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4 Simple Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies for Beginners

There is a rise in cryptocurrency that has overtaken the pandemic. Many servers crash dealing with the overload in investment orders.

There is no better time than now to get a jumpstart into the world of crypto trading. These four simple cryptocurrency trading strategies will help you grow your investment.

1. Research Your Cryptocurrency

One major investment tip is to research the cryptocurrency before you buy anything. There are a few different ways you can do this on your respective cryptocurrency applications.

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Both Etoro and Coinbase offer research solutions for trading strategies. Any coins you look at buying will offer a news feed that updates. Many websites track and rank the best forms of cryptocurrency.

Some built-in forums or communities can allow to you ask questions. Certain coins have their own websites that also give you update information. They will give you mission objectives describing what they want to accomplish.

2. Buy Into Top 30 Coins

It’s suggested that users stick with the top thirty coins in the coin database. Several websites give you information about the circulating coins.

Bitcoin and Etheruem are among the top coins on the roster. But, several unheard-of coins are rising to the top.

But the top twenty to thirty coins will give you a better chance at investment success. These coins that are in rotation opt for better results. These coins also offer stable price points.

3. Buy Five Different Coins

It’s important to spread your portfolio, so to speak. A good starting recommendation is to buy at least five different coins.

There is no perfect choice in coin selections. A researched selection will provide a better chance at success.

For example, if you have around a thousand dollars, it’s smart to spend around two hundred dollars per coin. Diversifying your portfolio will give you better options instead of placing all of your eggs in one basket.

There is a chance one coin could decrease in value. If you diversify, this will prevent you from experiencing stress or leading you into a panic.

Aside from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink are known to be two great recommendations for starting cryptocurrency investments. Check out this site for some tips on how to sell Litecoin.

4. Duration of Holding

One forgotten tip is understanding how long you want to hold onto a specific kind of coin. You can practice a term known as swing trading.

This means you buy into a coin and hold for a little bit. Then, at one point, you sell, similar to the short-selling techniques day traders use to turn a buck.

This type of trading can allow you to build your investments through quick overturning techniques. Whether it’s a few days or a few weeks, swing trading can allow you to quickly build an account.

You can also look into long-term investments. You may buy a coin and hold it for a year to several years. This is an effective method if you feel a coin’s value will grow over time.

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

Coin values can fluctuate due to many reasons. Regardless of any given investment tip, you should feel comfortable with the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency.

Check out our finance blog for more information on cryptocurrency trading strategies and investment tips.

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