5 Types of Belly Fat and What Causes It: Ways to Lose Excess Fat

What do you actually picture when I say the word ‘fat’? Most probably, a person who is overweight with a fat round belly.

The image that comes to our mind the moment we hear the word fat never misses out the fat around the belly.

Apart from this, you must also have heard that belly fat is too stubborn to get rid of. Belly fat has always been a nuisance for people aiming to lose weight and attain a nice figure.

It is the easiest to get and the hardest to lose!

Due to this, “how to get rid of love handles in a month” has become one of the most searched queries from sufferers.

Moreover, belly fat and stubborn love handle go side by side. 

Don’t know what a love handle is? 

Love handles are the folds in skin present on your waist due to the deposition of extra fat.

Another important point to note is that the deposition of fat around the waist and on the belly differs according to the gender of the person. 

It has also been noticed that there is a genetic pattern in the way your body chooses to deposit fat.

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When you work out, just as you can’t decide which part of the body has the fat to be burnt, you also don’t choose which part your body decides to deposit the fat onto. 

There have been various studies to understand the various factors which decide these patterns. Some have suggested that gender and genetics play an important role.

So, what causes belly fat in females and males or what are the different kinds of fats are some questions that we will be discussing.

What is Fat?

Fats are just like any other body cells. But when your body has more fat cells than required, then it stores the excessive fat.

Types of Fat Deposits 

Not all fat on your body is the same. There are namely two types of fat deposits:

#1. Subcutaneous Fat

The layer of fat just beneath your skin is what we refer to as subcutaneous fat.

It mostly deposits on the hips, thighs, and belly. It is visible and makes your body look out of shape. Regular exercise may help you get rid of it.

#2. Visceral Fat

It is a type of deep belly fat that is quite stubborn to get rid of.

Visceral fat is invisible and deposits between the organs in your abdomen. It increases your lipid intolerance, makes you glucose intolerant, and slows down your metabolism.

This particular fat is responsible for various cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

5 Types of Belly Fat and Causes in Females | Ways to Get Rid of Excess Fat

Women have a completely different lifestyle and body structure as compared to men. Even if it comes to the bodily changes that they go through in their lifetime, it is quite different from that of men.

Be it childbirth or menopause, the conditions are quite different from men. Thus, causing often more stubborn kinds of belly fat in women.

Following are a few types of belly fat most commonly seen in females along with their causes and at-home solutions.

#1. Stress Belly

Stress belly fat deposits around the upper part of your abdomen, just below the rib cage. Whenever you sit, you would feel this fat as a bulge over your stomach.

As the name itself suggests, this type of fat gets deposited over your abdomen when you lead an unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. Lack of proper sleep leads to excessive fatigue and, hence, your body starts storing fat over the abdomen.

Solution: Try to sleep at the right time, avoid using the phone at least an hour before you go to bed, and try a few yoga stretches in the morning. These may help you with this condition.

#2. Hormonal Fat Belly

When you notice a bulge around your lower belly without any apparent cause, it may have resulted due to some kind of hormonal imbalance.

Women who are suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) are found to have sudden fat deposits over their lower belly causing it to bulge and fall out.

Solution: You should immediately consult your gynecologist for this. Medications for PCOS may relieve its symptoms and you may see a drop in the fat deposit also.

Besides this, you must try incorporating lean proteins and antioxidants into your diet. A few exercises targeting the muscles in the lower belly and some yoga stretches will also help get rid of this fat.

#3. Bloated Belly

In this situation, the belly seems to be in distended form and you feel a sense of fullness and tightness in your stomach. 

This condition is usually noticed during the day, most often after you have your food. It may happen because of certain food allergies, such as gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance. 

This situation may also be aggravated because of irregular and sluggish bowel movements or an imbalance in the bacteria present in the intestines.

Solution: To avoid this condition or to get rid of it, you need to keep an eye on the foods you consume. Watch out if you are allergic to certain foods and cut them down in your diet.

You may try consuming more fresh and leafy vegetables and include some probiotics and fiber in your diet. You should also try to eat the most in the morning and cut down on your food intake as the day progresses.

#4. Childbirth or Mommy’s Belly

In this condition, fat is deposited on the belly above the navel as well as in the pelvic area. 

This is because of pregnancy and the weight gain due to it. 

The skin in the pelvic area may seem to sag or fall out. This may happen because the skin stretches to make room for the baby inside. 

The woman may look like she’s still pregnant even a while after childbirth. In such conditions, it is not advisable to go for weight loss. This may hamper the health and fitness of the woman and the baby. 

Solution: The woman must take some rest for a few months and eat nutritious foods, such as vegetables and nuts. It also helps if she breastfeeds the baby.

She may involve herself in some light yoga and you will see that the weight eventually goes away. One important thing to note is that she must not be harsh on her body.

#5. Tiered Belly

Fat deposits on the belly, waist, and hips fold on the abdomen and around the waist. It gives a tire-like appearance. 

The belly seems to have two layers because the upper abdomen bulges out, dips at the naval, and bulges out again near the lower belly.

This is the result of your unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. Eating calorie-rich foods containing saturated fats may lead you to this condition.

Solution: To get rid of this kind of belly fat, you need to give up on those french fries and large-sized cheese burst pizzas. 

You need to incorporate protein-rich and calorie deficit foods into your diet. You can also complement your diet with a set of exercises meant for reducing belly fat. 

Lethargy is what usually causes hanging belly fat. So, you can even try climbing up the stairs instead of going for the lift or escalator!

So, these were the most common types of belly fat and the causes. Which of these do you think you suffer from?

Wrap Up

After discussing the different types of belly fat and its causes, we can infer one thing for sure that sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are the real problems most of the time.

So, bringing about decisive changes in your lifestyle can help tone your body.

But in certain cases, where your hormones play a role in deciding the deposition of your fat, you must not be too harsh on your body. 

So, rather than just being a couch potato and searching for how to lose love handles in a month, it’s time to take the prescribed diet, do yoga, and give your body time to repair its health. 

One should also avoid peer pressure regarding his/her body shape.

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