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7 Great Books That Can Change your life

A book is considered a friend who never cheats and a book is equal to a thousand friends.Today we will talk about 7 great books and amazing books that will change the way you think and change the way you see the world.

In today’s generation, I, you and all of us need Motivation! Because we all are struggling in our life, want to fulfill our dreams, you also want name, fame, money and are fighting with life to make our own identity in the world! It happens many times in our life that we are in deep trough because no one helps us at that time your best friend is the The Best Bookshelf Speakers  .All your problems can be found in books.

Once you make friends with books, then you cannot get away from their fascination and you will go on reading many books day by day and you will keep increasing your knowledge limitless limit. There are all sorts of stories and experiences that books offer – a fairytale romance, a wizardly life or perhaps books with the ‘friends to lovers’ type of stories.

Without wasting your precious time, we talk about those miraculous books that you must read.

Depends on which book you read before and after, but your decision not to read a single book can prove to be very fatal. First you need to know about importance of books in hindi

6 Great Books That Are Below

1.The Secret

This book is written by Rhonda Byrne, she has given complete knowledge of her life and many great people and a surefire(who have never been) way to fulfill your dreams. There is no air distribution in this book, in this the real experience of the people has been told, using which you can get all the things that you want to achieve in your life.

It is said that after reading this book you will become powerful.

When you look inside this book, you will know that people have given very good reviews about it, after which your desire to read this book will increase 10 times.

I also have to say from personal experience that if you are serious in your life then definitely read this book.


2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book is written by Robert Kioski, this book is considered as the Best Selling Book, this book is about this.
Rich Dad Poor Dasad A book that neither tells you any shortcut to become rich nor makes you poor, it introduces you to the reality of the world because when reality slaps in real life neither human struggles to handle and maybe sometimes he takes some wrong steps out of frustration.
It teaches how to develop the understanding of money, how to take responsibility for your money and then how to become rich, how to become self-reliant, if you want to awaken your financial talent, then definitely read this.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad Book, what should be your mindset towards money, how should you maintain money throughout your life in such a way that you never have to face money related problems.

Mostly those things have been told in this book that a rich father understands his son and a poor father does not know his son.

3.Lakshay (Brian Tracy)

ब्रायन ट्रसी (Brian Tracy), This book written by Brian Tracy is quite a lotus book, about which you will be very happy to know, uh, it is very important for you too.
If there is some goal in your life which you really want to fulfill, then you need this book very much.

Its author says that I have addressed more than two thousand sources so far – for people who want to move faster. If that’s what you want too, then this book is written for you. By following the ideas given by Isamen, you children come after years of hard work and you can achieve your noble goals much faster.

4. Ego Is the Enemy

Barr explores a powerful concept that has been around for centuries, across boundaries and schools of thought: the ego. A person hardened in ego has neither understanding of good nor understanding of wrong, ego is our biggest enemy. Early in our career, it can prevent us from learning and developing our talents. When we taste success, ego can blind us to our faults, distance us from others and lead to our downfall.
But the biggest problem is that the person who is in the ego, he himself comes to know that he is in the ego and that he is going on the wrong path.
That’s why this book is very important for you who will not face this doubt.

In failure, the ego is destructive and makes recovery more difficult. Only by identifying our ego, speaking out its desires, and systematically disarming it can we create our best work. Arranged in bite-sized observations featuring characters and narratives that illustrate themes and life lessons designed to resonate, uplift and inspire, Ego Is the Enemy shows how you can be humble in your aspirations.

5. Radical Intuition

by Kim Chestney

You will get all kinds of information about psychological conditioning in this book because along with making your body strong, your psychology also needs to be strong, for that you must read this book.
When we do this, we begin to think beyond the limits of our mind, and expand our thoughts.

From relationships to business, there is bound to be something written for everyone in this book and there are plenty of life examples that can teach you a lot about what intuition looks like. In business, spontaneously leading can be the difference between building an innovative company and trying to stay relevant.

6. The Path

By Peter Mallouk with Tony Robbins

Most of the people ask how to get financial freedom and the answer to this question is included in this book, after that you will understand how you can achieve it.

Most of the people ask how to get financial freedom and the answer to this question is included in this book, after that you will understand how you can achieve it.
Tony Robbins wrote in this book that “depending on where you are today, financial freedom can seem like a luscious dream or you’re right and moving towards that goal, once you achieve it you’ll be much more You will feel self esteem

Whatever your definition of financial freedom, Peter Mallock and Robbins want to help you achieve it. They tag-team the path, closing the chapters, though Malouk takes the lead. The first requirement in the race to be successful is that you should also be fit and heathy health tips in hindi

7. Thinking Fast and Slow

by Daniel Kahneman

“Thinking, Fast and Slow” This book mainly builds our thinking process and helps it to become very strong
How do we maintain our practical and professional, whatever your profession is in our life, because both of them have equal importance in your life, then you have to decide that you have to give importance.
We need this thing very much.

We have learned the information of all those books in it and you will be happy to know that if you read all these books, then your way of looking at this world will change and any kind of problem coming in your life will be solved very easily. can find its solution.
And we have such a huge stock of books that if we want to read books throughout life, then it is not possible.
No book is good or bad, all books have different importance, understanding the value of that importance, we should decide to read that book.
If we include reading books in our daily routine, then you will be on the verge of being successful in life.

With the help of all these great books, you can fulfill all the wishes in your life.

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