6 Must-Have Furniture for Your Home Office 

It’s been a while since employees are asked to start working from home due to the pandemic. Even until now, some businesses are still adapting to this setup indefinitely. During your time working from home, you’ve probably worked from almost every spot in your house—from your beds to the dining table to your couch. If that’s the case, perhaps now is the time to build a more permanent home office that you can use for your work. If you’re unsure where to begin, read the list of must-have home office furniture that can help you be more productive.

  1. Filing Cabinets

A filing cabinet is not something that can be considered stylish home office furniture. However, even if it does not give the aesthetics, it is still valuable for home offices as it can be functional storage. Even if you do not have numerous paperwork and files to keep and store away, you can still use them for stationery, electronics, books, and other office supplies. Invest in one with wheels that you can move around easily.

  1. Open Bookcases

In terms of storage, open bookcases are a stylish alternative. Bookcases are arguably one of the staple home office furniture since it offers great storage for décor and books. Plus, it consumes more of the vertical space rather than the floor area. Consider whether n lower-maintenance credenza is right for you or an open bookcase would be more appropriate for your space.

  1. The Right Desk

In every home office, a desk is the most apparent piece of furniture you should get. However, the key is to find the right desk for you. Though there are tons of accessible and high-quality desks to choose from, you need to get a desk that has the greatest storage, shape, and size for your needs. Will a small writing desk for a laptop suffice? Or do you need a larger desk for a keyboard and monitor? Or do you prefer one with built-in cubbies and drawers? Concentrating on these aspects can help narrow down your choices and finally pick the right desk for you.

  1. A Comfy Desk Chair

After months of working from home, you might’ve observed that your couch or a dining chair is inappropriate to use as a desk chair for eight-hour working days. Similar to desks, choosing comfortable office chairs is important. Hence, you need to invest in one with casters or one that swivels. Or perhaps choose a chair without armrests if you want. It all boils down to which chair you feel most comfortable with.

  1. Analogue Clock

As soon as you obtain your huge pieces of furniture, you can start focusing on the smaller accents. Try to add an old school analogue clock to help you stay focused and track the time. Research shows that it can be extremely distracting to check the time on your phones. With the help of an analogue clock, you won’t end up falling into a never-ending scroll on social media. Apart from that, it can incorporate a vintage décor feature into your home office.

  1. Task Lighting

Regardless of the style of furniture and the size of your home office space, sufficient lighting is key. Besides high-quality overhead fixtures, you can also add a desk lamp that can provide you with good lighting as you do your late-night working sessions.

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