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5 Countertop Colors that Goes Best with White RTA Cabinets

White RTA cabinets have been a classic color choice for decades among homeowners. The color is versatile, bright, and clean and gives off a spacious feel to the kitchen. Moreover, it complements a wide range of design styles from cutting-edge contemporary to the rustic farmhouse and everything that falls in between.

Given that many options pair perfectly with white RTA cabinets, one often gets stuck and confused about the other colors that can be used in the kitchen. One of the most common issues that crop up in almost every kitchen design and renovation is the color of the countertop. White cabinets can be paired with several different colors, but only a few compliment it beautifully.

One of the first decisions you need to make while renovating or building a new kitchen is to choose a color palette that would go well with white. This color can be of any tone warm or cold according to your liking. Once you get a sense of the color tone you would like to pair with the white cabinets, you can choose your countertop in accordance with that.

Here are some of the most popular color tones that pair with white RTA cabinets beautifully.

5 Countertop Colors to Go With White RTA Cabinets

A Golden Touch:

Gold is one of the most trending colors of 2021. While a completely gold countertop might be over-the-top visually as well as financially, there are many creative ways to sneak in the color. Glints of gold look especially beautiful against white. For example, there are different kinds of golden quartz and granite countertops that feature rich gold veining on the surface. A touch of gold is often found shimmering brightly amongst grays, browns, and other warm color tones in the above-mentioned countertops.


Contrary to popular belief, gray is a calming neutral color tone rather than being a dull one. It can be combined with a wide range of colors and brings sophistication and elegance into the kitchen design.

For kitchen countertops, you can opt for a warmer or cooler gray tone according to your preference and kitchen design. Both will complement white RTA cabinets beautifully. When we talk about gray countertops, the most common choices are either quartz or granite that come with green, blue, white, and black undertones. However, you can also opt for metallic or concrete countertops for a sleeker industrial, and modern look.

Dark Tones:

Another kitchen trend of 2021 is using darker tones in the kitchen to create a contrasting look. From black to deep woody tones like espresso are used in contrast lighting and as accent colors. These tones pop out well when paired with white RTA cabinets. A classic black granite or quartz countertop will add a modern touch to the other all-white kitchen.

White on White:

White on White is an eccentric yet common color combinations opted by many to make the kitchen look bright and large. White marble countertops are every homeowner’s dream. The exquisite veining on the surface along with the touch of different colors adds a different dimension to it.

If you are working with a limited budget, then white laminate countertops would make quite an affordable option. These countertops are strong, durable, and offer the same aura as stone countertops at half the cost.


This is a classic pairing with white RTA cabinets. Wooden countertops are a safe yet beautiful material to go for. The woodsy tones are cozy, warm, and bring a rustic feel to the kitchen. Wooden countertops can also be used in a contemporary or transitional kitchen layout by incorporating a few modern decor items. There are different shades of wood that can be used as kitchen countertops. If you want a more farmhouse style of kitchen, you can whitewash the wood to give it a distressed look.

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