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11 SEO Skills To Grow in Your Career

Some people believe that the job of an SEO expert is simple. All you need to do to get started is become familiar with Google, learn about links and keywords, develop sitemaps, and optimize your content and pictures.

In reality, everyone would rank first in the search results if that was the scenario. As a matter of fact, the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) only have 10 main slots. Therefore, only 10 websites will show up to the viewer. With such a competition, an SEO expert can’t count on the “one size fits all” technique.

If you want to improve your specialism, you need to learn these skills:

Intent Analysis

By definition, deciphering a user’s purpose behind a keyword they write to a search engine is called intent analysis.

Those who want to advance in their SEO expertise must develop their grasp of the psychology behind what searchers seek.

This will not only assist you in meeting a user’s requirement when they arrive at a page but also improve the chances of your page ranking in the search.


Coding is not a skill every SEO has; they can work fine without it. However, understanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can assist you in making sure that your website is bot-friendly.

Search engine bots produce high-quality bot traffic. Search engines like Google send out these bots to find and index fresh information. Good bot traffic facilitates the discovery and ranking of your content in search results.

Comprehending Server Management

An SEO expert is not really in charge of making sure a server can support a load of website traffic. However, gaining a fundamental grasp of how servers affect a website’s crawlability, load time, and dependability helps advance your technical SEO understanding.

Although the usage of CDNs rather than static servers can help to speed up content loading, it will be challenging for you to make a case for a CDN if you are unaware of the drawbacks of fixed location servers.

Strong technical SEO fundamentals require a greater grasp of how web hosting may impact both how users interact with your site and how Google can access it.

You need to be aware of how factors like location and uptime may affect how well search engines rank your website. For instance, knowing other server codes outside the typical 404 and 301 can assist in managing servers whenever there are serious problems.

Content Writing

The art of producing SEO content involves coming up with interesting material for readers while adhering to SEO best practices making sure your content is discoverable and attracts qualified traffic from search. Every digital marketing strategy must include SEO content writing services.

Knowing that material needs to be captivating and sufficiently relevant to the search phrases used to find it is not sufficient. That’s why you should learn about the steps the copywriters in your team use to conduct research, compose, and edit their work. You may use this to develop better ideas when you ask the writers you generate content for you.


Similar to writing, when dealing with content, editing is a useful skill to master. With this knowledge, an SEO professional can be able to optimize further for search engine suitability.

It can assist with your rankings when you add keywords to a couple of paragraphs to make them more keyword-rich. In this way, you can improve the content. You can learn this skill by speaking with your SEO copywriters.

Writing Your Progress

As an SEO expert, it is necessary to write down your progress, results, and the logic behind your SEO efforts.

Whether you work for a company directly, through an agency, or as a freelancer, you must constantly balance the requirements and expectations. If you know how to explain how your effort has an impact, it will become easier for you to get more clients. Reporting involves more than just labeling a graph or recording what caused spikes and declines.

The best SEO reports enable users to comprehend the context of the findings, develop conclusions, and use them to inform business choices. Makin well-constructed reports are one of the mandatory practices of an adept SEO Company in USA.

Implementing SEO takes time, and you can retain and satisfy clients through reports.

SEO Forecasting

SEO forecasting is not as simple as it sounds. It greatly raises the standard and dependability of your work. Experienced SEOs need to gain the capacity to predict upcoming outcomes. There are several outside variables that are challenging to predict. Sometimes, well-planned estimates might not be accurate due to changes in the market, competition, or other circumstances.

Performing Log File Analysis

Analyzing your log files helps you learn more about how search engine crawlers see your website. This can assist you in developing an SEO strategy, locating information, or supporting potential improvements.

With the help of log file analysis, you can understand the records of who or what has viewed your website.

You can get to know which pages search engine bots can and cannot access by looking through log files. If you don’t have much experience with the log files, they may seem intimidating. Thankfully, there are several remarkable programs that make studying them much easier than going over the raw log files.

Once you contemplate the information, you should know what to do with it. If you know that a certain area of your site is rarely crawled by Google, you can inform it of your technical SEO. It tells you many factors about your internal linking structure.

Executing Website Migrations

Website technology is developing quickly, covering everything from API connectivity and flexible design to payment portals and conversational marketing platforms. As a result, many C-suite executives are moving to a new platform in order to redesign the look and functionality of their current websites.

However, this is a challenging task that can have disastrous repercussions for those who don’t have the skill to deal with this. With a proper SEO migration strategy, you can enhance the website’s organic performance and improve its engagement.

Optimizing Various Search Engines

Working on unfamiliar search engines is another skill that can help you grow your career. Google is not the sole dominating player in every region. If you focus on just Google optimization, you might miss out on other opportunities. Other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, among others, also have a considerable user base. Therefore, you should start learning their mechanics as well.

Reach the International Audience

The act of optimizing your website for visitors from other nations or languages is known as international SEO. If you want to use organic search to connect with a global audience, nothing works better than that.

You’ll need technical SEO, digital PR, and on-page optimization abilities to optimize your website for international visitors. When thinking about opening up a website to foreign audiences, you should ask yourself several things. To master international SEO, you need a lot of tactics and technical expertise. You can also require specialized language abilities or local expertise.

Google has published a guide that is useful in explaining how to manage a multi-region website. So, you start by reading that to understand international SEO.

In Conclusion

These are the 11 skills you can develop and sharpen to get more career opportunities as an SEO expert. It may take time for you to learn all of them, but they can greatly improve your skillset. If you want to start, you can take a good SEO course to get information in one place and use the correct SEO tools. Nevertheless, the best thing to get this knowledge is by practicing as much as you can.

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