15 Must-Have Tools for College Students

Managing academic papers and maintaining a balanced social life can be difficult. If you have assignments piling up and deadlines getting closer, then you need to find a way to sort your work and deliver every academic paper on time without feeling overburdened with work which can be done by useful tools.

More students struggle with managing time and all their responsibilities. College students suffer from stress and anxiety because they have commitments they need to fulfill, some are personal, and some are academic. I have compiled some useful tools that you can use as a college student to make your life easier and trouble-free.

These are the best apps for students:

1. Notion

There are several note-taking apps that you can use to save your notes, but the one that stands out in the market is Notion. It is versatile because you can take notes, create a calendar, manage projects, plan travel itineraries, etc. This is a place where you can organize and take note of everything that is going on in your life. Additionally, you can sync the notes on all your devices like your tablet, laptop, and even your computer.

2. Soundnote

If you are attending online classes, you can use the app because some lectures can be quite complicated, and you could struggle to concentrate. Moreover, this app records your lecture while you write down the points because sometimes the lecturer can throw some heavy info that is hard to understand and note down.

Moreover, some professors speak at the speed of light, and most students struggle to keep up with that; by using this app, you can record everything without relying on friends.

  1. Headspace 

Most students struggle with anxiety, stress, lack of focus, and other related problems. Headspace aims to improve students’ health and improve their level of happiness. If you use this app to meditate and practice mindfulness, you can overcome stressful and anxious situations. Moreover, you will be able to focus more on the studies that can help you learn and hone most skills.

  1. Google docs

Another important and must-have tool for students is Google docs which are based on a word processor. This app is offered by Google for free, allowing users to create and edit documents and multiple users to access the same document in real-time. Moreover, all the documents are stored in google drive automatically.

Therefore, you can work on multiple documents without worrying about losing them or facing storage problems because it saves all the documents in google drive, which has a lot of space. Moreover, you can download google drive on your mobile or use it online.

5. Microsoft Office

You cannot call this an app because if you pick Microsoft office, it is technically a package offering multiple solutions under one roof. Most of you use only PowerPoint, word, and excel, but you should be relieved to know that with Microsoft Office, you can access Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive, which are necessary to use. Of course, you must save all the files in the cloud to access them whenever possible.

6. Mathway

Most students struggle with math, and one way to overcome the fear of math is by using Mathway. In college, you have to deal with math problems by yourself because your professor won’t be available all the time, so opt for Mathway. It can help you find solutions to every type of math problem you encounter while studying.

Moreover, students also have to work on assignments, and if you are not good at some sections of maths, you will struggle to complete your assignment. So, get Online Essay Help in the USA from experts to avoid any kind of problems.

7. Any. do

Another to-do list app that can help you complete your task easily is Any.do that break tasks into smaller chunks. This app allows you to sync with all compatible devices. Moreover, this app will enable you to set reminders and share the list with other users. You can assign tasks to other users, which will help you ensure that everybody is notified and reminded about the task they have to do.

8. Oxford Dictionary of English

With technological advancement, students no longer have to rely on tangible dictionaries; instead, they can just use an app whenever needed. Oxford Dictionary of English is both available in the form of a tangible book and also in the form of an app which makes it a popular choice. You can just use an app to find out the meaning of any word that you have come across and want to know how you can use it in a sentence.

9. Duolingo

Another useful and engaging app is Duolingo. Some students enjoy learning new languages because it gives them better job opportunities and is a way to communicate with people from different cultures. With Duolingo, you can know, read, listen, and write in 40 languages. In addition, the app includes game-based lessons which help you to practice languages, and you can improve your vocabulary and pronunciation.

10. Uber

Every once in a while, you get late for your lectures or have early classes to attend. Uber is one of the best solutions to get a cheap ride. It is hassle-free and worth pointing out that it is a game-changer because you can pay online and book your ride easily. However, it still costs more than public transport, but when you are in a rush, it can be your lifesaver.

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11. Ursafe

Another app that you should consider, especially if you are a college student, is UrSafe. Sometimes you stay out a bit late, or when your night-out plans get extended more than expected, Ursafe is the perfect app for you in this situation. This app has some great features that let you send SOS signals to the contacts that you have saved in your emergency contacts and also allows you to get emergency help.

12. Sleep Cycle

Most students struggle to have a regular sleep cycle, making them moody, anxious, and stressed. A sleep cycle is a tool that you need to ensure that you get enough sleep, whether you want a quick 20 minutes nap or a complete 6-hour sleep. A sleep cycle is your best friend in college because you don’t know what you have throughout the week until you get your schedule.

Moreover, students get in trouble for not submitting their dissertation papers and assignment papers on time, so experts recommend students get dissertation help and avoid losing valuable marks.

13. BigOven

College life is no joke; you cannot survive by eating reheated food and cooking pasta in bulk. However, sometimes you want something fancy even though your pocket money is insufficient. BigOven is one app that can help you with tons of recipes. All you need to do is enter the ingredients you have, and they will come with a recipe that you can make quickly.

  1. Evernote

Another note-taking app that is my personal favourite is Evernote. A powerful tool that can make your college life easier. You can do a lot of things here, like the obvious thing, which is taking notes, but apart from that, you can make a checklist, note down all the ideas that have been in your head, and organise ideas and your team.

Moreover, you can make a plan and save research work for your academic papers. Additionally, whatever you write down in Evernote is saved forever, so there is no need to worry about losing any minute detail.

15. Grammarly

Last but not least, Grammarly is one of the greatest creations. You can edit and proofread all your academic papers and ensure they are plagiarism-free. Moreover, you can select the English dialect to proofread your paper. Furthermore, Grammarly suggests words that can enhance your content.

It checks grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone, sentence structure, style, and misused words. You can even get a plagiarism report when you check plagiarism.

The above-mentioned tools can help you lead a better college and allow you to make time for things. College life is tough, and with the advancement in technology, you no longer have to use the old school methods when you can simply use tools to get some work done.

Author bio– Ethan Taylor is a full-time writer at MyAssignmenthelp.com. He started working as a writer when he was in college and he works on the Paraphrasing Tool Online tool now. He took his time and learned about different writing types before choosing this genre.

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