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7 Top Best & Affordable EHR software in 2021

The increasing cost of operations and heightened uncertainties because of Covid-19 have resulted in practitioners becoming cautious of the money they spend. However, certain expenses like medical software are unavoidable. If you’re on the search for EHR software, but your budget is limited, then you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we discuss the best Cheap EHR Software along with their features and price. 

What is an EHR Software System, and Why Do I Need One? 

Call it EMR or EHR; they are essentially the same thing. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software provide digital storage where all patient medical records are stored and updated in real-time. These systems also include advanced features that boost performance and efficiency. 

You need to invest in an EHR system since it lowers operational costs and improves productivity for all. It also strengthens ties with patients and offers tools that increase their satisfaction. Hence, resulting in strong customer loyalty. 

7 Best Cheap EHR Softwares To Consider 

Praxis EMR 


  • A no-template design is offered to doctors of multiple specialities. Instead, the artificial intelligence, Concept Processing, understand how a practice operates and then adapts to these findings. 
  • The Praxis DataMiner tool crawls through a magnitude of information to list down only meaningful information for doctors. With this tool, doctors can conclude analyses related to health maintenance, clinical studies, and drug trials.


The starting price is $219 per month per practitioner. This cost includes free training and implementation. 



  • NueMD is fully functional on mobile devices. The Android and iOS based app enables users to provide care on the go. Doctors can use the app to schedule appointments, access medical records, read lab test results, and message patients. 
  • The e-prescribing tool allows doctors to share prescriptions with patients instantly. They can even save their most commonly prescribed medicines to save time in the future. 


NueMD is priced at $99 per user per month. 

Athenahealth EMR 


  • Atheanhealth features an interoperability tool that exchanges medical information with research centers and specialists. This leads to better and well-thought-out decisions in the future. 
  • Virtual consultations can be provided to those patients who can’t visit clinics physically. Since this feature is HIPAA compliant, users do not have to worry about losing information in security breaches. 
  • an integrated clearinghouse service that manages the electronic information between a provider and the payer, ensuring error-free reimbursement operations through revenue cycle expertise and proactive monitoring. It supports integration with athenaIDX™ and athenaPractice™.


Athenahealth EMR is available at the cost of $140 per month per practitioner. 

Kareo Clinical EHR


  • Online appointments can be scheduled by patients at a day and time convenient for them. Since they choose these consultations themselves, there are lesser chances of no-shows and latecomers. 
  • The marketing tools offered by Kareo Clinical improve a practice’s online ranking on search engines. The latter is made possible by incorporating positive testimonials and tweaking content for better results. 


This EHR software is available at a starting price of $160 per month per provider. A free demo can be accessed after filling a short form on its website. 

Practice Fusion 


  • Templates along with patient forms can be fully customized as per a practice’s requirements and practices. Additionally, patients can fill these forms before appointments to save time. 
  • With Practice Fusion, doctors witness fewer denied claims. The automated eligibility tool verifies the insurance plans of patients. It also confirms whether a plan is sufficient enough to cover a particular treatment. 


Like NueMD, Practice Fusion also has a cost of $99 per month user.

PrognoCIS EMR 


  • An interactive patient portal is offered, namely the My Health Records App. Patients can use the app to schedule appointments, read discharge summaries of their past consultations, view prescription details, and quickly request prescription refills.
  • Any co-pays and advances can be paid by patients through the credit card facility. Patients can pay online from their home, office, or any location where they have an internet connection. 
  •  PrognoCIS comes with a telemedicine module that users can access free of cost during the COVID-19 situation.


One can expect to pay $250 per month per user for PrognoCIS EMR. 

Optum EHR


  • The voice dictation tool can be used to chart notes quickly. All words spoken are converted into text that appears on the screen through this feature. 
  • An advanced dashboard is provided to physicians that give them access to care plans, track patient status, and view critical issues, among other features. The dashboard is also customizable so that doctors can adapt it as per their workflows. 


A free price quote and demo can be obtained from the company’s website.

The Final Word for EHR Software

This review discussed the best Cheap Price EMR software. We are positive you now have an idea about which medical systems to consider. Make the final decision by comparing which EMR software meets your requirements from it.

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