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5 Factors to Consider When Picking Wall Art for Your Space

Investing in wall arts is one of the most remarkable ways to show love to your space and make it more inviting and exciting. The significance of including wall art as one of your home décors is too fascinating to ignore. 

Wall art does not only display your personality. It will also upgrade and make your space appear finished. But how do you pick the best wall art for your space? Picking the best artwork for your space décor does not have a clear set of rules. Nevertheless, you may need to consider some factors that will enable you to pick the perfect wall art piece for your space. Find out below!

  1. Size

The size of your wall hangings is an essential factor to consider when picking the best options for your space. Having oversized wall art in your space may display a focal point that can initiate a discussion when you have guests. However, ensure that it doesn’t occupy the entire wall not to overshadow the beauty of another décor in your space. 

Conversely, don’t allow your wall art to be too small because it may appear insignificant on the wall. It is best to use two-thirds of your sofa length.

  1. Style

The style of your space will go a long way to determine the style of wall art you will bring into your room. Considering the furniture style in your home may be a great way to pick your wall art. Ensure that you select the style of your art that can complement your home décor.

  1. Color

Color is another amazing factor you need to consider when choosing wall arts. Ensure that the artwork is consistent with the colors you have in your space. For instance, you may pick wall art rich in natural color to complement your brown sofa at home. Besides, your existing wall color may determine your wall art choice. 

  1. Art Themes

Does your space have a beach-like theme with sea life art? You may pick your wall art based on your home theme, especially if your space is built based on a certain idea or theme. Remember! Don’t allow special vacations to influence your year-round home décor options. While spending Halloween-themed wall art is great in October, Let your wall hangings stand out from the quick break.

  1. Type of Art

Another important factor to consider is the type of art you want to bring into your décor. Art comes in different styles and mediums. You may opt for art with a variety of styles and textures. 

Using the same art type in all your rooms may look like a hotel lobby instead of a home to display your true personality. Thus, try to introduce wall art of different canvases, frame art, oil paintings, prints, etc.

Final Thoughts

The perfect wall art will help you create the tone for your space by showcasing your personality and lifestyle. As a rule of thumb, make sure you go for what pleases your eye and suit your style. The home belongs to you, and you will be the one to live there, try to please yourself! 

Following the above factors carefully, you may not go wrong in picking the perfect wall art for your space.

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