3 In-Demand Careers in Sports Medicine You May Be Interested in Pursuing

Are you interested in pursuing a distinctive and potentially fulfilling career in the field of sports medicine? If so, there are three in-demand specialties you may be interested in trying out. From working in therapy to training as a surgeon and more, there are several career options within sports medicine you could pursue. Here are three of your top sports medicine choices.

1. Physical Therapist

If you’re hoping to work one-on-one with your patients and have an interest in health recovery issues, you may want to look into becoming a physical therapist. This is perhaps one of the most common careers in sports medicine Lady Lake FL and allows you to help patients recover from physical injuries or traumas, as well as to build up strength over time.

2. Athletic Trainer

If your interests are more directly related to sports training, consider becoming an athletic trainer. Working in the training profession usually means you can:

3. Orthopedic Surgeon

Finally, if you’re hoping to attend medical school and are inclined to pursue a surgical career, consider becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Although you’ll need an MD, you may be able to open your own clinic and command a higher salary than others in sports medicine. These specialists typically:

Sports medicine is a broad field encompassing numerous specialties, so if you hope to work in this area, you have several career options to choose from. If you’re interested in pursuing sports medicine, you may want to consider training as a physical therapist, an athletic trainer, or an orthopedic surgeon.

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