25 Tips To Help You Promote On Reddit

Have you worked in the media marketing industry for a few years and never heard of Reddit? Are you sure you are not a cave dweller? 😉

Reddit is doing your marketing campaign a good service because it is the most active internet community in the world. The community has more than 200 million unique visitors and approximately eight million page views per month.

The Reddit community operates by written and unwritten laws. In this article I want to share my experience with you and give you useful tips that will help you advertise on Reddit.

First and foremost, what should you know about Reddit?

General terms:

Subreddit is a section of the platform where people with the same interests meet to get to know each other and share interesting content. Each of these sections is moderated according to its own rules and principles. Almost all subreddits are available to all users who are allowed to post and comment. You do not need to subscribe to the section.

Default subreddit is a section with the most popular subreddits visible to new members and guests on the main page (r / funny, r / pics, r / videos, r / askreddit, etc.)

Epvote and downvote. These actions mean approval or disapproval of the posts in the voting system.

Sidebar is a menu on the side of the page that contains the information on all subreddits: rules, instructions, offered links, frequently asked questions, contacts of the moderators.

Front page is a homepage where the most popular articles are displayed. As already mentioned, unregistered visitors can only view the collection of posts from the “Default subreddit” section. Registered users will see the personalized page with the content that suits their interests. If your post is displayed on this page, your website will be converted certainly increased. And vice versa: Reddit does not bring any results if your content is far down on the main page.

Karma is a rating that should motivate every user. The more karma points you have, the more respect you will gain from other users. You get karma points when other users rate your posts positively (“upvote”).

There are two types of karma:

You can improve your “link karma” (often also called “submission karma”) by posting articles with links. You get the link points when you create posts with links, videos or images that lead to other pages. The “comment karma” grows when you write good comments.

AMA (abbreviation of “ask me anything”) is an open interview that is one of the most interesting types of articles. Every registered user can position himself as an expert. The participant introduces himself and tells something about himself: what he is engaged in, what interests he has. The users ask their questions and the expert answers them. You can find the full glossary here . Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the platform rulesto make known. This will avoid potential problems. Pay special attention to the section “You shouldn’t do that …”

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What should you consider when advertising on Reddit?

I’ve been an active Reddit user for five years and I’ve collected interesting tips and tricks that many people find useful. Here they are in free order.

#1 Become a real Reddit user

This gives you access to a variety of content and active groups. Pick the most interesting and the most useful of them.

#2 Site Reddit Enhancement Suite for Google Chrome one.

This simplifies the work with Reddit – from looking at the picture on the page to switching the user account with two clicks.

#3 Create multiple user accounts, it’s very easy

All you need to do is choose a new username and provide a password. I recommend setting up five user accounts: one for the personal account, two for marketing purposes and two more for replacement if necessary.

You should develop the reserve accounts for at least a few months. They are required if the main accounts are blocked for any reason.

#4 Do not use your personal account for marketing purposes

Even so, you can sometimes agree to your marketing contributions. The main thing here is not to do this so often (see advice №13)

#5 Improve your karma or, in other words, build your reputation

The new account will not bring you any positive results at first. Start commenting on interesting posts to get the karma points naturally.

Also note that karma after comments is more important than link karma. Therefore, draw your attention to the comments without forgetting links to them. Link karma shouldn’t be negative.

I usually start using the account for marketing purposes when the link karma reaches 100 and the comment karma reaches 1000 points.

#6 To improve karma faster, comment the section “r / askreddit”

“R / askreddit” is a subreddit where questions and answers are posted. It is easy to comment here by replying to user questions. If other users find your comment useful or funny, you will get hundreds of sentiments about just one post.

#7 Find subreddits your target audience depends on

While Reddit’s inner search isn’t that good, you can get pretty good results with the help of it. Since it’s difficult to get into view on popular subreddits, I’ll leave the comments on smaller sections.

In the sidebar of large subreddits you will find links to smaller threads on the same topic. For example, here is the ” r / marketing ” subreddits sidebar which has the following links:

#8 If your post is too low, delete it

Nobody will know about it and there is no need to worry about it. However, this is not the case when all PR is good PR. 😉

#9 Create the ad campaign on Reddit

Reddit has a very efficient target system. Apart from the fact that all participants in the community remain anonymous, they can be segmented based on the information available. Here is some data collected on a random user with the help of SnoopSnoo.

#10 You want your advertising to be fun and unique

Stand out with your advertising! Here are examples of some of the best Reddit ads.

#11 If you have something to say in the AMA section, take this chance

AMA is a section on Reddit with open interviews; I already wrote about it. Don’t you have any idea how to get Reddit users interested? Use this guide,

” 10 Tips for Posting on Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything)”.

The main rule of the section is that you, the respondent, must answer all questions. Don’t ignore the questions if they have nothing to do with your product Don’t act like Woody Harrelson 😉 Be ready to answer even stupid questions.

#12 Follow the rules

Each subreddit has its own rules. If you hurt any of them, you will be banned immediately. Other rule violations lead to shadowban: you waste time writing and looking for links, but nobody but you will see your posts. Always check the menu in the margin before writing anything on the new subreddit.

#13 Don’t like your own posts from different accounts

This will not produce any results. Reddit will guess your tampering even if you use VPN (a virtual private network that serves multiple connections). If the X account positively rates too much content from the Y account, both accounts can be banned (especially if they have low karma).

The Reddit Enhancement Suite shows you how often you approve of contributions from other accounts. This is how you can keep your account active.

#14 Regularly read through the subreddits your target audience is communicating on

Always find the content related to your topic and comment on it. This is a simple and obvious way to quickly increase your karma and showcase your product.

#15 Don’t add hyperlinks in the text

“Website.com” is better than ” website.com” . The links at the beginning and at the end of the comment have bad consequences for your account. Write the comment as if you have no plans to use the link. The optimal structure looks like this: “Text of the comment” → “Link” → “Text of the comment”.

I also only add the links after I have published the comment (“Edit”). In this case, it looks like I wrote the comment and then just added the link.

#16 Remember that the links with upvotes turn into DoFollow links

The number of upvotes required for search engine indexing depends on many factors: contribution age, ratio of positive and negative reviews, etc. From my experience, I can say that five upvotes is enough for the DoFollow link.

#17 Organize quick technical support in your subreddit

Understandably, you need to create a subreddit dedicated to your product (“r / MyProduct”). This is where attendees can contact you as a product representative, complain and ask questions on the topic.

Do not use your subreddit moderator account for advertising And don’t expect people to stand in line to ask you a question, they’ll start getting in touch when everyone is talking about your product.

#18 Cite the source when writing something discussable or questionable

Someone is likely to call you an unreliable informator and some will decide that you’re just gossiping. Linking to the source helps to prove that it is not.

#19 Don’t leave useless comments

The comments “OK” or “I agree” are useless. Don’t write pointless comments because it doesn’t matter on Reddit.

#20 If you really want to demonstrate your website, use appropriate subreddits

First and foremost, visit the r / shamelessplug and r / promote subreddits . They were created for this purpose.

#21 Do you want to increase your website traffic? Ask visitors to rate the page design

If you want to improve the statistics of visits at least temporarily, please ask Reddit users to give an assessment of the design on Feedback Friday or on the subreddits r / design_critique and r / web_design .

#22 Don’t use overt advertising

Outright advertising will not succeed if your product is not unique and interesting in the opinion of the majority. Step carefully!

Topics like “I did something with it …” result in an enormous increase in traffic. Therefore, don’t write: “Look what cool page I found”. It is better to say, “I created a website that collects personal information from around the world”.

#23 Expect Reddit attendees to make fun of any mistake

Nobody apologizes for a bad reputation and broken dreams. And Reddit users won’t either. Before you post anything, make sure that your comment is of high quality and cannot be criticized.

#24 If necessary, ask community participants for help

Even with the advice outlined above, Reddit users can be of great help. Celebrity participants solve all of your problems.

Find the right subreddit and you can easily find the answer to every question – from internet marketing trends to cherry pie recipes.

#25 Use your time wisely

Use your time more efficiently with Reddit. If you have no idea how to solve a problem, don’t worry – the answer is on Reddit.

The platform is an unlimited source of useful information on any topic, which is always updated. You can find everything you need here.

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