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3 Things To Know Before Traveling in a Pandemic

1. Gear Up

No matter where you are headed, you will need to find goggles, gloves, and a mask, like a kn95 facemask for sale. You could also learn about the area’s COVID cases by keeping up with the news before you travel during the pandemic.

You should also carry disposable bags with you for your mask and for other purposes. If you are traveling among strangers, understand that getting your mask to protect you will require you to safely dispose of your mask.

Some highly suggest doubling up on your mask to cut down on your risk of percentage.  You can do so by adding a disposable mask under your cloth mask.

If someone near you is expelling the virus into the air and you are wearing a mask, your mask will get moist. This is due to the water you are exhaling. It is possible for a virus from outside your lungs to get caught in this moisture outside of your mask.

To safely discard your mask, have a disposal bag nearby and remove your mask by the ear strings. Drop it into the bag, wash your hands, do what you need to do, and put on your new mask. Then discard the storage bag in an outdoor dumpster.

Never discard a used mask in a trash bin. Since everyone is wearing masks, we must do our part by properly disposing of them to avoid large amounts of unwanted trash.

2. Create Your Own Social Distance

Get to your flight counter or the train station early and be a chair hog. Choose a chair on the corner and pile your belongings in the chair beside you. Be as antisocial as you need to be. Try to keep folks from getting too close for a long stretch of time. If you can get by without a chair, consider traveling with a raincoat that you can sit on before finding a quiet spot on the floor near an outlet.

If you are going to be in the airport for a while, you may consider bringing along your own disinfecting wipes and finding a quiet table in a restaurant. Bring your laptop or tablet, spend some time reading in privacy and isolation, do some work, or just surf the web in peace and quiet.

Another option is to find a quiet hallway, snug up against your mask, and go for a nice long walk. Get on the moving sidewalks and stride out to stretch your legs and lower back. Do your best to avoid crowded spots or places where people are clustered to limit any exposure to the virus that may occur.

Also, do your best to either wipe off surfaces or try to limit your amount of touching different objects that can come in direct contact with a lot of people. Be sure to disinfect your hands whenever possible after touching public surfaces since we are still in a pandemic. 

3. Where Will You Stay?

If you are planning on staying with family, take a good look at your seating and dining arrangements to avoid transmission. If you are young and healthy and visiting with other young and healthy people, you may feel that you are off the hook as far as protecting yourself and others from the virus.

However, young and healthy people have reacted very badly to the virus during the pandemic. Even if you are no longer at risk of getting COVID-19, you should be careful. Everyone that you meet up with while you are traveling will go home and get in contact with someone who does not have a good chance of fighting off the illness.

Pack along with your own wipes and wipe down your sleeping area. Since you will be sleeping on fresh linens, the only thing you will have to worry about is the floor.

While COVID-19 has been found in high concentrations on hospital floors, in a rental space such as a VRBO or a hotel room, the concentrations would be much lower and the risk of transmission would be less likely. For those who are just needing a vacation, a simpler way to avoid transmission of the virus is to simply go camping.

You can even rent an RV and disinfect it yourself. You can park it in the spot you’ve always wanted to visit, hike, sight-see, and bird-watching. If you must go into town, mask up.

To get gas, add gloves to your routine. Try to stay away from others. Camping is a great choice during a pandemic, even if you rent a space in an RV park.


Try to get along an outside road and put up a “masks required” sign. If your fellow travelers won’t comply, let them avoid you. Many of us are missing travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You may not be able to visit a large city safely. A visit to the country could be both safe and relaxing. If you are facing emergency travel, invest in n95 masks and handle them with extreme care.

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