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8 Remarkable Perks of Using Digitised Citation Tools

If researching and writing an elaborate assignment was not punishment enough, you also have to cite the sources used! And that isn’t all either. There is an array of referencing styles with differing rules and requirements. At your professor’s behest, you will have to cite your paper in the recommended referencing style. I know, it sounds like a puzzle that you cannot solve. But citations and bibliographies are an integral part of assignment writing.

Why is citing and referencing an indispensable part of academics?

Citations and bibliographies strengthen your argument’s foundation and show the amount of research you have conducted to validate your idea. When you cite sources that support your thesis statement, you open up room for further research and fact-checking. Citations also help you give proper credit to the rightful author, thus avoiding the plagues of plagiarism. By backing up your ideas with credible sources, you help people find your unique perspective on your topic. As is evident, citing sources is a step that you cannot give a miss.

So, how do you ensure that you have cited every source correctly in your assignment? Thanks to technology, students no longer have to spend hours in a library, scouring through books and noting down sources. You can now eliminate the effort and the chances of documenting a spelling wrong or missing a comma with the advent of APA, Harvard, or other referencing tools.

On that note, let us take a look at the several benefits of using an automated MLA/ APA /Harvard referencing generator.

1. Easy to use:

Most MLA, Harvard, or APA reference generators are easy to access. All you need to do is follow three easy rules to cite your paper. You have to paste the text in the empty box or upload the file from your desktop. Then, you will have to choose your requirements and click on the create citation button for results.

So, you can bid farewell to the pain of remembering where you had taken sources from and noting down names. You can replace hours of slogging with just a few clicks and get the results in only a few minutes.

2. Saves your grade:

As discussed earlier, citations are an academic mandate. So, if you do not cite sources and include a bibliography, you will lose valuable marks. Moreover, 7 out of 10 students lose marks because they are not well-versed with the fundamentals of the different referencing styles.

In such instances, an MLA or Harvard referencing tool will help you generate correct references to back up your claim. With a well-researched and accurately cited paper, securing high grades is guaranteed.

3. No more sleepless nights:

Citing a dissertation can take you days since you have to mention so many sources in the right format. Several students sacrifice their sleep to complete the task. With a citation machine, that’s no more an issue.

You can complete the entire task within an hour or two and give your undivided attention to your studies or other work commitments. You can use the saved time to research on the topic further or edit your assignments – two equally important steps.

4. No additional downloads:

Downloading random software from the internet could become a significant threat to your desktop security. Fortunately, for most online Harvard referencing tools, you do not have to download any software.

You can do the entire work online and download the complete list when required. It works on all browsers and doesn’t attack the system with any potential malware.

5. Always available:

You could say that you can hire an academician to cite the sources of your paper. But what if you required a full-fledged bibliography at 3 in the night? You would have serious trouble searching for an editor then. However, you can access a citation tool whenever you want, as there are no time-bound issues.

Moreover, such tools have no usage limit. So, you will be able to use the tool as many times as you want, irrespective of the paper’s word count.

6. Meeting all demands

The credibility of the perfect piece of information comes down to notches if you miss any element in the bibliography or works cited list. Now, while to err is human, an AI-based referencing tool goes above these limitations.

The tool will not miss an in-text or parenthetical citation in the assignment, depending on the citation style. So, you get to steer clear of making such rookie mistakes once and for all.

7. No wrong placements

Where to put the period? Where to put the parenthesis? Is it on the inside or the outside? Determining where to place the Oxford comma or the periods within parenthetical citations can be quite the puzzle session.

While you have to place the period outside the parentheses for most referencing styles, there are exceptions. Now, if you cannot remember all the befuddling rules, using a referencing generator can help you in this case.

8. Correct usage of the appropriate citation style

Of all the citation styles in the world of academia, how do you know which to use when there is nothing mentioned in the guidelines? When you are unsure about which style to choose, a referencing tool can make it easier for you.

As you feed in the sources you use, the tool detects the paper’s subject and the discipline it falls under. As simple as that, the tool will choose the right style as per the group of the paper and cite it for you.

Parting words,

Now, since referencing assignments is a hectic yet indispensable step, you cannot avoid it altogether. If you feel that the referencing rules are too confusing, please use a citation generator specific to the style you are looking for. An online reference generator comes with a bag of advantages. If you have no time to reference your assignment, an online citation machine can be your real saviour. Plus, the tool will help you break the wheel of receiving academic papers filled with the dreaded red marks or be accused of plagiarism due to incorrect citations.

Leave no stone unturned using a citation and reference generator. Here’s to perfection and impressing your professor with a thorough job!



Ava Jack has a PhD in Linguistics and is a professor in one of Australia's most renowned colleges. She is also associated with the site, where she has given insights into the APA citation generator. In her free time, Fiona loves to take hikes and read books.

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