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6 Benefits of Buying a Luminous India Portable Fan

While ceiling fans are one of the most widely used types of fans and are available in almost every Indian household, portable ceiling fans, too, offer several benefits that make them a great buy. Portable fans, for instance, offer personalized cooling and they can cool even those areas in a room where a ceiling fan fails to deliver. Portable fans can even be used to boost an air conditioner’s cooling and thereby help reduce energy bills. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg; if you want to know more as to how you can benefit from installing a portable fan, continue reading till the end.

1. It can be easily moved from one place to another.

As their name suggests, it would be safe to say that portability is one of the most important features of a portable fan. Unlike ceiling fans that are relatively more difficult to install, portable fans are a simple plug-and-play device. So whether you want to host a part in your garden or you want to use a portable fan in your kitchen, there’s nothing much that you need to do. Just make sure that you buy a lightweight portable, preferably with wheels, so that you can easily move it around in your home.

2. It is a great alternative for ceiling fans

There are scenarios wherein ceiling fans are unable to deliver air to all parts of the room because the room is too big. In such scenarios, it is advisable to install a portable in areas where the ceiling fan cannot deliver. This helps ensure uniform air delivery to all parts of the room. Similarly, there are scenarios wherein one cannot install a ceiling fan because of a low-height ceiling. Installing a portable fan can help tackle that issue, too.

3. It helps boost an AC’s cooling.

Just in case you don’t know, let us tell you that portable fans can help boost your air conditioner’s cooling. Surprised? Well, that’s true. All you have to do is place the portable fan next to your air conditioner so that it can help you deliver the cool air from your air conditioner to all parts of the room, at a faster pace. This helps cool the room faster which in turn leads to the compressor shutting down thereby helping you save on your energy bills, too.

4. It provides substantial savings on electricity bills.

Portable fans consume very less power, especially the ones that are manufactured by reputable companies like Luminous India. The Ferrari Pedestal, for instance, consumes only 145 watts of electricity. Also, as we mentioned in the last point when you use a portable fan along with an air conditioner, the room gets cooled faster and so the AC’s compressor, too, switches off sooner. So if you don’t have a portable fan already then bring home one, before the summer knocks on the door.

5. It comes with a unique oscillation feature.

We mentioned earlier those portable fans allow uniform distribution of air. That’s possible because of the oscillation feature that allows portable fans 180 degrees back and forth motion. This way portable fans can uniformly distribute air to big and wide spaces. And just in case, you don;y want your fan to oscillate, you can simply turn off the oscillation mode.

6. It helps accentuate the home décor.

Gone are the days when portable fans used to be plain, simple, and boring. The latest portable fans come with beautiful designs and colors that can accentuate your home’s decor. Established portable fan manufacturers such as Luminous India are offering a wide range of beautiful ceiling fans that are designed to complement any home’s decor. Some of the latest additions to their existing collection are the Speed Pro, the Speed Prime, the Fanfare Pro, and similar others that bring a dash of colors to the space where they are installed.

Wrap Up

If you want to buy a budget-friendly high-quality portable fan then you must take a look at Luminous India’s wide range of portable fans. The company offers high-performance portable fans with superior aerodynamics and beautiful aesthetics that too at very reasonable rates. The best part is that the company offers a generous warranty which allows peace of mind to the buyers.

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