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10 Things to Check Before Buying a Restaurant Pos Software?

When was the last time you created an enormous purchase while not asking one question? And we’re not talking a big spherical of shots for everyone at the bar – we’re talking your edifice restaurant pos software.

Before putting down plenty of cash on a purchase, you – naturally – come back armed with queries that facilitate guarantee you’re putting your take advantage in the correct place. 

This same questioning ought to be applied once trying to find a brand new restaurant pos software system, whether or not you’re buying your initial restaurant pos software or wanting to change your provider. militarization with queries for completely different sales groups can facilitate making sure you find yourself with a product that meets all of your business needs. 

But… what does one have to be compelled to raise?

We’ll re-examine the highest fourteen questions you wish to ask once trying to find an edifice restaurant pos software system before you sign any dotted lines. you’ll find the questions de-escalated through the key classes below.


Hardware could be an immense thought when selecting a brand new restaurant pos software – when all, it’s the instrumentality that homes your restaurant pos software. There are one or two queries you’ll wish to see off concerning hardware once searching around. 

10 Things to Look Before Buying a Restaurant Pos Software

1. What sort of hardware will the restaurant pos software use?

Probabilities are, this may come back up naturally in your discussions with restaurant pos software providers. this is often vital to know, particularly with however fiery folks travel #TeamApple, #TeamAndroid, or alternative proprietary hardware engineered specifically for the code – which may get terribly expensive.

2. What hardware is needed to run the system? 

You recognize after you purchase a brand new exciting piece of technology and obtain all excited to open it, solely to search out out the batteries weren’t included? Or a part of it comes separately? Frustrating, right? 

You don’t want to choose an edifice restaurant pos software and decide you didn’t account for all the hardware required. raise earlyon} precisely what’s needed – it’s probably quite one iPad or tablet. Some hardware needs you’ll wish to form bound to ask regarding include:

  • quantity of iPads or tablets for your edifice size
  • Printers
  • Wiring
  • net router 
  • Payment devices

After you ask about all the hardware requirements, you avoid unpleasant surprises down the road!

System Capabilities

There’s a reason restaurants are moving far away from running their operations on pen and paper. A restaurant pos software will do so much for your venue. whereas several systems have constant basic capabilities – equivalent to processing sales and causation orders to the room – you continue to wish to raise regarding every system’s capabilities. 

Here are the foremost vital areas to hide with system capabilities.  

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3. What are the essential capabilities? 

This might seem to be a general question, however, it’s an excellent place to begin to urge to understand the system and doubtless knock off some queries early. Different restaurant pos software suppliers can allow you to know general options – such as dynamical your menu or causation orders to the kitchen.

4. Is there any time period with my restaurant pos software? 

What happens if my net crashes? am I able to take payments offline? With some systems, losing your net association will be the beginning of a shift straight out of a horror movie. 

With several cloud-based restaurant pos software systems, no net will mean no options (cue scream). this is often why asking regarding offline capabilities is key.

A number of the most important features you risk with a very cloud-based system include:

  • Processing payments and gift cards
  • workers continuance in or out of shifts
  • causation orders from the ground to the room
  • No access to reports

Things go wrong. the net cuts out. however, your whole service ought to not be ruined by it.  

5. Will my restaurant pos software facilitate labor? 

The solution here should be, yes! Your edifice restaurant pos software should help with programming and labor insights, equivalent to high-performing arts staff and labor hours.

Think about this: You’re attempting to set up your vacation staff. You don’t wish to overschedule, however, you furthermore might don’t wish to schedule too few people. because the holidays roll around, most days you’re either undermanned or have additional servers waiting around. Either way, it’s lower than ideal.

Along with your labor reports on your restaurant pos software, you don’t ought to create constant mistakes twice! Use your past labor knowledge from the past to forecast staffing wants a lot accurately, saving you headaches and cash on labor hours. 

6. Am I able to get real-time insights and reporting?

Your edifice restaurant pos software is packed packed with valuable information, and your reports organize that information from you. the data you pull from these reports ought to offer you valuable insights for running your edifice and creating a lot of conversant decisions, with insights in real-time! 

As a result, reports will be such a strong tool, you’ll wish to raise regarding the news your system has. Some information you’re ready to see in your reports include:

  • Discounts and voids
  • What workers members are making the foremost voids?
  • Menu insights – kind your menu by category, quantity sold, the share of daily sales every menu item contributed, or others
  • Payment details – What strategies of payment are folks using? once did transactions take place?

Whereas you’re raising regarding the reports available, you’ll additionally want to ask how you manage these reports. ought one to move into the building every time you would like to drag a report?

Raise on-the-go news capabilities. With this remote access, you’ll pull and manage reports from any place – whether or not or not it’s in between off-site conferences or from bed for a (well-deserved) day sleeping in. Your reports oughtn’t to be restricted to your physical edifice space! 


Several restaurant pos software systems do quite simple methods and track sales, due to some powerful integrations. These integrations build out your system’s practicality while putting valuable hours into your busy week.

7. What are your high or most used integrations?

Think about this answer a free recommendation from restaurant house owners already exploiting the restaurant pos software code you’re considering. this may offer you some insight into what folks within the trade are finding valuable, exrestaurant pos software you to new integrations you didn’t grasp were on the market, offer you a way of what’s available for your current needs, and what you’ll have access to as your business grows.

8. What’s available to assist manage inventory?


Inventory management is one of the foremost vital components of running an edifice – when nearly 60% of restaurant house owners struggle with managing their food costs.  

plenty of restaurant pos software systems can have some powerful inventory capabilities and integrations to assist minimize that struggle. Since inventory is such an outsized issue for veterans and new edifice house owners alike, it’s crucial to raise any integrations to form this method smoother.

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9. Will my restaurant pos software code link to my accounting software?

Do you mean, you don’t wish to pay hours going back and forth manually inputting your restaurant pos software knowledge into accounting software?

With a degree of sale that integrates directly into accounting software, you’ll avoid the tedious manual entry – and inevitable errors that come back alongside that. searching for the market accounting integrations available can prevent several headaches – and accounting errors – in the long run. 

10. What are your choices for the payment process?

Whereas you’re running an edifice to serve delicious food and make folks happy, you’re additionally attempting to form money. therefore however are you processing payments at your restaurant?

Payment processing isn’t one thing you’ll skip at your restaurant unless you select to travel fully card-free and settle for money only.

Whether or not you’re looking for an integrated processor or a standalone system, most edifice restaurant pos software systems can have completely different payment process choices available.

Restaurant pos software suppliers solely supply one choice for payment processing – while not the liberty to choose, you won’t be ready to notice the one that really fits your business wants nor switch when/if those needs change.

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