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4 Tips That Make Using QuickBooks Pro a Breeze

One of the most popular versions of QuickBooks is QuickBooks Pro. While QuickBooks attains user-friendliness in all its programs, most of the business organizations find QuickBooks Pro to be one of the most useful programs of the brand because of its functionalities and features. The customer center is a great place to find information on the list of your customers and the transactions conducted with them.

On the other hand the company snapshot helps you figure your income and expenses along with customers and vendors who owe money or who have to be paid. While all of these things are easy to access and are available on the first page of your QuickBooks account, there are a few tips that can come handy to make QuickBooks easier for you to use.

Tip 1: Icon Bar Customization

QuickBooks has a default icon bar which you can use for your accounting needs, but you have the option to customize this bar so that it fits perfectly for your business requirements. You can remove the icons currently on the bar that you do not use very often and replace them with icons that are frequently used but are not present on the bar. Go to the view menu and click on customize icon bar.

  • Choose the icon you wish to remove and click on delete.
  • To add icons, click on Add
  • Click on icon you want to add and if you wish, you can also update the label and the description.

Tip2: Utilize the Quick Math Calculator

Using the Quick Math calculator can help you save time and it can make things a lot easier too. To use it follow these steps:

  • Click on the field where the calculation needs to be done
  • Press the “=” sign on your keyboard and you will notice a mini-tape on the screen
  • You can use your keyboard to type the numbers and do the calculations
  • To clear the entry you need to press the letter C on your keyboard, once. Pressing the same letter twice will clear the tape.
  • To cancel your calculations, simply press Esc on the keyboard.

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Tip 3: Take the help of the right click menu

The right click menu has a lot of things that you can do. You may not always have to head to the toolbar icons and the menu. You can simply highlight the entry you want to edit and then you can right click to show a lot of options to work on that entry. It can save time in using the right click menu making it easy for you to make changes to your entries.

Tip 4: Take the help of classes to keep a track of your profits and loss

Keep Classes turned on whenever you work with Preferences. It will help you track profits and losses more insightfully. To turn classes on, follow these steps:

  • Click on Edit
  • Then go to Preferences
  • Look up Accounting and click on it
  • Click on Company Preferences
  • Now click on Use Class Tracking.

Use these tips to make QuickBooks Pro more useful and ensure that it is customized according to your business needs. With the help of these tips QuickBooks will become an even better tool for your accounting.


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