5 things to do when your employment pass application is rejected

Singapore is a country that provides many career opportunities not only to the locals but also to foreigners. However, to be able to work in Singapore, foreigners must pass stringent requirements and criteria. If they pass these, only then can they get a work visa. An employment work visa is the only way a foreigner can work in Singapore. That is why foreigners make sure they can get approval for their application, especially those who applied for the employment pass Singapore visa.


However, since the Singapore employment pass application is quite stringent, many are getting rejected. The Ministry of Manpower has the right to approve or reject any work visa application. If you are one of the employment pass Singapore applicants that got rejected, you don’t have to lose hope in working in Singapore. Here are 5 things you can do when your Singapore employment pass application gets rejected.


#1 – Find out the reason behind the employment pass Singapore rejection


If your employment pass Singapore application got rejected, remember that there is always a reason behind it. One of the main reasons for E Pass rejection is that you didn’t mean certain qualifications. It can also be because there are some discrepancies in your personal information. Another reason might be that the job you’re applying for is not in line with your curriculum vitae. Thus, check through the EP online for the reason or reasons why your Singapore employment pass application got rejected.


#2 – Check with your employer that applied for the Singapore employment pass


The employment pass Singapore application is done by the employer or the employment agent on your behalf. What you need to do is check with them. Aside from the Singapore employment pass applicant, the employer and the company are taken into account during the E Pass application. There is a possibility that the reason for rejection was an issue with the employer and the company. It could be that they didn’t fulfill the balance ratio between hiring locals and foreigners in their workforce. Or perhaps the company’s background has an issue. Whatever it is, it is important you check with your employer about this.


#3 – Fix the reason why you got employment pass Singapore rejection


Once you have determined the reason why your employment pass Singapore application got rejected, the next step is to fix the problem. If it is on your side, find a way for you to fix the issue. For example, you can fix the discrepancies of your application by bringing more supporting documents or proof. If the issue is with the company, you can request them to fix the issue on their sides. If they can’t, you can always look for another employer who is eligible to apply for the Singapore employment pass for you. 


#4 – Submit a Singapore employment pass appeal


An appeal can be submitted to the Ministry of Manpower within three months since the employment pass Singapore application rejection. However, it is important that the reason behind the rejection has been resolved. If not, you will still get the same results for your Singapore employment pass application. Usually, it will take at least three weeks to hear back from the Ministry of Manpower about the E Pass rejection appeal.


#5 – Consider downgrading to an S Pass


If you find yourself in a position where you can fix the issues that got your employment pass Singapore application rejected, there is still a solution. This also goes for those who submitted an appeal but still got the same results. The next best thing to do is to apply for another less stringent work visa like the S Pass. Although the S Pass isn’t as beneficial as the E Pass, it will still allow you to work in Singapore. Furthermore, if you become an S Pass holder, you are likely to get approved for the E Pass if you applied again.


How to not get rejected for the E Pass


The employment pass Singapore application is very stringent when it comes to getting approved. That is because apart from a high salary limit, an E Pass holder has great benefits such as permission to open a bank account and rent or buy a property in Singapore. Furthermore, an E Pass holder is eligible to bring family members to Singapore if he or she met the conditions of the Dependent’s Pass. In addition, they can also apply for permanent residency after a year of working in Singapore. If you wish to not get rejected for the Singapore employment pass or other Singapore work visa, it is best to hire a work visa service company like Ren Ai Group. Contact Ren Ai Group now for more E Pass service details.

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