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the best FrSky transmitter for FPV quadcopter in order to get the best bang for your buck

No matter what you use your drone for — be it racing, recording, or just leisure — you need to make sure you have the best FrSky transmitter for FPV quadcopter in order to get the best bang for your buck. This transmitter must have a quick response, precise movements, and be comfortable for long days out flying. To attend these requisites, we recommend the FrSky Horus X10 Express Transmitter Boasts 24 channels with a Faster Baud Rate, available on

The Horus X10 is an all-purpose FrSky transmitter, compatible with several types of aircraft, and excels at quadcopter drone piloting. This is due to several features that make the Horus X10 transmitter stand out from the rest: the high-sensitivity M10 hall sensor gimbals, which allow for very precise control; FrSky’s unique ACCESS communication protocol, the best in the market, providing super low response latency; and a high-speed module digital interface.

Benefits from start to finish

The FrSky transmitter Horus X10 makes itself useful before you even take to the air. Thanks to its built-in spectrum analyzer function, it is able to detect radio frequency noise within the area, allowing the pilot to choose the best spot to fly with minimal outside interference, and thus decreasing the chances of possible unforeseen problems. Then, when you find the perfect spot to go up, you can do so with peace of mind.

In the air, you can execute precise maneuvers thanks to FrSky’s trademark M10 hall sensor gimbals. The gimbal sticks can be extended for when you need more precision or used as-is for more comfort. Additionally, you can go on for longer as the transmitter’s battery compartment has room for two 18650 batteries. That is a guarantee that you can fly for however long you choose.

The FrSky transmitter Horus X10 also comes with the PARA wireless training system, for those who want to practice their flying or even teach others new skills, like how to execute difficult maneuvers. With the PARA system, you can set two controllers to pilot the same drone, a master and a student. The student can fly as he wishes and, if the teacher detects any risk of crashing or losing control of the aircraft, he can take over control immediately with his transmitter.

The best protocol in the market

But what makes this truly the best transmitter for FPV drones is the ACCESS protocol. ACCESS was unveiled in 2019 as FrSky’s new communication protocol, responsible for exchanging information between transmitter and receiver (among other things). This protocol comes after the 10-year-long successful career of their previous protocol, ACCST, which dominated the market as one of the best, most reliable protocols available.

With ACCESS, FrSky has plans to go even further, thanks to the new capabilities offered by this innovative system, such as lower latency (less than 10 ms for 8-channel mode), improved encryption to prevent signal hijacking, and backward compatibility with older models, which means plenty of options to improve your flight arsenal in the future. Quality-of-life improvements, like two-step wireless binding, just seal the deal.

Good looks and comfort

The FrSky transmitter Horus X10 Express comes in two colors: amber and silver. With its huge industrial LCD color screen, easily readable outside, it offers a professional, clean look. When you buy it from, you also receive an EVA case to safely store and transport it, along with stickers, a backstrap, and the manual.

Comfort is also important, seeing as you will potentially hold the transmitter for hours. Based on this, the Horus X10 offers a rubber finish at the back to improve grip and make it more comfortable to be held for long hours. As mentioned before, the length of the gimbal sticks can also be adjusted. While these are all very good options, you can also acquire the purpose-built FrSky CNC Aluminium Tray.

The aluminum tray was designed specifically for the Horus X10 family and is the result of careful weight and balance optimization. With hand rests and a shoulder strap, this is the ultimate comfort option for pilots. Fly for as long as you want, with no need to be worried about the battery, or your spine, failing on you. This is indeed one of the best transmitters for drone piloting in the market. The transmitter and tray are both available on

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