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Health and Fitness

5 Benefits of Side Sleeping You May Not Know About

If you are worried about the quality of your sleep, you are not alone. Repeated studies from the past year have shown that, although people are sleeping for longer during the pandemic, the quality of sleep we are getting is much, much worse. Poor quality sleep can lead to a host of health and wellbeing problems in both the short and long term.

Increased anxiety, heart problems, back problems, and weight gain are just a few of the major symptoms of poor-quality sleeping patterns. Oftentimes, you do not need medication or fancy lifestyle routines to improve your sleep quality. In fact, all you need to do is sleep on your side. Read on to find out why side sleeping is the key to better sleep.

1. Reduced Back and Neck Pain

Your sleeping position will play a decisive role in whether or not you will suffer from neck and lower back pain throughout your life. Simply switching your sleeping position might be the key to ending your back and neck pain forever. By investing in a side sleeper pillow that is fully ergonomic, you can put your spine on the road to recovery.

2. Better Lymph Nodes

You probably aren’t thinking about your lymph node health, but it is incredibly important. Your lymphatic system is absolutely essential for a functioning immune system, as this is your first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. Specifically, sleeping on your left side helps to bolster your lymphatic system. This is because doing so allows your body to filter your lymph fluid and waste via your lymph nodes, as the left side of your body is the dominant lymphatic side.

3. Side Sleeping is Better for Pregnant Women

Doctors will often recommend that pregnant women sleep on their side. This is because doing so will relieve the pressure that a fetus might be putting on your internal organs and your back. To avoid joint pain, potential organ damage, and to keep your baby safe, you should always sleep on your side. It can be tempting to sleep on your back when pregnant, but this is very much not recommended.

4. Prevent Breathing Problems

Snoring is obviously a major irritant to anyone who has to share a room with you or sleep in the same vicinity as you. As you might know already, sleeping on your back makes it very likely that you will snore. Sleeping on your side allows for better airflow and will prevent snoring and reduce the likelihood of potentially dangerous breathing problems such as sleep apnea.

5. Better Weight Loss

Quality sleep is associated with long-term, sustainable weight loss. When your sleep is poor quality, your body is not functioning properly. It will hold onto your body fat and water weight and make it virtually impossible to lose weight. If you are trying to get your BMI down to a healthy level, start with sleeping on your side and improving the quality of your sleep.

Make Informed Health Choices

Understanding side sleeping can help you make more informed choices about your health. For more essential health hacks and explainers, make sure to read our expertly curated Health and Fitness guides today.

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