I don’t mention this film in the first place on my list, it will not be a justification.

Are you ever curious about what it was like to live in communist East Germany? This drama/political thriller follows Stasi Captain Gerd Wiesler, who is tasked with spying on playwright Georg Dreyman and his lover in order to determine whether the writer is breaking laws.

Through his thoughts and desires, he gradually becomes personally involved in the case.

One of the most outstanding German films ever made, it won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. The Lives of Others is a film that everyone should see, especially those studying German.

Long discussions about complex sociopolitical issues will undoubtedly be challenging but valuable for advanced students.


2. Run Lola Run (1998)

Another exciting film, to begin with, is Tom Tykwer’s Lola Rennt (also known as “Run Lola Run” in English).

This critically acclaimed movie follows Lola, a determined redhead punk on a mission to save her boyfriend’s life by achieving 100,000 Deutsche Mark in just 20 minutes.

The story is told in the form of a butterfly effect, in which the audience witnesses Lola reliving the same 20 minutes again and again.

This allows her to make different choices with different outcomes — and it’s a never-ending adventure.

This film does its job well, displaying a lot of slang at a fast pace.

It would be difficult to watch if you only knew basic German. Watch it with subtitles if you want to understand it.


4. Das Boot (1981)

Das Boot is a timeless German film. It is one of the costliest German films ever made.

The film depicts what life is like for soldiers on the high seas during the war.

It tells the story of German U-boats trying to operate in the Atlantic Ocean during the darkest days of World War II.

For these films, two distinct U-boat submarines were constructed for both exterior and interior shots.

The soldiers’ stumpy beards and freckled faces illustrate life on the battlefield. It’s a moving and engaging film.


4. ‘Good Bye, Lenin!’ (2003)

If you enjoy comedy and social commentary, Goodbye Lenin is a must-see.

It is among the best German-rated movies of the twenty-first century, directed by Wolfgang Becker.

The film tells the amusing tale of a young and lively fella whose mother (a social democrat) awoke from a heart attack coma. But, unfortunately, she was oblivious to the fact that the East and West had been reunited.

The son must make certain that her mother does not learn the truth. It’s to keep her from falling back into a coma.

To protect his bedridden mother from the changing world around her, Alex employs absurd and often humorous tactics. So again, if you want to study in Germany through study abroad consultants in India, this film should be at the top of your list!

It teaches a divergent cultural understanding of reunification from a German perspective and perception. For discussing political ideology, there is a lot of exciting vocabulary.


5. Downfall (2004)

This is the film to see if you are interested in history and the events of WWII.

Along with The Lives of Others, this is one of my all-time favourite German films.

Downfall paints a vivid picture of what happened in his underground bunker in the last 10 days of Adolf Hitler’s life. Look no further if you’re looking for a historical drama.

This contentious but captivating depiction of Hitler will have you clenching your teeth.

This film teaches you the Austrian accent of German.

The actions and visual presentation enable you to follow the stream of the film’s vocabulary.


6.The White Ribbon (2009)

A black-and-white film ideal for language students who enjoy watching films with a dark tone.

This sobering depiction of religion, authority, and violence in a small northern German town in the early 1910s comes from one of Europe’s most celebrated directors, Michael Haneke.

On a rainy day, do not watch this film! Though beautiful and powerful, the film’s dark take on society and family can be challenging to watch.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a film with a punch, the film depicts a suspenseful and action-packed series of events affecting this small German neighbourhood and its Protestant residents.

This film is also ideal for German students since the cast members speak slowly and clearly about topics that are simple to understand.


7. Soul Kitchen (2009)

It’s a typical comedy film for fun-loving German language fans.

The film follows Zinos, a German-born Greek restaurant owner, and his local restaurant’s financial difficulties in Hamburg.

Zinos who do not have medical insurance develop a disc problem.

With his girlfriend leaving for China and his brother released from prison, the plot led to a cohesive, funny film with a large cast.

Many useful and interesting vocabularies make it simple to follow the movie.

It broadens one’s comprehension of the German way of living in terms of food and relationships.


8. Nowhere in Africa (2001)

Nowhere in Africa is a must-see for anyone interested in history.

It is a film that received the Academic Award for best foreign-language film in 2003.

The film centres on a Jewish family who faced numerous challenges while considering moving from Germany to Kenya during World War II.

As the family faced unprecedented challenges and obstacles, the film featured several intriguing and emotional moments.

This film will undoubtedly assist you if you are just beginning to learn German.

The actors’ language is clear and simple, making it an excellent choice for beginners aiming to pass the Goethe-Zertifikat test.


9. Bella Martha (2001)

Sandra Nettelbeck’s underappreciated film Bella Martha is an absolute masterpiece of a film and an excellent resource for students.

A charming romantic drama centred on chef Martha Klein, who must deal with an unexpected personal tragedy amidst her workaholic lifestyle, is created by compelling acting skills and a beautiful film score.

Because Bella Martha deals with the complexity of human themes, it’s a goldmine of intense feeling and relationship-based vocabulary, ideal for advanced and intermediate learners looking to move beyond casual everyday conversations.

A little culinary jargon adds just the correct amount of linguistic flavour.

10. Revanche (2008)

So, here’s a movie for you Austrians! If you want to experience the type of German you’ll encounter in the land of schnitzel and strudel, watch “Revanche.”

The thriller is about the doomed relationship of Alex, a Viennese ex-con, and Tamara, a Ukrainian prostitute, who want to abandon Vienna and start a new life together.

Alex determines to rob a bank to fund this scheme, but the plan goes awry.

The film keeps you on the edge of your seat as it addresses themes of guilt, atonement, and fate, and it provides an excellent glance into a side of Austria that you may not be able to see!


Final Thoughts

If you enjoy watching movies, starting to learn German can be enjoyable. Producers, filmmakers, music producers, actors, and actresses from German-speaking countries are well-known.

I hope I was able to persuade you to watch some German cinema.

There is no better method for honing your German than this!


About the Author

Diana James is a movie buff and critic. She lives in California and writes about movies. Not only that, but Diana also creates content for students. She is associated with, through which Diana offers assignment help to students worldwide. In addition, Diana loves to learn languages in her free time.


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