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7 Reasons to Visit Atlantis Water Park in Dubai

Are you looking for a fun day in Dubai with your kids? Well, you should visit Atlantis water park in Dubai as it is your ultimate stop for the best entertainment. This park has the best rides that will simply make your day.  Eager to know more about this park? Let us get started with the details.

  1. Great Ambiance

The ark is child friendly and your kids are going to love it to the fullest. You do not have to worry about safety issues as the park employs trained professionals who are more than willing to lend you a helping hand.

  1. Many Options For Entertainment

The park covers a vast area of 17,000 hectares and has more than 105 rides that will keep you excited for the entire day. The rides are suitable for people of all age groups, but some may have restrictions based on height so you need to check the rules before availing of them.

  1. Exciting Rides

Once get the entrance Atlantis Water Park Dubai tickets, then you are all set to enjoy the thrilling rides that will drop you jaw. Dubai is known to have very exciting amusement parks and The Atlantis Water Park is a perfect example. It has quite a few rides that will grab your attention and here is a list of some rides that you must try.

  1. Shark Safari

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim next to sharks? Well, this attraction will let you have that experience in the safest way possible.

  1. The Torrent

This a water pool that generates artificial waves and you are sure to have a thrilling time here as you try to dodge the waves.

  1. Leap Of Faith

This is an amazing ride as the slide measures nine stories in height. A ride on this slide will give you the thrill that you have been longing for.

  1. The Revenge Of Poseidon

This slide is a unique one, your journey will begin right from the top leading you to a trap door and then ending up in a pool.

  1. Lost Chambers

This is another place worth visiting as this is a huge aquarium that has more than 65,000 marine animals and it is the perfect place to learn interesting facts on these animals. Discounts are available on the Atlantis water park tickets when book in a bulk such as for school kids. So make sure to cross check the deals before booking your tickets.

  1. Entertainment For A Great Price

Now, you might think that this water park is very expensive, well the good news is that it is not. You can get several combo tickets and you will have access to multiple rides and attractions. You can also buy a ticket that will combine a visit to the lost chambers.

  1. Great Restaurants

You may feel hungry after going through all those rides at this park, but you do not have to worry about stepping out for a meal. The park has several food stalls and restaurants where you can enjoy a lovely meal with your loved ones

  1. Gift Shops

Do you want to buy cool memorabilia and gift items from this park? You can step into one of the many gift shops and pick up cute items to surprise your loved ones.

Final Word

In short, we can say that the Atlantis Water Park in Dubai invites a the threefold of thrilling, lavish, and magical aquatic thrills. With its record-breaking  & mind blowing slides, beautiful beaches, and marine encounters, it presents an unparalleled haven for thrill-seekers and relaxation enthusiasts alike. So, these were 7 of the strongest reasons why you should visit this water park, it is designed to make you feel good about yourself and life. Have a blast.

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