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What are the Evolution Steps for GATE Preparation?

As it is already discussed with stringent preparation of six months, a candidate can able to crack the GATE exam in the first attempt with a good score. This evolution process of GATE preparation is summarized journey of several stages which are discussed as:

  • In the early stage of the GATE preparation aspirants needs to cover those subjects which have maximum marks weightage from the exam perspective. Preparing each subject, it is necessary to have weekly time management of chapters completing each topic of s subject according to a defined schedule. After completing each topic students can practice the question asked on the same topic in the previous year’s papers. This will clarify the difficulty and pattern of questions asked on the same topic. This way students can cover all important and high weightage topics within two to three months.
  • AS the questions asked in the exam are tricky, it is important to have each topic basic clear to attempt those tricky questions. Candidate can refer to standard books to clear basics of each topic, find shortcuts and tricks, or can refer coaching notes if you have joined any online GATE preparation program. Referring to these books source, you to find shortcuts and tricks which apparently would save time and put you forward in the competition. Do not indulge yourself in any mock test, attempting mock tests early in the preparation may lower your confidence and can diverge you from your aim as you will be unprepared for the task and would not able to score a good percentage.
  • Learning the entire preparation with the habit of preparing short notes will help the candidate to quickly revise for GATE in the last months prior to the exam. In this way, candidates can cover up the whole syllabus for GATE in four months. If this is not possible you can stick to some important subjects and should focus on covering all topics from such subjects deeply, try previous year questions on the subject you have left from the preparation this would gain you 70% knowledge of them.
  • It is important to revise all the syllabus you learned two months prior to the GATE exam. At this stage of preparation, the handwritten prepared notes will help you in quickly and easily revising the subjects properly. Practicing more objective questions while revising subjects will boost your confidence in attending the trickiest questions from the syllabus.
  • Briefing strategy to last one month prior to the GATE exam, join mock test series as this is the right time to do so. Attempting mock tests will help aspirants to come to know about new factors included in the GATE like a virtual calculator and Numerical problems. Online mock test series also aid to get familiar with the online pattern of the GATE exam. Analyze the result of each test and focus on strengthening week topics or points that you feel need to improve.

Acquiring and sticking to such a strategy will mobilize your thoughts of passing the GATE exam in the very first attempt with a good score and boost your confidence.

There is no rigid principle to crack the GATE and it always depends on the uniqueness of your preparation. Believe yourself during the GATE preparation as it needs time and dedication to complete the syllabus. Bring best in your abilities and nothing can stop you from achieving what you are aspiring when many have already cracked GATE with zero initial knowledge. Keep in mind success always comes slowly but it requires your time, patience, and efforts to achieve the GOAL.

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