7 Different Types of Vehicle Decal Designs

Marketers, advertisers, and businesses are always looking for new ideas to promote their business and attract more customers.  Effective marketing tactics that boost the business connection with the audience are essential for any company. Small businesses on a bootstrapped budget would often skimp on marketing expenses by making the mistake of skipping them.  However, custom vehicle decals are cost-effective and a proven method to market your business. Attractive custom truck decals with your company name and contact information is a billboard on wheels; wherever you go, it goes with you. Using custom vehicle decals are not limited to logistics, delivery or road assistance companies but to every type of business.

Once you have decided to use a custom truck decal for your company truck to promote your business, here are some of the trending vehicle decal designs you must check out.

  1. Unconventional Designs

Every company wants to stand out from the rest of the competition, and something unconventional is just the way to do so. Ditch the old rectangular or circular shapes and go for unusual and custom designs. A quirky vehicle decal will generate more word of mouth for your company which is the best form of marketing.

  1. Distressed Designs

It does not apply to all the brand identities as it infuses vintage-looking graphics with modern colours. Distressed design gives a faded retro look to your designs. These designs are best suited to bars, hair salons, cafes and even some fast-food restaurants. This design is tricky as it does not go with all types of businesses.

  1. Glossy Design

The glossy design is livelier and playful that will take your outdoor advertising to new levels. Better suited to car windows, glossy design decals are a perfect choice for boutique and chic businesses.

  1. Matte Design

Matte decals are arguably the most beautiful vehicle decal designs. They look elegant and clean, making them a perfect choice for more professional service industries. Real estate companies or corporations usually opt for matte custom truck decals as they give a clean look while seeming more professional. This design is not the best to attract attention but is good to mark your name on your business fleet.

  1. Minimal Designs

Conventional companies prefer the minimal approach over any other when marking their fleet and outdoor promotion. Financial institutions, hospitality industries and educational sectors prefer minimal designs to promote themselves using minimal custom truck decals.

  1. Clear Decal

These are the most basic decals designs, and this type is perfect when you want to showcase the company logo as it is typically printed on with white ink and plain background. The design of any logo or any text is highlighted in clear decals as there is no background.

  1. Wrap up Designs

This is undoubtedly an extreme design choice that will attract more eyes than any other. As the name suggests, wrap up decals are designed to wrap up the whole vehicle. Wrap up decals will cover the entire car, with the company specified colours, texts and graphics. With a decal like this, you will take your outdoor marketing to the next level.

A vehicle decal is like marketing on wheels, catering to a large audience. If a custom truck decal is done well and advocates an excellent message to the audience, it can generate cheerful chatter for the company.

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