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6 Things to Know About Angular 13

In November of 2021, Angular released v13 of its development platform for mobile and desktop web applications. This much anticipated release includes some meaningful changes. There are some primary differences between Angular v12 and v13, including the fact that v13 is 100% IVY, as well as performance enhancements like ESBuild which now supports CSS sourcemaps. In this article, we focus on six things you as a developer or IT professional should know about version 13 of the Angular platform.

Performance Enhancements

Angular 13 includes improved build Aydıncık escort performance with optimized global scripting and bundling, as well as a default-enabled opt-in feature, and a nearly 70% performance improvement in build speed.


V13 of the Angular platform includes a simplified structure for APIs. The new API structure abandons the ViewContainerRef.createComponent and the ComponentFactorResolver so there is no associated factory, producing an environment that is 100% IVY and easier and more flexible to navigate.

Angular Support for Internet Explorer (IE) is No More!

Developers working in the Angular v13 environs will no longer have support for Internet Explorer, so clients and development teams should not plan to use this version in concert with IE11.

TypeScript 4.4

This version of TypeScript includes Default Catch Variables, Control Flow Analysis for conditions and discriminants, Template String Pattern Index Signatures and Option Property, significantly increasing the flexibility and comprehensive coverage of development needs.


Developers can use $localize for built-in international (i18n) functionality, and to create tag messages to translate information in code and in templates.

The Angular Package Format (APF)

The Angular team has streamlined and updated the output format for APF, including the View Bozyazı escort Engine metadata. With all these changes, an Angular development team can expect to work more quickly and efficiently. These improvements support the concept of streamlining the development package, thereby making it more scalable and flexible.

Whether you decide on a cross-platform mobile application, hybrid app development approach or a native app approach for iPhone, iPad, Smart Watch or Android, you will need a comprehensive plan to ensure business success. A trusted IT consulting partner can help you conceive and develop your mobile application, leveraging Angular or other platforms, and improve results for your business. For more information about mobile application Erdemli escort development, visit our Blog.

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