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6 Essential Book Marketing Practices for a Successful Book

No matter how great a book is, without the entity called marketing, it won’t get the recognition it deserves. It sounds disappointing, but it is the truth of the matter. As a marketer, it is not unusual to be in the dark. That is because the strategies change at a rapid speed. That’s why it has become mandatory to stay aware of the latest news and blogs related to the industry.

There are thousands of books that become the victim of bad marketing practices. As a result, they are left on the shelves to collect dust. Considering that, we have compiled a list of practices that can get your book the recognition it needs.

Research Your Market

For most people, writing a book is all about their passion, but when your book is complete, it becomes an item you have to put for sale. Therefore, you have to focus on the business aspect of your book to make it a commercial success.

That’s why before even writing the book, you should decide the genre you are writing. Most importantly, what kind of audience you are targeting for the book. Your book is your best product that is supposed to get to a specific group of readers.

Entertain Your Audience with Your Book

With the preconceived notion, you can change your style a bit. The genre and category you have chosen will have specific rules of writing. When a consumer pays to get something, their expectations are sky-high. To meet them, you need to check if your tone, story structure, characters, and density of information are identical to that of a bestselling book.

These factors are crucial to shore your book up, so make sure you don’t leave any of them out.

Pro tip: If you have a website, you can use a guest post to attract traffic to your brand as a bookseller. This can help you understand the audience for your book.

Work on the Book Cover

The cover of a book can do wonders for its sale. Even though the content of your book is the primary feature, the book cover can break or make your chance. As it is the face of a book, it will show up everywhere, from Amazon search results to the advertisements you put up. It shouldn’t be just pretty but also readable.

For a stark book cover, the colors, illustrations, fonts, everything should be in alignment with the story. Fortunately, you have the best book marketing services to handle it for you. These services have a keen knowledge of the audience’s mindset, so they will make sure that your efforts pay off in spades.

Offer a Reader Magnet to Your Readers

In the book marketing industry, the size of your email list matters. Therefore, you need to find a way. A reader magnet is what you offer to the new subscribers. You can offer them anything that makes them curious about your book.

For instance, you can give them a sight of your book in the form of a prequel. You can give them rewards like discount offers. Reader magnet is a powerful tool to grow a mailing list. Hence, once you start requesting people for sign-ups, create a reader magnet.

Book Publicity

Typically, the traditional publishers take care of the publicity of the book. However, self-publishers often pass over this step. That doesn’t mean that it has no significance. As traditional publishers make a publicity plan for the book, the book’s market increases to a substantial number. Authors don’t have people who understand marketing, so they don’t even consider it.

In reality, there is no rocket science in the publicity of the book. The conventional methods of publicity are using TV, radio, print reviews and interviews. These are tried and tested elements that contribute to a lucrative book marketing strategy.

If you think that publicity is something you can’t do, you can hire the best book marketing services to help you with it. These services have helped multiple authors who were too shy to appear on TV or radio to promote their books.

To create hype for your book on the conventional media, you need people with a solid network of professionals in the industry. It would help you organize author events like signings and meetups at bookstores, different stores, famous book, and writing clubs, and events arranged by professional organizations.

Build Lasting Connections

The world has become super-connected. Good marketing practices that include making connections can be a differentiator for an author’s brand. The purpose of an author’s brand is to establish your legacy, have some kind of influence on people, enhance your authority, make you visible, bring new leads, and boost sales. An authentic author brand is a way to change someone who is curious about the book to a loyal follower of the content.

A perfect blend of the advanced online and the old-fashioned techniques is a ground to start off. When you work on them, you will realize that these techniques have the same goal.

Modern technology has made it very easy to reach the client. It is due to this convenience that people don’t acknowledge the potency of networking.

You will find many authors that do the same thing as you. That means they can share knowledge with you that you don’t probably know. They might have good websites, mailing lists, and social media profiles. So, you can learn a few things from them.

Grow your network by finding ways to contact the authors to see if they can help with the promotion of your book. They have to shoot an email to their mailing list mentioning your book. It is advantageous for both parties as they can write about their respective book in one message. The author can do this by adding a collaborative interview with you or by writing a good review about your work.

That will be the beginning of a reciprocal relationship. You will be there for each other for the marketing of the work. That’s why the process of marketing will level up.

If you are good at writing reviews, you can build a reputation for yourself. You can review other people’s work. Subsequently, when you tag the author, you will show up on their pages and get more visibility. Moreover, there is a fair chance that the author will return the favor by giving you a shout-out.

Make sure whatever you write is in a friendly, constructive way. Don’t tag them if you write negative things about their book. There is a polite way of sharing your thoughts. Remember, you need to make connections, not enemies.

In Conclusion

The crucial factor in any book marketing strategy is the starting point. Also, this is the toughest part to do. It is understandable that in the initial stages, it seems like a lot of work. However, by following these steps, your consumer list will start growing gradually. The marketing work is a lot to handle for a solo writer. And, with all the other things, managing this can be tedious. When you can do it all, you have the Author Tribe with the perfect skills to market your book.  Feel Free To Get A Free Quote


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