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5 Steps To Connect With Your Clients IRL

Customer service is essential to every company that exists and wants to keep going as a business; because it keeps customers and derives more value from them. By offering top-notch customer support, companies recover customer acquisition costs and maintain loyal follow-ups that refer clients, act as case studies, and provide testimonials and feedback.

In today’s highly competitive market climate, there is a relentless and never-ending challenge that every entrepreneur must face. Many who can adapt can prosper and succeed, resulting in almost boundless financial success and market saturation. Those who cannot see the mythical forest from the trees will suffer a miserable and painful demise.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about some very significant changes in how we interact with one another. Those changes will be long-lasting, so many professionals need to re-examine how they provide their clients’ services. The following guide can help you create an effective plan that keeps the risks of spreading Covid-19 as low as possible.

Reduce the Need For Face to Face Meetings

There are certain situations in which you will have to meet your clients in real life (IRL) or face-to-face meetings. Indeed, an in-person meeting is preferable to sessions in which the client relies on your counseling. An in-person session helps make a stronger personal connection, giving words more meaning. However, minor communications do not need to be done in person. Whenever possible, use an email or sms texting service to convey essential and brief information. This will reduce the risk of exposure while ensuring your client is still benefiting from good service quality.

Consider Safety in Offering Services

When you have clients coming into your office for meetings, you should consider what you can do to make these sessions safer for them and yourself. This may include having a plastic or glass partition set up between you and the seat your client will occupy. Additionally, you should each wear masks throughout the entire session. Another suggestion is to keep hand sanitizer available to your clients. These practices can be used together to minimize the risks of passing the virus to one another.

Make Better Use of Space

You’ll want to consider the quality of your meeting space. As we come to terms with the possibility that Covid-19 may be here to stay, the real estate industry may transition back to larger, more spacious commercial properties. The bigger spaces may be necessary to service customers or clients without exposing them to a greater risk of infection. While this doesn’t mean you have to move your practice to a larger office, you should look for ways to maximize the efficient use of the existing space in your office. For example, try to move the seating arrangements to keep each person a minimum of six feet from anyone else in the room. This may be especially important and more challenging if you ever meet with multiple clients at once. Consider moving decor and outside furnishings to make more room for seats. It may even be necessary to move some items out of the office to create a more spacious environment.

Consider Bringing Back the House Call

The pandemic has adversely affected people in several different ways, creating challenges to mobility for rural areas or those living in low-income households. You can continue to service these clients by traveling to their homes to provide sessions. This will reduce the virus’s spread by keeping multiple clients from coming into contact with the same surfaces. As you will be wearing a mask and practicing social distancing in each home, you can also minimize your risks. This saves the client the frustration and expense of traveling to your location, reducing the number of missed or canceled appointments.

Outline a Strategy For In-Person Meetings

Each time you meet with a client for a session, you should understand its purpose. This will involve developing a strategy over a more extended period to help you identify topics that need to be addressed. You can put those topics or issues in order of importance in attaining an ultimate goal. Once you have an overall strategy, you can divide the problems among the various sessions you’ll have throughout the coming weeks or months. Following this plan will allow you to have a firm understanding of each session’s goal, which will help keep you both focused on the topic. This helps keep sessions short and effective, which allows the client to benefit from your services without unnecessarily raising the risks of exposure to Covid-19.


Everyone relies on the services that professionals provide, making it necessary to act in a way that allows you to continue providing your benefits. Your clients will help by adhering to your new policies because they know it’s for their safety. Making these changes will help us all move forward while ensuring you can continue pursuing your career.

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