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8 Common Mistakes in Machine Maintenance and how to avoid them

8 common mistakes in machine maintenance and how to avoid them.Did you be aware factories lose 5 percentage of productivity due to the time they are down?Machine breakdown is the most common reason for downtime in the manufacturing industry. It’s the reason it’s so important to ensure that your equipment is in top condition to avoid frequently interrupted interruptions.

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your machine is an important thing but performing it properly is a different matter. Although you might have the maintenance aspect well-understood, poor maintenance can have the negative result. Unfortunately, the majority of factory workers are ignorant of the maintenance errors they commit every day.

Today, we’ll highlight some of the maintenance errors that you must be sure to avoid at all cost. This way, your equipment will remain in top condition and provide the most ROI.

1. Incorrect Maintenance Routine

A well-organized and thorough maintenance plan is crucial for the effectiveness of your maintenance procedures. Inadequately executing a maintenance schedule is a maintenance error you shouldn’t make.

Do not wait until an emergency breakdown of your machine to begin your maintenance work. The time spent waiting for a machine to stop working is an enormous amount of money going in the drain. An effective maintenance program can reduce or eliminate downtime and helps ensure maximum profits.

Predictive maintenance is one of the maintenance practices that you must take into consideration. Predictive maintenance makes use of data analysis tools as well as other tech to spot any anomalies in your machine. This helps you fix the issues before they get out of control and cause disruption to normal operation.

2. Utilizing the Wrong Replacement Parts

It’s common to see people make a few alterations in the case of replacement components. Parts that are replacement cost a lot but you can find second-hand parts for a fraction of the cost. They’re identical and are priced accordingly. Why not save some money by buying knock-off components?

Making the wrong choice of spare parts on your equipment usually leads to a disastrous end. Instead of solving the issue and causing more damage, the parts that are generic could worsen the issue. This means that you’ll end up paying more for repairs than the original component.

It is possible to purchase generic parts without knowing from a shady vendor. This is why you have be extremely cautious when it comes to the place you purchase replacement components. You should only purchase the parts from a reliable seller with a good online review.

It’s also beneficial to have these parts on ready, in case the machine fails. This way you won’t need to stop production and wait for replacement parts. In addition to replacement parts, it’s essential to utilize the right machines maintenance tools in the process of replacing machine components.

3. Improper Data-Capturing Techniques

A proper machine maintenance program is etched into accurate and consistent data collection. This is why it’s crucial to improve the methods you use to collect data to accurately reflect the condition that your equipment is in. A proper data capture process can assist you in identifying any irregularities in your machine and then take swift action.

Luckily, there are a lot of data analysis tools to pick from. Contact the machine operators to select the most suitable one for your machine. These tools for data analysis must be an integral to your maintenance and production process.

4. Don’t Encourage Feedback from Your Technicians

Your technicians are more knowledgeable about your equipment than you ever. If you are performing maintenance on your machine, solicit comments and suggestions by your employees. Feedback from your technicians can be helpful for data analysis or policy formulation as well as improving the efficiency of factory procedures.

Failure to solicit comments from technicians can be extremely retrogressive. Use the feedback of your technician as your guideline when it comes to improving the maintenance of your machine.

5. Inability to perform maintenance tasks on the document

The documentation of maintenance activities is extremely vital for any future maintenance activities. Technicians and repair specialists are likely to refer to these documents in the subsequent maintenance procedures. The documents will make technicians’ work much quicker and more efficient.

Implement a strict policy of documentation for every repair or maintenance task. You must ensure that your documentation is accurate and complete without any information gaps. Make sure that each technician saves their documentation to a database centrally to ensure effortless access.

6. Incorrectly interpreting the manufacturer’s specifications

There’s a reason why companies have specifications for their machines. They ensure that you benefit out of the machines, without working them too hard. If you do not pay attention to these requirements, it could be detrimental to you.

Excessing the specifications of the manufacturer will increase the wear and wear and. That means you’ll have pay more attention and spend money for repair and upkeep. In addition, frequent maintenance can lead into a decrease in the lifespan of your machine.

It’s tempting to disregard the specifications of the manufacturer to increase production, but avoid it. To ensure that your machines function to their full potential, adhere to the specifications of the manufacturer exactly to the exacting standards. Some of the most important specs to keep an in mind are weight capacities, pressure and electrical input.

7. Utilizing a One-Size-Fits All Maintenance Plan

There aren’t all machines constructed the same way; a maintenance program that works for one machine might not be effective for another. This is why it’s important to make a unique maintenance program for every machine within your manufacturing line. Certain machines need little maintenance while others require complex and require high-level maintenance.

Modify your maintenance plans so that the delicate machines receive the most attention while robust ones receive the least attention. This method helps reduce machine maintenance costs and improves performance.

8. Maintaining Your Machines Too Much

There’s an issue as excessive maintenance. The longer you keep your equipment and the more efficient they are you think? Wrong!

The act of removing and loosening machines components too often decreases their longevity.

The over-maintenance of your equipment also increases the costs of maintenance and can be an unnecessary waste of technicians their time. As a general rule make sure to only perform maintenance according to the schedule you have set. The only exception to overstep this limit is when your machines stop working abruptly.

Utilize the information you gather to plan your maintenance schedule. Be sure to adhere to these times, to ensure that you don’t overuse your machines by performing constant maintenance schedules.

Do not make these Maintenance Errors

It’s not worth making these errors in maintenance of machines in order to improve the process of production. It is possible that you are guilty of making these errors but there’s still time to make changes. Follow the most efficient methods of maintenance for your machine to get the maximum impact.

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