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5 Web design tips for small enterprises in Singapore

Businesses in Singapore are now having an online presence. That is because the owners of these companies have seen the benefits that it can bring to the sales of their products and services. That is why they chose to hire a Singapore SEO Agency expert to help them build their online store and achieve the best SEO in Singapore.


eCommerce website design is a service business that helps in building a unique eCommerce store for your company. They create websites based on the preferences of their customers. Thus, as their potential customer, you must know what design you want to have for your online shop. That is why in this article, we’ll give you 5 website design tips for small enterprises in Singapore.


Tip#1 – Protect your eCommerce website


Choosing an aesthetically pleasing eCommerce website design layout is a good step to do. However, it isn’t one of the priorities in website design. What you need to ensure is if you can get your online store protected. There are many cases of online hacking in the online business world. Unprotected websites are usually the victims of stolen data. 


Protect your website and your customers by installing a website security application. You need to ensure that your website design will not hinder the security application from doing its job. Thus, you must consult with the Singapore SEO agency regarding a protected website design.


Tip#2 – eCommerce website design layout should be easy to navigate


Aside from protecting your website from malicious hackers, you need to ensure that your website is usable. Many entrepreneurs want their website to look the most attractive which is not a bad idea. In fact, it will bring good results if your eCommerce website is pleasing to the sight since an aesthetically pleasing website will ensure your website has the best SEO in Singapore. 


However, if these aesthetic elements prevent the users from accessing your website, you need to cut down on these elements. Always prioritize making your online store easy to navigate. A good eCommerce website design Singapore specialist will point out ways to improve your website’s usability.


Tip#3 – Placing an attractive landing page


A landing page is a standalone eCommerce website designing layout page. It is created to market a specific product or service. This is usually where your customers are redirected when they click an ad link or even a social media post link. This page has a well-emphasized call-to-action feature that encourages the audience to avail of the product or the service. 


There are also no other obstructions on this page so the user can focus only on the product being featured. It has been proven time and time again how effective the landing page is when it comes to generating sales. That is why you should ask the Singapore SEO Agency to integrate landing pages for your products.


Tip#4 – Start a blog on your eCommerce website


Most eCommerce website design layouts have a home page, a product/service page, an about us page, and a contact page. However, what businesses rarely include is a blog post page. Blog posts are very important in search engine optimization. Aside from getting a higher SEO ranking, your eCommerce store will have great content. 


Consumers like content because it brings useful information to them. They can learn new things about a certain industry and influence their buying habits.  This is one of the best SEO Singapore techniques that many professionals are using; thus, make sure that the Singapore SEO Agency will include a blog page for your online shop.


Tip#5 – Hire a Singapore SEO agency


Creating your own eCommerce website may sound like a very exciting task to do. However, if you don’t have the eCommerce website design knowledge and experience, you may not get the results you wanted and end up wasting your time. That is why it is recommended you hire an experienced Singapore SEO agency to give you the best SEO Singapore for your company. 


They can design and develop an online store from scratch based on your company’s needs and branding. They can ensure that your website is protected from hackers and information leaks. Thus, the best tip that you can get from us is hiring a Singapore SEO Agency specializing in eCommerce.

In Summary


Singapore has plenty of website development companies. It can take a while for you to find the one that can give quality services that you can afford. That is why before searching for one, you need to have an idea of what website design you want to have. 


Once you figure that out, you can now pitch in your website design ideas to your Singapore SEO Agency, and your company will have the best SEO in Singapore to promote your business. Wiz Marketing is one of the best Singapore SEO agency that can help your company achieve your desired SEO results. 


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