5 Key Qualities to Look for in a Wholesale Printing Company

Global printing is a $400-billion-per-year market and growing – with good reason. No matter your company, there comes a time when you’ll need a wholesale printing company.

What does a wholesale printing company do? They print brochures, proposals, signs, banners, and many other types of marketing and art materials.

Whatever your needs, you want the best wholesale printing service you can find. Keep reading for five key qualities to look for in a wholesale printing company.

1. Range of Products

Many companies start with one product, such as a booklet. In that case, you need the best wholesale booklet printing company. What happens when you expand your product range beyond booklets?

Your needs may change as your business changes, so look for wholesale printing companies that offer a wide range of products.

2. Experience

Experience is crucial in what to look for in a wholesale printing company.

Most printers alert you to problems with your digital printing files. A good wholesale printing partner knows when something won’t look as good as it should and offers suggestions to make your printed products better.

This leads to the next point…

3. Great Customer Service

Great customer service is a must if you’re looking for a relationship with your wholesale printer. A good printer is willing to collaborate and bring creativity to the process.

Do you have a project you’re not sure about? A quality wholesale printer can help. He can even offer product suggestions, especially if you have a good relationship and he knows your target audience.

Notice whether the printer pays attention to all the little details.

4. High-Quality Printing at Affordable Prices

Look for a wholesale printing company that offers not only a wide range of products like printing flyers, brochures, etc but also quality products. The products represent your company, so you don’t want cheap-looking goods. Make sure the colors are rich and vibrant.

Look for a good balance between high quality and affordability. The cheapest isn’t always the best when it comes to printing companies.

5. Swift Delivery and Good Return Policies

Experienced printers also have relationships with shippers and often get reduced shipping rates for swift delivery. It’s a fact of life now that people want their goods delivered in short time frames. Your printer needs to get the job out the door and to the shipper in a timely manner.

Are the shipping rates flat? That means you pay the same amount as long as you don’t exceed weight or size limits. Some shippers use live rates in which you pay based on the destination and weight of the order.

Working With the Best Wholesale Printing Company

When it comes to your company and marketing materials, you want the best wholesale printing company you can find! Your marketing materials are the face of your business and they need to make a good first impression.

Look for the above qualities in your wholesale printing company partner for the best experience.

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