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11 Shades Of Pink Hair Colour You Need To Try

Hair colouring is a fantastic experience to go through. You have a variety of shades to choose from and the best thing about this is that it elevates your entire look. There are many shades of pink hair colour for women to try. Your normal, dull look is enhanced by the vibrant colours of your hair. But before going through the colouring process, the selection is something that is quite challenging. If you know your undertone, then it will be an easy task to select colours. 

For instance, there are some shades of clothes that look good on you. If shades of brown look good on you, then you have a warm skin tone. Similarly, if you can wear funky shades and slay the look, then you have a cool skin tone. Knowing your skin tone can be quite difficult. That is why there are a variety of tests that you can take to determine your skin tone. 

Coming back to the hair colours; you can select any shade you wish to if you have a neutral skin tone. People having neutral skin tone can wear any hair colour. This is like a boon! Always remember that if you go with subtle colours, your hair will have a sense of warmth and depth to it. If you go with bold shades, then your hair will have more dimension and volume. Selecting a perfect hair colour is not easy. If you select the wrong hair colour, your entire look will come down. And if you select the right hair shade, then your entire appearance will elevate. Today we will be discussing the best pink and pastel hair colours for women. So, let us take you through the colours that you can try this year.

11 Gorgeous Pink Hair Colours Ideas to Try in 2022

Hair colours add subtlety and volume to your locks. They condition your hair and breathe life into them. Below are the best hair shades of pink hair colour that you must definitely try in order to slay every event, function, or even a regular hair day. So, let us begin! 

1. Two-Toned Pink

We are sure you might have guessed it! This shade includes two tones of pink, i.e., the light one and the dark one. Both the shades are fused together to give your hair a flirty finish. These two shades are blended seamlessly to enhance your complexion. This shade looks amazing with a fair skin tone to give you an overall pink look. Try out this amazing shade to give your locks a brilliant, soft look. 

2. Violet-Tinged Pink

If you want a brighter look for your hair, then this shade is for you! This is a beautiful shade of pink that gives your hair an edge and style. This is one of the best fashion colours that look well with highlights and also with global hair shades. This shade is known for its vibrancy and richness. Thus, this colour looks good with fair skin tone and lasts for 4-5 weeks. Try this rich shade now! 

3. Blonde Hair Shade with Pink Streaks 

If you already have blonde as your natural colour, then you can go with pink streaks to add thickness and volume to your locks. This hair shade determines the quality of hair you have! Pink streaks stay for a longer period of time if the quality of your hair is good. To keep the colour intact in your hair, you need to use colour-safe shampoo and conditioner. Also, remember to avoid heat because it might lead to fading. Overall, this is a fantastic shade to go with! 

4. Pink Pixie

Boy cut ladies, listen up! An amazing shade of pink is here! A short pink pixie shade with shaved sides gives an edgy and trendy look. It is an add-on to your personality. But you need to make sure to visit salons for touch up after every 3-4 weeks. You can try any cut with this shade. You can either shave it from the sides or shave your hair downwards to give them more versatility. This is a stunning shade that will make you stand out from the crowd. Try it out now! 

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5. Unicorn Baby Pink

If you like experimenting with a dramatic look, you must definitely try this shade out! The rose hues waves on your long hair are to die for and it is time to try them! This shade is perfect for a warm skin tone. It elevates your appearance and you can style it by doing a half up-do leaving some natural waves down. Try out this shade for voluminous, thick, and trendy hair.    

6. Pink Shade Bangs 

The soft pink is again in trend! Soft pink in your hair makes your entire look fresh and active. The fringe of this shade makes a chic pairing with ash blonde hair colour. This colour looks good with people having cool skin tones. The combination of blonde and pink is not new but the way of styling is definitely new! This look is creative and enhances the natural look of your tresses. This shade will look great on any woman.  

7. Lavender Pink

Lavender shade is highly in trend. Be it clothes, nail paints, and now hair colours – this shade is ruling the fashion industry. In the beginning, this shade might look like a wig but the fading ombre finish it provides is just commendable. The lilac finish in your hair looks adorable and can allure anyone! This shade looks well with wavy long hair and to maintain the smoothness and shine of this shade, you need to use colour-safe products. This is an amazing shade that will look good on every skin tone and undertone. 

8. Bubblegum Pink

We all loved bubblegum when we were young! Now it’s time to have hair colour like that! This is a candy pink shade that looks good with people having light hair colour as a base. This shade requires maintenance at home. Of course, you don’t need to visit the salon every now and then. You can either have touch-ups of this shade or you can let it fade and have a dusty rose hair colour, which looks amazing as well! 

9. Pink Magenta

One more dramatic shade in the list! Pink magenta is our all-time favourite shade that looks good when paired with dark hair colour like black. This is a flirty and creative shade that is perfect for colouring. This shade looks best on long hair and stays for a longer period of time, thereby saving you from weekly visits to the salon! 

10. Pink Hot Heat

If you never think twice before diving right into the deep end. Some might say you’re the life of the party—and you wouldn’t dare to disagree. You live life to the fullest, and that includes taking chances with your hair color. We love this vibrant shade of hot pink hair color for ladies who aren’t afraid to choose “Dare” over “Truth” every time.

11. Perfect Pastel Pink

You may or may not have been class president and homecoming queen, but even now that you’re out in the world “adulting”. This is your sign: give perfect pastel pink a try. You won’t be sorry!

So, these are some of the best shade of pink hair colours for women that one must try!

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