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4 Crucial Steps Of Presenting An MBA Dissertation Proposal

Are you concerned about the approval of your MBA dissertation proposal? If you don’t want to take any chances with your dissertation proposal, then hiring an MBA dissertation writing help service would be a good idea. But other than that, you should also learn how to present the proposal appropriately.

The aim of the proposal is to show that your dissertation will present a beneficial contribution to your field, opine the MBA dissertation writing experts. Now, here are the steps to prepare a dissertation proposal that you will find useful.

  1. Begin with a basic introduction to your topic

The introduction should appeal to your readers’ interests and offer a proper context for the rest of your dissertation proposal. Keeping the following advice in mind will help with preparing your MBA dissertation proposal.

  • Sum up the general context and scope of your topic.
  • Refer to the existing literature on the topic and emphasise on the types of evidence available.
  • Sum up the specific questions and issues you’ll address in your proposal.

Even the proposal essay topics writer also swear by this step.

  1. Highlight the major issues your dissertation will discuss

Devote a paragraph or two to write a clear “statement of the problem.” This is a succinct summary of the knowledge gap you are attempting to fill with your research and what filling this gap may accomplish. Depending on your topic and your MBA program’s requirements, this can either be part of your introduction or a different section, opine the MBA dissertation help experts in the US.

You can briefly explain which aspects of the issue you plan to explore in your main dissertation. Otherwise, you can consider seeking help from the MBA dissertation writing services online.

  1. Sum up previous literature on your topic

The literature review presents a scope to highlight your familiarity with previous research on the subject and to indicate that your dissertation will be a unique contribution. You shouldn’t offer an exhaustive list of all existing literature on your topic, but cover everything in summary.

You can elaborate on how previous writers have approached your topic, and the major theories, hypotheses, and research trends related to your topic.  You can also talk about the gaps in current research.

  1. Incorporate citations

Like any dissertation paper, your dissertation proposal has to include a complete bibliography. Make sure you use a proper citation style suggested by your university department, and/or follow your program’s particular guidelines.

Based on your topic or your program’s requirements, you may also have to include appendices or other supplemental detail, like diagrams, sample data collection forms, or permission forms, etc.

When you go through these steps carefully, the dissertation proposal will be approved in an instant.

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