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App Development

7 Ways to Keep Your Web App Interface Simple and Effective


Effective web apps make things easier, not harder. If the interface doesn’t support the user, the user will lose interest and look elsewhere for what they need. This means it’s important to keep your interface as simple as possible – but how do you do that? Here are seven ways to simplify your interface while also amplifying its effectiveness in your web app design process.


1) Remove everything that does not support your main purpose


Keeping your interface simple can be challenging with all the features you might want to add. It’s tempting to take on as many features as possible, but adding too many can get in the way of your primary goal. Too much clutter on a page can confuse visitors and cause them to bounce right off your site. When you’re brainstorming ideas for new interfaces, it’s easy to think of a million different things you could do with each one–so how do you know what should stay? For that matter, how do you even decide which features deserve priority over others? To keep your designs from getting cluttered, remember these seven guidelines -Removing unneeded content will make navigation easier and help visitors focus on what they came to see. 

-Remove everything that does not support your main purpose: Keeping your interface simple can be challenging with all the features you might want to add. 

-Don’t include more than three options per dropdown menu, since people find more difficult than two or less options.


2) Use large fonts

In this digital age, complex interfaces have become the norm for websites, web apps, and even digital signage. But does a more complicated interface always lead to better productivity? If you take some time exploring the connection between design complexity and performance, you’ll find that the answer is no. As a website or app designer, there are plenty of effective ways that you can simplify your interface in order to create a seamless user experience. Large fonts are one such way. Large fonts allow users to quickly scan through content on a page without having to use their zoom feature on their browser. The result is an intuitive layout with easy-to-read text and clear call-to-actions that will help any site or app generate higher conversion rates than if they had a cluttered, small font design.


3) Limit the number of action buttons

A web app interface should have the bare minimum number of buttons, no more than five. Keeping your interface simple is an excellent way to avoid complexity. Simplicity means that even if your product evolves, you don’t need to redesign the interface as often, which helps avoid confusion in the meantime. 

One way is to plan out user flowcharts with wireframes (simple lines) of how users would get from page-to-page within your app. How many clicks will a user take before reaching a certain goal? If a few clicks are needed, it may be better for those pages’ functionality not be included in one page but rather on different pages.


4) Remove any information you can give in other ways


  1. 1. Use natural language 
  2. 2. Compress content where possible 
  3. 3. Manage complexity in-line 
  4. 4. Reduce reliance on visuals 
  5. 5. Allow the user to set their own pace 
  6. 6. Remove unnecessary features 
  7. 7. Break things down into simple chunks 8. Provide visual cues to prompt navigation 
  8. 9. Use helpful icons 
  9. 10. Don’t make users think too hard about what you want them to do
  10. 11. Think of your interface as a conversation 
  11. 12. Plan for an optimal user experience 
  12. 13. Present information according to its importance 
  13. 14. Design intuitively


5) Reduce visual clutter by using less images


A big problem on the web is that interfaces can be visually cluttered. Photos, videos, buttons, ads and more all crowding the screen. To create a clean and uncluttered interface, reduce the amount of clutter by removing unnecessary elements. The fewer elements you have in your design, the easier it will be for users to understand what’s going on in your app. 

– Clean up menus with sensible groupings 

– Hide menu items that are not relevant right now 

– Remove extra features until they are needed 

– Eliminate superfluous content like error messages or notes at first 

– Use clean design principles so that information is presented clearly and navigation is simple. Get rid of anything that takes away from this.


7) Remove anything you can with CSS instead of HTML elements


-Try using icons instead of text labels. If you have a lot of different buttons, icons are much more versatile than text labels. And in some cases, they make your app look more professional! They also take up less space. Icons also look nicer on Retina screens. 

-Use the HINT attribute on links. This can take some extra time to code, but it will allow you to put longer URLs on your site without actually showing the full URL to users which can sometimes look ugly. 

-Add an overflow button near the top of an embedded video that links back to your website if there is another video there with more information or higher quality video.


6) Remove all elements on hover, only display things users need to see now


Removing all elements from your interface, as soon as they are no longer necessary is a simple way to keep the interface uncluttered. Here are some things you can remove when they’re not needed:

  • Links (text or graphics) that take users out of the app and onto another website 
  • Text links (to an external site) on button-based navigation items, if the links function in a similar way as a sidebar menu item; for example, different variations of filter options for menu items such as Recipes, TV Episodes or Sports Events. These sorts of hidden link variations make it difficult for users who are only looking for one kind of content or product to find their desired content quickly. Instead, these should be listed at the top of sidebars as tabs with clear labels to help visitors understand what they offer. 
  • Numbers with input fields 
  • Frequently updated data tables 
  • Links inside menus and submenus unless they open up new pages within the app 
  • Lists of frequently used settings that don’t need to be visible all the time, like language selection or date format preferences ● Redundant text. Users don’t need the same information repeated in two places, so if there’s more than one place where information appears, pick which version is most appropriate and update other versions accordingly

For mobile apps especially, keeping interfaces simple will often lead to increased engagement because less effort is required for interacting with the app. People spend about 20% of their total phone time on non-essential activities like scrolling through Instagram feeds instead of interacting with apps. As we’ve seen previously this doesn’t work well since people end up leaving apps altogether because they’re too difficult to use.


Final Note


We live in a fast-paced world that is inundated with technology. Most people who visit your website will give up within 90 seconds if they can’t figure out how to navigate it. Don’t let this happen. A simple, clean interface design will increase the number of users that are able to access your content and services on a regular basis. Hire UI/UX Design agency that specializes in website design services for best results! The expert teams at our firm provide comprehensive solutions for all stages of web app development: wireframing, graphic design, marketing strategy consulting, user experience testing and implementation. No matter what stage you’re at in your business or personal life, we have an online presence solution for you.

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