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7 Best Tools for Thesis Writing in 2022.

There are many writing tools for example Grammarly, Mendeley Online, Evernote, Plagiarism checker, Stay Focused on your thesis. These all provide help with thesis writing services. Basically, it was a very tough task to write a thesis for a Ph.D. or Dissertation as for it a lot of things are needed such as manual writing, proofreading, correcting, re-writing, and editing. This was a huge hard work that required a lot of time and gave a lot of depression as it all had to be done manually. But now the whole scenario is different as we have computers and mobile phones. Now with one click, the work gets done.  Humans must thank the powerful computers and apps as they make our everyday life easy for us.

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There are apps for writing, proofreading, documents arrangement, notes, doing citation and referencing, and many more during research. Below are some of the useful apps that can be used by Ph.D. students and it will be explained how it is beneficial for them.

  1. Mendeley:

Articles citation and reference enlisting are not easy as it consumes time and requires a lot of energy. But imagine a tool that winds up your work effortlessly, precisely, and effectively! The tool you need is Mendeley.

All the Ph.D. students must have a Mendeley Reference manager. The web portal is created especially to professionally manage the bibliography and citations and so it is essential for all the Ph.D. students to have it on their laptops.

There are four of the best features of Mendeley:

  • It stores the articles, journal reads, etc.
  • Reference format is created automatically
  • The information is cited very precisely

Read a citation for Mendeleyev, write the content on MS word and then just click insert the citation which will scan and insert the related references and citation at the end of the page.

Features of Mendeley:

  • The bibliography is generated automatically
  • Research papers and PDFs can be imported from different resources
  • Relevant articles on your subject can be found
  • Online collaboration with other researchers is possible
  • You can log in to your account and can get access to the library of your articles

Elsevier Publication related Mendeley which is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

How can you use Mendeley?

  • Open up the website
  • Create a free account there
  • Add in your email address and start your work
  • Add in the reading materials, pdfs, and research articles
  • You can create your own library as well

How can you site your work?

  • Install MS word plugin first if you want to use Mendeley for referencing and citation
  • Open MS word >> Referencing plus insert citation using the Mendeley

All you have to do is to write down the literature of your article and insert the citation after which your work will be ready.

  1. Evernote

In the life of students’ pdfs, articles, images, etc. as notes are an essential part.  You have to note down the information you gain about your Ph.D. topic. It might seem easy to make notes, but honestly, it’s not. In case you forget to note down the information, it’s very normal to forget it in a few hours or till the other day. If you want to keep notes that sync the information from your desktop, mobile, etc., Evernote is the best tool.

Evernote’s features?

  • The documents can be saved and scanned. They can be labeled, underline the important sentences and form pdfs.
  • Rich notes and images can be saved; audios can be recorded and ideas can be captured.
  • Entire web pages can be saved.
  • The notes you capture can be marked, highlighted, underlined and pinpointed.
  • The best part is that it can be accessed from anywhere.

How can Evernote be used?

Sign in to the website by opening it up from Create your account there by adding your email address.

  1. BibMe:

If you want a center to write online then BibMe is the best tool for you which is created by Chegg. Your academic writing and work of Ph.D. can be highly improved by its features.

The feature that helps it to be the best is that from this tool your work can be sited in different styles. Even the recent version of the tool can also be used.

BibMe features:

  • Citations can be created accurately using different styles.
  • the references and citations that can be inserted in your work
  • writing can be improved by correcting the structure of sentences, grammar, and spellings as well.
  • plagiarism can be detected and corrected.

Use of BibMe:

  • Open up
  • Create your account there by utilizing your email address ad start using their exceptional features.

In short, this app is a perfect tool to use. Even though it is not available in MS word but it can be used for free and you can even pay them to use their other features.

  1. Thesaurus:

Academic writing is required to be very professional and precise. Each word in every sentence must be used correctly and so the use of the right words is very important. But the question is how will you find a better word? Well, for that there is an amazing tool called Thesaurus which helps in finding synonyms. Moreover, you can also search for antonyms.

Use of Thesaurus:

  • Open the website
  • Type the word you want to find synonyms of in the search box 

In short, this tool will help you make your writing appealing by providing better synonyms and transient words.

  1. Dissertation authors:

Writing a dissertation, research paper, thesis or review article is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research, hard work, and time and one may start feeling helpless.

Wouldn’t it be great if you find an option of “Do my Dissertation” and just get it done perfectly? For that, you have an amazing website Dissertationauthors who find expert writers for your assistance from USA and UK.

How to use Dissertationauthers?

  • Open
  • Fill up the form
  • Complete the payment process of your paper
  • Find your personal writer
  • Receive and then download your work

In short, students have to do all their work on their own which gets hectic and may even contain a lot of mistakes so to get expert work you may use this service. 

  1. Grammarly:

Most students face a lot of problems in correcting their grammar, spelling, and synonyms as all are not from a pure English background. Some do master the language, but some cannot. For such students, their thesis work or other attempts become really difficult. These students need magical tools to fix all such problems and yes, this tool exists. Grammarly is that tool that offers you free as well as paid plans. Mostly the free version is good to go.

Features of Grammarly:

  • The grammar and spelling is corrected
  • The correct form of sentences
  • Correct punctuations
  • Correct structure of the sentence
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Better synonyms 

Use of Grammarly:

  • Open
  • Make an account there or sign up
  • Search on google chrome for Grammarly
  • Adjust Grammarly to chrome extension
  • Quickly set it up according to your requirements  
  1. Hemingway Editor

Just like Grammarly, this tool is very unique. You can edit your articles online here. It will find some common errors that we all make like sentence structure, grammatical mistakes etc.

Features of Hemingway Editor:

  • Does correction and highlights the mistakes
  • Finds out the errors
  • Corrects the active and passive voice
  • Each error is denoted with different colors
  • Adds headings, checks the word count etc.

In short, the software isn’t very appealing but helps a lot on correcting complex sentences. It is very useful for bloggers.


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