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12 Things to Avoid After FUT Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant surgery is among the most popular hair transplant techniques. During the FUT process, your doctor will cut a small piece of your skin. It is usually cut from the back of your scalp. The size of the strip-cut depends on the amount of hair that requires Transplantation. Your doctor will then use the strip to collect the hair follicles and then insert them into the affected areas of your head using a micro punch tool.
The hair transplant surgery will take about eight hours. There are two significant types of hair transplant methods. These are FUE and FUT. FUT techniques are always quicker if you compare them to FUE. After the FUT hair transplant process, your doctor will give you some aftercare tips. Make sure to follow them so that you may avoid serious complications. We discuss 12 main tips to follow after a Fut hair transplant.

Things to Avoid After FUT Hair Transplant

Avoid Driving

FUT hair transplant surgery is sometimes done under solid anesthesia. If your doctor has given you a strong sedative, make sure not to drive for at least one day. Have anybody pick you up from the clinic to avoid causing accidents.

Avoid Sleeping Flat

After the FUT hair transplant surgery, you will be advised to elevate your head when sleeping. Doing this will help to reduce the risk of swelling. You will need to raise your head for a few days. But you should know that not everyone will experience some swelling after the FUT hair transplant surgery. If you do not feel any bump around the surgery area, you can sleep without raising your head.

Avoid Ignoring Your Labels

Ignoring labels on your prescription or over-the-counter medication is the worst thing you could do after the hair transplant surgery. Make sure to take medication as prescribed by your doctor. After taking the drug, make sure not to drive or lift heavy things. Also, make sure not to take too much of one type of medication to avoid addiction. Make sure to take painkillers after meals. This is because taking them on an empty stomach might cause gastrointestinal distress.

Use Ice

If you experience any swelling after the FUT hair transplant surgery, make sure to use ice. Apply ice for 20 to 30 minutes, and this will help with the swelling. It will also help to ease any pain or discomfort that you may experience after the surgery.

Avoid Scrubbing Your Hair or Showering

Your doctor will advise you not to wash your hair two days after hair transplant surgery. After the first two days, you should wash your hair gently with mild shampoos. Make sure not to blast the water directly onto your scalp. Instead, use a cup to clean up the shampoo. If your scalp is itching, you should use a conditioner. Scrubbing your hair may damage the hair follicles.

Avoid Dying Your Hair

Your surgeon will tell you not to dye your hair for at least four weeks. If you strongly feel like you can’t keep your hair without dying, make sure to dye them before the hair transplant surgery. You will not get any adverse side effects if you dye them before the hair transplant procedure. However, if you dye your hair immediately after the FUT hair transplant, the chemicals that the dye has may affect the success of the surgery. Few weeks after the FUT hair transplant surgery, your hair is usually a, so you will have to take good care of it.

Do Not Forget to Drink Water

Drinking water before and after FUT hair transplant surgery is essential. If you are more hydrated, you will be comfortable before and after the procedure. Water also helps you to recover faster. If you find it hard to drink water, you should download the app on your phone to remind you to drink a cup of clean water after every one hour.

Assuming That Your Will Not Fall

Many people assume that they will not lose hair after the FUT hair transplant surgery. However, this is normal, and you should not freak out. The hair will start to fall after a few days. They do this to make room for the hair follicles. If you see shedding after weeks, you should not panic because your hair will grow back to normal. In about three months, you will have thick and healthy hair.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

After FUT hair transplant surgery, your doctor will tell you not to take alcohol or smoke. Alcohol can cause dehydration, and this may slow the recovery process. It will also increase the risk of discomfort. Alcohol can boost your blood pressure to dangerous levels and decrease blood supply and nutrients to your scalp. Make sure not to take alcohol for five days after the surgery.
If you smoke, make sure to quit it a few months before you undergo the hair transplant surgery. Smoking can cause your blood levels to increase, and this might slow your recovery. Your hair follicles need blood flow to grow thick and healthy. Therefore, make sure to avoid nicotine of any kind for a quick recovery.

Eating Fast Food

You may find fast food convenient after The FUT hair transplant surgery. But this is not healthy for your hair. Your doctor will instruct you to eat healthy foods and hydrate yourself to have healthy hair. You will also recover fast if you take healthy diets because they help to repair your body cells.
Your hair follicles require more nutrients for them to grow thicker, soft, sleek, and strong. However, fast foods are not healthy. They are only full of calories. Make sure to eat foods that are full of proteins. If you do so, you will not have to take other supplements like calcium, magnesium, and vitamins. Take healthy diets to avoid gaining too much weight and becoming obese.

Cake and Eat It, Too

As essential as it is to evade fast food, it is even more critical to avoid soda, juice, baked goods, and other drinks that include lots of sugar. Not only are these meals and drinks lacking nutrients necessary for your hair health, but they can also cause you blood sugar issues that will prolong your recovery experience.

Going for a Personal Record

After your hair transplant, do not involve extensive exercise or any other form of effort. This means now is not the ideal time to try and break a special lifting. There’s nothing incorrect with light to common exercise: just keep your heart rate and blood pressure within a secure, normal price for the first seven days after your hair treatment.
After three days of your treatment, you can also go on a moderately-paced bike ride. Just don’t neglect your helmet and thoughtful gear.

Final Thought

FUT hair transplant near me will offer you the best services that you need. Make sure to research the best clinics and experienced surgeons. If you are new to hair transplants, make sure to do more research on them as well. Also, make sure to consult your doctor before you settle for one method. FUT hair transplant surgery will help to improve your self-esteem. So, make sure to follow all the instructions given by your doctor so that you may avoid complications. 

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