6 Best Smartphones for a Great Music Experience

In this past decade, smartphone demand has increased among each and every income group of the world. They make our work easy and one can find everything at one place. Smartphones have features like music, gaming, browsing, photography, etc. But in this we are going to discuss the best smartphones based on their audio quality and music system. Music is important on smartphones for all the music lovers out there, and the smartphone companies seem to have understood the requirement and demand of it. There are a lot of handsets, now, available that are available in the market that give great music playback.

We have created a list of latest smartphones with currently leading the smartphones list on the basis of good audio quality. You can choose the one that meets your requirements. The price range of the products will vary.

LG V60 ThinQ

LG might not be very popular but it definitely tops the chart when it comes to be the phone with audio quality. This phone has Quad-DAC technological component that gives detailed audio quality sound. This component allows the phone to analyse the digital signal, interpret them, then cross-check and eliminate the possible errors. It provides noise free audio and higher volume output. It also allows you to customize your sound or audio through its ‘digital filter’.

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G

This phone includes Tidal services to provide you high quality music. Tidal services work best with Wi-Fi. It also has a 5G connection that allows you to stream highest quality audio and you can also save songs and albums offline. It has Kirin 980 CPU with 7.2-inch OLED screen, 256GB storage, triple lens Leica camera, and 4200mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Powered by android 10, 128GB storage, 6.2 screen, and triple camera, this phone slips into one of the best phones to provide pure sound quality. The handset comes with a in-ear AKG-tuned USB-C earbuds. It supports DSD 64/128 and 32- bit PCM along with the Dolby Atmos audio. This type of audio system will give you theatre-like audio quality movies. The sound can be tweaked as per your preferences.

Google Pixel 3a

With snapdragon 670, 300mAh battery and 5.6-inch screen, this phone provides a solid speaker quality and it also has a headphone jack. Its speaker quality is more or less similar to Pixel 3a XL. This phone doesn’t come with USB-C to 3.5mm headphones jacks because google brought the mid-tier-line back.

Sony Xperia 1

This phone has a stereo speaker array along with 855 snapdragon, 6GB RAM, and OS has android 9 in it. This phone is also devoid of a headphone jack. But it has stereo speakers with dynamic vibrations. The speakers are located on the front and bottom of the phone which gives a stereo effect to the users. The bottom speakers are responsible for providing mid and bass sound and the front speaker is responsible for threefold information.

iPhone 11 Pro

Handling an iPhone may not be as easy as Android but the features are definitely worth a try. This phone’s internal speakers provide a fascinating experience because of the stereo drivers it has. The Dolby Atmos gives auto-enhanced audio to the speakers and makes the sound seem more extensive. Connecting the phone with air pods will give you the best audio quality possible. The lightning port gives digital signal and makes your headphones responsible for the audio-quality.

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