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6 Home Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

If you have a pet at home, you probably know how hard it is to keep things tidy. If you are constantly fighting with fur all over the floor, wall stains, dingy carpet, and other kinds of dirt brought home by your little friend, don’t worry – we are here to help. Read our article to learn how to have a clean house with a dog, a cat or any other kind of domestic animal.

House cleaning tips for pet owners

Have a look at our list of useful tips for all pet owners to learn how to eliminate pet hair in the home and what you can do to have a shiny house.

Regularly use a lint roller

Pervasive fur is one of the biggest problems all pet owners need to face. Although it is impossible to completely get rid of this issue, there are several useful tools which will help you get pet hair out of your clothes, blankets, and furniture – a reusable lint roller which can be washed under running water is certainly on the top of them.

Opt for a robot vacuum cleaner

If you have a dog or a furry cat, their fur can drive you crazy, especially during shedding season. One of the easiest ways to eliminate the amount of lint and hair dispersed all over the house is to use a robot vacuum cleaner. Such machines provide precise vacuuming, can drag fur out of a carpet or from under furniture, and, most importantly, don’t need your engagement.

Brush your buddy

Brushing your pet is essential if you want to reduce the amount of fur accumulated on the floor and furniture. If you want to maximize the effects of brushing, choose a special pet brush which is suitable for your pet’s type of fur.

Always clean your pet’s paws

When it comes to floor and carpet cleaning tips for pet owners, never let your pet inside the house if they have dirty paws, as this is where the most dirt is accumulated. Always wipe your dog or cat’s paws after a walk. Having a special dog doormat that easily absorbs any kind of moisture is also a great choice. However, remember to wash it regularly!

Sanitize pet toys

Pets love to play with toys and chew them. In fact, pet toys are items that accumulate a huge amount of dirt together with bacteria and viruses. If you want to eliminate them, wash your pet’s toys regularly in hot water. The same applies to your pet’s bed. It should also be properly cleaned at least once every few weeks. Don’t forget it!

Deodorize the carpet

If your guests complain about pet smell when they enter your house, you probably need to deep clean your carpet. In order to do to so, wet clean and vacuum it. You can also try to deodorize it, e.g., with baking soda or a special carpet deodorizer.

We hope that you make use of our house cleaning tips for pet owners. With a bit of patience and persistence, you will surely manage to have a squeaky clean house even if you have a pet. For their safety, never use strong chemicals which can cause allergy or sickness in your dog or cat. Instead, go for pet safe cleaning products by Aspen Clean – they are efficient, safe and offer a great range of pleasant scents.

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