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7 Types of Digital Marketing to Help Grow Your Business

7 Types of Digital Marketing to Help Grow Your Business.

There are many different types of digital marketing that can help you grow your business and gain more customers,

whether you’re just starting out or you’re already established in your niche. Here are some of the most important digital marketing strategies to give your business a boost. [digital marketing agency in Hyderbad]

1) Paid Advertising
Online advertising includes paid search, display ads, pay-per-click, and sponsored content. Paid Search (or search engine marketing) is when advertisers bid on keywords related to their products or services and appear next to a user’s search results. Display Ads are generally text-based ads that appear on a website or mobile app home page.

PPC campaigns can be time intensive since you’re constantly running experiments with small changes in order to find the most effective way to reach your target audience at the lowest cost possible. Since there’s no such thing as a one size fits all campaign for each client, it takes time to understand what will work best for them. Once you know how to run successful PPC campaigns for clients, however, it provides recurring revenue month after month – which makes this one of the best digital marketing options available. Display Ads provide advertisers with full control over where they want their ads to show up.

7 Types of Digital Marketing to Help Grow Your Business

There are two different types of display ads: banner ads and text links. Banner ads tend to be bigger than text links, but both offer a good opportunity for businesses to market themselves online by displaying photos, videos, company logos, contact information, and more! The only downside is that banner ad placement may not always have an optimal location within the site so these require some strategic planning before investing time into design creation and implementation.

2) Paid Search Marketing
Paid search marketing is probably the most well-known form of digital marketing because it appears at the top and sometimes in the middle of the first page on major search engines. A successful paid search campaign requires sophisticated keyword research, proper bidding strategies, data analysis, conversion tracking, and continuous refinement. Of course, these are only some examples from an expansive list of potential tactics that can be used in your campaign strategy.
No matter which way you decide to go about it or which specific online marketing channels you choose, there are several key points that every business should take into consideration when making decisions about their digital marketing efforts:
Identify and define goals – What are your ultimate objectives for creating a social media page? How will this help achieve your other marketing goals? Define what success looks like – Does having more followers equate to more sales? It’s important to know what benchmarks will determine if your social media plan is a success. Determine metrics – Metrics such as likes, shares, retweets, comments and follows can all help measure how effective your social media posts are. Define the frequency of posting – How often do you want to post on Facebook or Twitter? You may want to space out posts over time so they don’t seem too spammy. Use an editorial calendar if needed.

3) Organic Search Engine Optimization
One of the most common strategies is organic search engine optimization. Although there are many types of digital marketing, organic SEO is the best starting point because it doesn’t require any upfront costs. All you need to do is update your website with keywords that represent your business and then go through a process called ‘on-page optimization. This includes making sure your website content is based on the keywords for which you want to rank for and ensuring the content has high quality. The next step involves submitting your site address, also known as URL, in online directories for websites or blogs that focus on ranking sites for specific topics. You will also want to make sure you have created quality backlinks from other websites by finding popular articles related to yours and submitting comments referencing your site or providing a link back.

4) Content Creation
1. Content Creation – Content marketing is when you focus on content like blog posts, videos, infographics, and newsletters. You can do this by creating your own content or curating someone else’s content with a link to original source.

2. Website Development – This can include developing your website and social media pages for your business.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is the process of getting traffic from organic searches in Google and other search engines like Bing or Yahoo

4. Email Marketing – Email marketing is sending periodic emails to subscribers with compelling calls-to-action that generate sales leads

5. Social Media – This includes developing an account on each major social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

6. Advertising – Advertising is paying to place your ad next to another person’s content on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter

7. Paid Placements – Paid placements are similar to advertising but instead of placing your ad next to another person’s content, you’re placing it in front of their content.

5) Video Marketing
It’s important for businesses to be found online by potential clients. One way to help them do this is through video marketing. Video marketing has been around since the invention of the television and is just as,

if not more, popular than traditional advertising formats today.

Some research suggests that 54% of people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it in text.

One downside is that videos take more time and resources than other marketing platforms, but there are many ways you can use them for your business.

• Facebook: Posting on Facebook allows you to target customers based on location and interests,

in addition to linking their account with various pages they might have liked previously or following your page too. The platform also offers many templates and editing tools to help you create content quickly without sacrificing quality.

6) Email Marketing
Email marketing allows you to take your message straight to the inbox of your target market,

letting them know about specials and changes in policy while providing a clear call-to-action that they can`t ignore. You can use email marketing in conjunction with other types of digital marketing like :

Display ads, social media campaigns, and paid search listings.

7) Social Media Strategies
Make your social media as interactive as possible by asking for input and creating contests. A common example is Trying something new today or #letsgo. Giving your followers a voice will make them feel like they’re part of the process,

which encourages more conversations and engagement. Plus, it will give you new content ideas!

For instance, last year I asked my followers what color I should paint my office door

(even though I had already decided on green).

All in all, giving your followers a voice is an effective way to people excited about interacting with your brand.
Marketing through Email:

If you’ve got a few subscribers on your email list,

be sure to include links back to other posts or articles that might interest them. Give readers something worthwhile and they’ll be back again and again.
-Niche Markets: Consider targeting specific markets that have interests similar to yours. If you’re an animal lover who loves painting kitties then focus on that niche market. They’ll be thrilled when they see their passion reflected in what you share with them!

7 Types of Digital Marketing to Help Grow Your Business


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