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5 Things to Consider When Throwing Kids Birthday Parties at Home

We all remember how fun birthday parties were when we were kids! Your parents probably draped streamers around the basements, made a cake that’s full of gooey icing, and played games like pin the tail on the donkey. Now that you’re a parent, you are probably thinking of skipping the costly off-site party this year and remain at home for some old-fashioned fun. 

If your child agrees to celebrate his or her birthday party at home with all of their friends, then this might leave you curious on how to organize the activities, food, guest list, and techniques on how to analyze tons of birthday party themes in order to make this wonderful day happen. In this article, we’re going to give you a guide on how to throw an amazing birthday party for your kid in the comfort of your own home that will surely be a memorable event for your kid, fun for all, and inexpensive too. 

The First and Most Important Thing to Consider 

Before we discuss the guide, the most important for you to keep in mind when planning a birthday party for your kids is that your kid would have a fun and memorable time with their friends. Birthday parties should be focused on the activities that the kids are going to do together. Think about the games they are going to play, and the crafts they are going to make. These are things that will make the kids feel special, and what they will treasure for years. 

You need to think more about what the kids are going to do rather than the character on the paper goods. So if you are planning to skip the pricey off-site party this year and celebrate at home for some old-fashioned fun, keep reading our secrets to hosting a magical celebration. 

#1 Determine Your Budget 

If you don’t have a fancy budget, good thing is, kids birthday parties for kids sydney do not necessarily need to be expensive. Here are some tips to rationalize the expense: 

  • Take charge of the games, activities, and crafts yourself instead of hiring out the entertainment (but if you have the means, then you can hire a kid’s party entertainment entertainer as an addition to the fun)
  • You can even host a virtual birthday party, click the link to know more!
  • Arrange your party in the afternoon and provide snacks and birthday cake instead of meals 
  • You can make the party craft as the party favour 
  • Avoid spending money on expensive themed paper goods and decorations. Purchase solid-coloured paper goods that are more affordable, and allows you to use leftover pieces at future parties. Embellish your home with inexpensive balloons or steamers. 

#2 Come Up With the Right Guest List 

The number of guests your kid wants to invite has a big influence on the type of party you’ll want to host. The bigger the guest list, the more room you’ll require for activities and crafts. Lucky for you if you have a backyard or a local park nearby, then you can definitely cater to a larger party. They say that your child’s age equals the number of guests, this is the rule of inviting, but forget it, eight to 12 guests is ideal. 

#3 Choose a Birthday Party Theme 

List as many themes as you can, you may begin with your kid’s interests. Once you’ve got a theme, party planning is a piece of cake. For example, kids in elementary school love themed parties including Legos, the Olympics, tie-dye, spa parties, tea and crafts are all examples of easy birthday celebration party themes you can host at home. For kids ages 3-5, bugs, butterflies and bubbles are perfect for these kids. They can make egg-carton caterpillars, chew gummi worms and blow bubbles.

#4 Set the Party Date and Time 

We highly recommend doing a weekend bash. If you have a summer or Christmas baby, you may celebrate with the rest of the family on the actual birthday, then plan a friends party for a month later. When it comes to duration, a two-hour party is most ideal. The most common mistake parents make in parties is that they run it for too long. 

Avoid the thirdly hour because it’s deadly, and the fourth is just super absurd. It will be exhausting for everyone. When it comes to preschoolers, 10 to noon or 11 to one is perfect. For older children, you may prepare everything in the morning and host an afternoon or evening party. 

#5 Spread the News 

After you have decided what party theme to follow and finished breaking down the activity/entertainment aspect of the party, you now have to spread the word. You may like to skip the prefab invites and get your glue stick with your family. Kids are always excited with homemade invitations. Buy some blank cards at a craft or dollar store and explore designing with stickers, foil-paper or theme-related trinkets. You may also print an invite from your computer.

We suggest giving your guests a heads-up at least two weeks prior to the big event. And if you’re not including the whole school class, just mail, email, or drop invitations at kid’s houses. Make sure that you follow-up phone calls with parents as needed. It’s also a great idea to consider inviting energetic high school students to lead games and provide the munchies. 

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