8 Best Techniques To Deal With An Unhealthy Lawn

Best Techniques To Deal With An Unhealthy Lawn

You do not need a flood of chemicals to maintain an appealing and well-maintained lawn. You should mow your grass properly, remove dead fallen leaves, provide water and required amount of fertilizers as well.

Along with lawn grass, you should also take care of flowers, shrubs, and trees that are planted in your yard. You just need to follow the right approach to get the beautiful lawn.

Here, we have described a few tips to deal with unhealthy and visually displeasing lawn:  

1. Tackle Water Run-Off 

When excessive water runoff your lawn, then it leads to clay soil. You should start with half the amount of water than you usually provide. After that you should wait for one hour, then let the water drain.

After that, the rest half should be provided. You should follow this criterion when you are facing the water runoff issue. The heavy clay soil needs less amount of water as compared to the water required by the normal lawn. 

2. Increase Water Supply To Drying Lawns

If you observe that your lawn is turned out into little grey, blue or purple, then it indicated that your lawn is drying out. You should increase the supply of water in these areas of your lawn. The reason for dry lawns can be sandy soil. This kind of soil can easily absorb water. The best way to cope up with sandy soil is to give less water per session. 

3. Get Rid Of Weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants that can affect the growth of grass and plants in your yard. The optimum way to fight against these unwanted plants is to grow thick and healthy turf. Usually, weeds can be easily treated with a few efficient changes in your lawn.

But, if weeds are still present even after doing significant changes in your lawn, then you need to take the help of local gardeners for Greener Grass’ organic lawn treatment services. The weeds killing chemicals should be your last solution. These chemicals can risk your other plants in your yard. When you are using chemicals, then make sure to read the instruction properly.

4. Fight Against Pests & Insects 

The pest and insects can affect your trees, plants, and grass in your yard. The optimum way to get rid of the pest is to do extra lawn care. When you observe the signs of pest or insect infestation in your tree, then you should immediately call an experienced arborist such as arborist Sydney.

The tree service provider can suggest the right measure to protect your yard from pests. The pesticides should be used as the last step. Chemical-based pesticides can also kill useful microorganisms. Some microbes are important for soil health and they can keep the soil productive.

If the condition is adverse, then can use pesticides, But, make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the packet. The pesticides are not just harmful to soil health but also affect the person who is applying them. Be careful while applying fertilizers. 

5. Stop Thatch Buildup

Thatch is a kind of spongy accumulation of material on the tops of the soil. Thatch can lead to lead various problems if it grows more than 0.5 inches. It is advised that you should remove this thatch with the help of a special thatch breaking machine. Once the thatch is broken into pieces, then leave it for sometimes for decomposition. When the thatch is completely decomposed, then you should sprinkle a new layer of soil.  

6. Maintain Optimum pH Of Soil Adjust 

In some areas, the soil is highly acidic and you should sprinkle pelletized calcium carbonate lime to maintain its right pH level. You should follow the right approach to restore the optimum pH level of the soil. You should first start with the soil test, and after that adjust the pH level of the soil between 6.0 and 7.0.

Take the soil test kit and measure the pH level of the soil. This kit will also helpful in determining the deficiencies of phosphorous and iron. These deficiencies can be easily adjusted by using fertilizers. 

7. Extra Care For Infected Lawn 

Prevention is better than cure! But, there are some situations in which we have to deal with the disease lawn. In case you observe the discolored grass, then it indicated diseases lawn

You should immediately call an expert who can help in identifying the problem and suggest the right measure accordingly. If you observe any discolored grass or other signs of disease, then try to identify the specific disease and ask a local expert for advice on lawn diseases in your area. 

8. Minimize Foot Traffic On Affected Lawn 

If your lawn is affected by a disease, then you should stop walking in it or reduce the foot traffic. It will help to recover the lawn in good condition as soon as possible. This same principle is applied to your lawn during the time of frost. The frost is highly vulnerable. 

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