9 Ideas to Create the Perfect DIY Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen overhaul sounds pretty exciting, especially when you have moved into a new house or hoping to start a family soon. In case you’re a little concerned about the budget, then you must know that an average kitchen renovation cost runs between $20,000 and $50,000 if not more!

DIY Kitchen Basics for You

Now, the secret to a statement kitchen is not always a huge bankroll. You can still achieve the cooking corner of your dreams without having spent a king’s ransom or even lowering your expectations. If you’re starting from the ground up, here’s a basic, step-by-step guide for you:

Next, it’s time for some brainstorming. But you need not get worked up at all! Take note of these 9 trendsetting DIY kitchen cabinets ideas to help you remodel your kitchen.

  1. Bring Back Brass Fixtures

If you didn’t know, brass fixtures are making a comeback! The post 90s era sort of made brass fixtures an outcast. But as usual, the old is back again in trend. To put an end to the dictatorship of nickel, matte black fixtures, or even stainless steel, the satin-finish brass fixtures are redefining the elegance of cooking spaces.

If you already have the cabinets in place, then just paint them with a nice, warm cream color and purchase the required brass fixtures with a satin finish; both of them complement each other beautifully. And because the tones are so modulated, you do make your kitchen look gorgeous without appearing loud.

  1. Create Wonders with Remnant Stone

You can surely save a few bucks by debunking the myth of remnant stone. For your information, remnant stones are the unused parts of the slabs used for making the countertop. Unless your kitchen is too spacious and you have a huge swath of countertop to cover, these remnant pieces of granite, quartz, or marble can serve as your kitchen’s work surface.

  1. Make Use of the Walls

Besides your existing cabinetries, if you need more room for your utensils or other kitchen essentials, purchasing or setting up additional cabinets can be burdensome. But relax, your backsplash and walls can help you out. Just get a few hooks, racks, and rails, attach them to the wall and make a neat display.

Plus, if it’s a compact kitchen, installing more pre-made shelves can make the room quite stifling. The hooks and rails will keep it airy with better accessibility to your cookware.

  1. Get the Look with Peel-and-Stick Backsplash Kit

Your kitchen backsplash not only contributes to the entire appearance of the room but also lets you clean the sticky grease without breaking your back. But if you think the stone backsplash procurement and installation cost is surpassing your budget, go ahead with the peel-and-stick backsplash kit.

They similarly serve your purpose, and fixing them to the wall is super easy! Plus, the good news is, the kit comes with all the necessary tools. Putting up your backsplash was never so effortless!

  1. Learn the Art of Furniture Conversion

Fancy a divine kitchen island? Well, here’s a mind-blowing idea for you! If you have one old or spare side table or sideboard sitting idle in the attic, shift it inside your kitchen. You can refinish the wooden surface or use a remnant stone piece for the tabletop.

If it’s a sideboard, you get ready-made drawers too. Truth be told, with the art of furniture conversion in place, you would never have to spend a fortune on kitchen remodeling.

  1. Flaunt a Bicolor Kitchen

When housewarming is around the corner, and you have very little time left to complete your kitchen, have faith in the finesse of painting. Buck up, and get ready with your paintbrushes; you’re about to coat your kitchen in dual tones.

Just remember this hack—paint the DIY kitchen cabinets above with a lighter shade, and reserve the darker hue for the area below. This helps in balancing the reflection of light.

  1. Invest in Smart Lighting

Who doesn’t want to light up their cooking space? But the heavyweight lighting equipment is not just messy but expensive too. However, you can always count on the hassle-free LED tape lighting that is efficient and highly adjustable.

Place it inside the cabinets or around the corners—your kitchen is so lit and lovely!

  1. Innovate with Magnetic Strip and Storage Jars

If you have to manage a shared kitchen, then the storage issue is almost a headache. So how about some innovation with the magnetic knife strips?

Simply mount the magnetic strip beneath the shelves or cabinets, attach the glass jars with metal lids filled with snacks or dry fruits, and voila—you’re ready to show off your very own version of DIY kitchen cabinets with a jar-twist this time!

  1. Arrange Seating

For kitchen-cum-diners, allow the chairs to add the finishing touch to space. You can also use the stools in case you wish to have a bar counter, they go well with the rustic kitchen look.

Be it by creating your signature DIY kitchen cabinets or two-toned painting, no one has to break the bank for a kitchen renovation. All you need is some groundbreaking ideas and a little extra effort on your end.

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