7 Potential Life Changing Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of the most important things you can wear every day. It lets other people feel comfortable around you and boosts your mood. However, if you feel self-conscious about your smile, you’re less likely to make use of it.

Cosmetic dentistry could help you to achieve a smile that you’re proud to wear. Just a few simple tweaks could straighten, whiten and reshape your teeth for a better look. Here are some of the perks of cosmetic dentistry.

1. Improved Oral Hygiene

When you have a smile that you’re proud of, you’re more inclined to take care of it. Having cosmetic dentistry will often lead to improved oral hygiene habits. You’ll become more aware of how to take care of your teeth and what they need to keep your smile beaming.

You’ll also notice that straighter teeth allow you to brush and floss easier which will reduce your risk of decay. When you don’t brush and floss, plaque and tartar can build up and lead to cavities and other problems, like gingivitis.

2. Healthier Eating Habits

Once you’ve had cosmetics, like teeth whitening or teeth reshaping, you’re more aware of what foods and drinks to consume and avoid. For example, drinking red wine or coffee frequently could lead to stained teeth over time. However, eating apples is a great way to naturally clean your teeth of plaque and tartar.

Making small changes in your eating habits will not just help your teeth stay clean but it will also provide you with an overall healthier diet.

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3. Less Chance of Injury

Crooked teeth will often cause damage that you aren’t aware of until it becomes painful. They’re likely to grind against one another and your gums, especially as you sleep.

When your teeth are straight, it becomes easier to chew and therefore easier to avoid injury. Crooked teeth can sometimes cause you to bite your tongue or even knock out a tooth while chewing.

4. Thinking of the Future

The inevitable happens to us all. We will all reach a time where a tooth falls out and we need to figure out what to do about it. If your teeth are crooked, it can be far more difficult to get an implant that easily slides into a place.

However, if you’ve already had your teeth contoured, replacing a tooth with an implant should be an easy job. You can learn more about tooth contouring here. Think of it as an investment rather than a purchase.

5. Confidence Boost

When you don’t like your smile, it can stop you from doing what you’ve always wanted to do. Are you too afraid to ask for that promotion? Are you thinking twice about going on that date? Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about your oral health.

Having a smile that you’re proud to wear can boost your confidence immeasurably. You may find that you’re brave enough to try things you wouldn’t have even considered before the procedure.

6. Free From Pain

Misaligned teeth can often be painful. If your teeth are misaligned, you may experience headaches or jaw pain. Consult with your dentist if this is the case and you may find that realigning your teeth could set you free from pain.

Just a simple change could stop teeth from pushing up against each other, rubbing your gums, or putting pressure on your jaw.

7. A Longer Life

Did you know that smiling can help you live longer? According to research, smiling helps you to live an extra seven to twenty years. When you smile, you release endorphins which are also known as happy hormones. These hormones promote vitality.

They also help to boost the immune system which means you have a better chance of fighting off an illness at any given time.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental procedures that improve the look of the patient’s teeth. Although it is often done for aesthetic reasons, it can also come with a range of health benefits too.

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures include teeth whitening, teeth contouring, veneers, tooth reshaping, and more. Your dentist will be able to recommend a procedure that best suits your needs.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry for Me?

If you’re wondering if cosmetic dentistry is right for you, it’s a good idea to have a chat with your dentist or dental nurse. The benefits of cosmetic dentistry are vast but you may be thinking about the amount of time it will take or the cost.

These details are very dependant on the type of dentistry you require. For example, teeth whitening is less expensive than teeth contouring. You may also need repeat appointments for contouring or reshaping.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Where to Begin?

Once you start having cosmetic dentistry procedures, you may find that you want to continue. Take a look at what your dentist provides and ask family and friends about their experiences.

You might want to start small and build up to bigger procedures, or you may decide to try and get as much done in one sitting as possible. Your dentist will be able to advise you on how quickly or slowly the work should be done.

If you’re interested in finding out more about oral health, overall health, and fitness, or more, take a look at some more of our articles.

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