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8 relationship tips for practice – that’s what really matters!

You search the internet for relationship tips, but only find general blah blah blah, like:

  • Be careful!
  • Have faith!
  • Accept your partner!

But no one tells you how to do it exactly?

Here you will get relationship tips that can actually be implemented . They are suitable to further improve your relationship. But they are also good if things are not going so well in your partnership.

In addition, you will receive some that really matter. You will receive the basic equipment for a successful relationship.

  1. Give your partner positive recognition by addressing the things that please you.
  2. Don’t lecture your partner, but tell them about your findings .
  3. Change yourself instead of your partner. Learn the relationship tips for yourself and act as a role model.
  4. Talk more to your partner. It sounds trivial, but communication prevents misunderstandings and thus also disputes.
  5. Deal with the drama triangle to reduce the drama in your relationship.
  6. Use crises as a driving force for real change .
  7. Deal with your relationship regularly and ask yourself the question: ” What do I want from my partner and the relationship? “
  8. Seek help when you’re stuck and can’t move forward on your own.

The list is of course only a summary, if you want to understand and implement the individual points, you can read the rest of the article. We will discuss each point and see how you can apply it.

1. Basic tips for your partnership

First of all I want to compliment you. You want to work on your partnership and are looking for relationship tips on the internet. Or maybe you are looking for tips to make your next relationship better. That is not a matter of course. It shows that you want to actively work on your relationships.

2. Tips for women

In relationship tips for women, I would like to introduce you to a concept that shows you how relationship drama occurs. If you now think that I associate drama with women, far from it. Drama happens between all people. This means that everyone involved is always responsible for it.

n the position of rescuer , the actors do something to keep a situation stable. They clean up, stand in for someone else, do things – they don’t really want to do, pretend, do something for the sake of something, etc. They rescue a situation believing they have to do it.

In the position of victim , people experience themselves as powerless, defenseless, powerless, weak, in need of protection, small or insecure. The self-responsibility is not perceived and it is hoped for help from outside.

In the position of the pursuer you feel superior, smarter, better. You get angry at the stupidity or unforgiving behavior of others. You sometimes feel isolated or unseen in this role.

3. Tips for men


I would like to recommend the same concept to you as a man as to women. The Drama Triangle. It explains how drama comes about. I use a definition of the psychological direction ” TA ” drama like this:

Drama is when both parties end up having atleast bad feelings at the end.

In the definition, shouting, fisticuffs and judges’ decisions are not excluded, unfortunately.

The drama triangle consists of the positions

  • savior
  • pursuer
  • victim

For detailed information about the roles, you can also read the relationship tips for women.

Men prefer to take on the roles of rescuer and pursuer. But there is also sacrifice.

Men occupying the rescuer position:

  • Stand by in an advisory capacity (often without being asked)
  • are gentlemen and take the woman’s luggage away – because they subconsciously consider the woman to be in need of help
  • mean well

Men occupying the pursuer position:

  • Make fun of their wife and others
  • Educate and know better
  • Threaten

The rescuer position in particular is often socially recognized and valued by others. However, the positions have an unpleasant aftertaste. As a rescuer, you tend to lose too much energy. In the pursuer position, you artificially overelevate yourself. The crash is inevitable – sooner or later.

When I write about the rescuer position, there is often resistance: “Yes, but I just want to be nice and polite.” There is nothing fundamentally wrong with that. However, people occupying the rescuer position are often not in touch with their needs . At the same time, they devalue others. They are unaware of this because everything is happening from a well-intentioned attitude. However, well intentioned is not always the same as good.

4. Relationship tips for crises

Now it can be helpful to remember the Chinese translation.

Every crisis also harbors an opportunity. The Greek word crisis means a climax and turning point of a dangerous situation. Ultimately, a crisis only says:

It can not go on like this. It has to be different.

On the occasion there is a chance that it can be better to Get husband back. However, this requires bold changes.

4.1 What do we want from each other?

Couples often don’t really know what they want from each other. There is no kind of relationship contract that regulates what you want from the other person. You may now think that this is obvious. The opposite is mostly the case.

If I ask couples in crisis what they want from each other, I often don’t get a clear answer. First ask yourself the following question:

What do I want from my partner and the relationship?

Ask your for Get Gemini Man Back  to do the same.

For example, I want my partner to be able to share moments together. A few years ago I still wanted my partner to develop together.

Some want their partner to make them happy. However, this is an unrealistic wish that the other cannot fulfill. If you wish for something like that, I recommend that you read the chapter again: “Change yourself instead of your partner”. You might ask yourself, “How can I be happy without my partner?”

Once you both have figured out for yourself what you really want from the other, you can talk about it. The desires can be quite different. In a next step, you can consider how you can achieve your individual goals together.

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4.2 Getting Help


If the relationship is in a bind, your own view is often clouded. I can recommend consulting a coach who looks at the situation from the outside and is neutral. Many stop reading at such a point and look for other articles on the Internet on how to deal with a relationship crisis.

Let’s examine these arguments.

  • A relationship is complex, far more complex than a power circuit. If the electrical system in the house does not work, an electrical engineer is called. You let the professional with several years of training look over it. When it comes to relationships, many fiddle with them themselves . In doing so, one’s own blind spots are overlooked and dangerous kitchen table psychology is applied. A good coach specializes in relationships and has the tools of the trade , much like an electrical engineer.
  • Calling a stranger and admitting a problem isn’t easy. However, a coach knows these situations. The embarrassment is therefore only on your side. It’s just a sign that you’re doing something that you haven’t done before and maybe even forbidden yourself. “Only the disturbed need a coach.” But that’s nonsense. Presidents and top athletes have coaches. Coaching is something to move forward better. Coaching is not therapy.
  • Let’s say it takes you ten coaching sessions to resolve a serious challenge in your life once and for all. Each coaching hour costs you 100 €. Then you paid €1,000 to solve a life issue. You have something for the rest of your life. For comparison, let’s take buying a car. A car probably costs ten times as much. How long have you had your vehicle? Or from vacation? There is often an imbalance between what money is spent on and what you get out of it. Test questions you could ask yourself are:
    1. What are you worth to yourself?
    2. What is your relationship worth to you?


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