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10 Vaginal Hygiene Customs That Every Teenager Girl Must Follow

Genital structures play a very significant role in a women’s health and hygiene in safeguarding these parts. The vagina is itself a closed well-developed passage that spreads from the vulva –the opening of the female genital part to the neck of the uterus and it is also known as the birth passage, which links the cervix through the uterus.

The healthy and hygienic vagina naturally has an acidic pH level ranging between 3.8-4.5 which consists of huge amounts of healthy bacteria that can evade off infections and is naturally greased.

A hale and hearty vaginal usually release a minimal amount of discharge, which is a normal physiologic reaction. However, if women experience any changes in vaginal odor, color and discomfort, pelvic pain or vulvar irritation, itching, or burning then it needs to be immediately attended to.

Any complication in the vaginals can profusely affect fertility, sexual desire. An enduring vagina ailment can put you under tremendous trauma, hamper your relationship and crash your self-confidence leading to insecurities.

Some of the contributing reasons which affect the health of your intimates include unguarded sex, health conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis which may result in painful sex.

Go through this article to know about simple and effective measures to keep your private parts in good health conditions.

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Factors That Affect Vaginal Health

Vaginal problems can affect fertility and sexual drive. Any existing vaginal health issues can also result in stress or relationship issues and harm your overall well-being. Some of the factors that can affect the health of the vagina include:

Sex: Unprotected sex is the main problem behind the sexually transmitted infection, while forceful sex or damage to the pelvic part is the outcome of the vaginal disorder.

Certain Medical Conditions: Health complications such as endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory ailment may cause excruciating sex. Disfiguring due to pelvic surgery and certain cancer treatments can also cause agonizing sex.

Birth control and feminine-hygiene products: Protective contraceptive devices such as condoms, diaphragms, and related spermicide can be the cause of vaginal irritation. Furthermore, the excessive use of sprays, deodorizers, or douches can deteriorate prevailing swelling.

Pregnancy and childbirth: During the prenatal period, often there is an increase in vaginal discharge. Vaginal tears are common during childbirth and vaginal delivery can also decrease the muscle tone in the intimates.

Psychological issues: Nervousness and downheartedness can lead to a low level of excitement and uneasiness or discomfort during intimacy.

Hormones: Any change in hormone levels can affect vaginal health – for instance, estrogen production declines after menopause and during breastfeeding which can result in the vaginal lining thin making sex painful.

Take Charge of Your Health

Eat a well-proportioned and nourishing diet, maintain weight and stay energetic. Hale and hearty living wills sooner or later help you to stimulate sexual body parts. Bad health can put a woman at greater risk of diabetes and make them prone to contracted urinary tract infections and other impurities that hamper vaginal health and hygiene.

Get Vaccinated

Immunization in form of vaccination can safeguard the women against HPV the virus that is responsible for cervical cancer and also reduces the risk of hepatitis B, a severe liver contagion that spreads through sexual intercourse.

Use Lubricants

Using natural and organic emollients like olive oil, coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel is vital to avoid the vagina from getting irritated during sexual intimacy. Vaginal lubrication is said to happen naturally during stimulation; however, many few females may not secrete sufficiently. In such cases, natural and external lubricants may support, on the other hand, remember that do not use petroleum jelly or baby oil as these can worsen vaginal irritation.

Regular Checkup

Routine health checkups with the gynecologist guarantee women to maintain health. Some of the screening tests suggested for women include a pap smear, pelvic examination, and mammogram.

Use Condoms

To protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy it is very essential to use contraceptive devices. Using condoms protects you from sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, HIV, and many more.

Use Water

The vagina is a naturally self-cleaning organ and using conventional chemicals, or douching can injury its cleansing process. Douching needs to be avoided. Always clean the vaginal and the external genitalia using Oudh accord intimate wash and lukewarm water.

Kegel Workout

This is the best exercise to keep your pelvic muscles upgraded and helps in improving the urinary inconvenience.

Practice Good Hygiene

Following good hygiene can protect your vaginal health for a long period. Always wash or wipe from front to back to avoid bacterial infection of the vagina and decrease the threat of bladder infection. Changing sanitary pads and tampons after every 4-6 hours regularly to reduce the risk of vaginal irritation and contamination.

Choose the Right Type of Clothing

A few types of fabrics and wearing tight-fitting clothing generate a warm, moist environment in the vagina which favors the yeast to thrive. Always prefer wearing cotton breathable inner ware made from smooth cotton fabric as it helps your vaginals to protect from intimate infections.

Restrain the Intake of Alcohol

Stay away from alcohol, quit smoking, and chewing tobacco, as chronic alcohol and smoking can weaken sexual intimacy. So the intake of nicotine on cigarettes should also be restricted to reduce the risk of infections.

In shorts

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