A Brief Guide to Building a Compelling Order Page

An order page is a crucial element of any website, which plays a vital role in converting anonymous visitors into known, loyal customers. It must appeal to the users and facilitate quick decision-making to finalize a deal between the customer and the service provider.

The high emphasis on the order page is because web development is a fast-paced industry where users have a brief attention span. In such a scenario, a customer would not like to spend too much time thinking and analyzing. On the contrary, he/she would prefer to quickly place the order and get the delivery as soon as possible.

This puts direct responsibility on a web development service provider to create effective order pages for their sites to offer a friendly user experience and keep driving sales figures. In this write-up, we will discuss the crucial factors that you should consider while designing an order page. Let’s get started!

#Packages Offered

As the “one size fits all” order pages have become obsolete, and custom web and mobile app development services are what all companies offer today, it is necessary to display all packages beautifully. Most companies offer 2- 3 plans, out of which one is Strict, and the other is Transitional. The third package comes with add-on features that users may opt for depending upon their requirements. Whatever packages you offer, make sure they contain all the necessary components that users can easily notice and select.

#Advanced Options

An order page must display the additional options that a specific package includes. It helps the customers to upgrade the plan and then place the order. For instance, if you’re offering custom WordPress development services like PSD to WordPress theme conversion, you should display several options, including layout options, responsive code, theme options panel, etc., on the order page. It is beneficial to highlight these options to allow customers to customize the order. Some providers to aid their customers even provide a brief explanation of these options, which is a great thing.


It is a general behavior that clients don’t like to share their details and demand information confidentiality. Therefore, service providers must offer them this facility and make it visible on the order page. If the service is not free and requires payment, it must also be clearly mentioned.


One cannot proceed without knowing the services’ rates; however, the point here is to check the pricing options. Generally, the price for a package depends on the number of features offered. In most cases, for certain functionalities, service providers charge a fixed amount (each one having its own price), but for others like custom eCommerce web development, the price varies. Usually, most service providers offer attractive offers and discounts to lure customers.

#Refund Policy

Refund Policy plays a vital role in making the customers rely on the service by assuring that their money is in safe hands. As a customer decides solely on the site’s information, a refund policy on the order page can help build trust. Therefore, most web development companies offer a 100% money-back policy.

#Terms of Service

This feature also forms an important part and makes customers familiar with the critical facts related to the services offered. So make sure you include it on your order page.

#Turnaround Time

This is the most crucial factor of a web development service, on which customers base their decision most of the time. The minimum turnaround time for different services varies with service providers. Therefore, as a service provider, it is necessary to mention it for users to see.

Whatever conditions apply, you should mention them clearly. For example, if you’re offering custom HTML5 development services like PSD to HTML/HTML5 conversion, display the time for the home page, inner pages, and provision for expedited delivery, if available. To further aid the customers, state the delivery time with the order confirmation mail.

#Payment Options

It is vital to make the customers aware of the available payment options to place the order in real-time. As different countries have their own rules regarding the payment mode, it is beneficial to highlight them to assist the users.

#Order Summary

Having an order summary on the page is undoubtedly advantageous for the users. An order summary should ideally contain the package name, its details, number of pages, delivery time, and total cost. Service providers must note this as it depends on whether they would add this feature or not on the order page. For users, it is a welcome feature.

#Order Form

Designing an effective order form is a must, for it leads to the final conversion. The primary thing to remember while creating an order form is to keep it short and simple because users don’t like to share too much information and hate filling long forms. Given that users always favor short forms, you must ask only the necessary details, have compulsory fields marked with asterisks, provide field assistance, and highlight the errors while providing comments simultaneously to help them fill it quickly.

#Minimize Distractions to Retain Users’ Focus on the Form Only

It is human nature to distract due to outside elements. If you don’t want to negatively affect your sales, make sure that there are no or minimum distractions on your order page. This will retain the focus of the users on the form itself, and they will complete it. The presence of unnecessary elements such as too many links may divert them from the real purpose leading to your loss.

#Inform Users on Form Completion

Most users remain confused about whether the process is complete or not and look forward to some confirmation when filling the form. Therefore, it is a good practice to give them the required feedback on form completion.

#Checkout – Keep it Simple and Straightforward

One thing that must be noted is to keep the checkout extremely simple that makes the entire process pretty easy to perform. You can do this by removing all distractions from the page and just keeping the necessary items, say a company logo (linked to Home page) or a back button, so that a customer can move back if required. As a general rule, the page should only contain the necessary links related to the privacy policy, Terms of Service, etc. This is to keep the focus of the customer entirely on the process.

#Action Buttons

Since your aim is to push users to perform the desired action, it becomes necessary to highlight and make prominent the action actions. Doing so helps in attracting users’ attention and driving them to take some action.

#Contact Details

It is to make sure that your customers have no details in reaching the provider. Therefore, it is essential to add the correct contact information. It is a general trend among web development companies to offer phone numbers, email addresses, and live chat options. However, providing the postal address is beneficial as it helps develop trust among the customers and lends some credibility.

#Loading Speed

No matter how effective an order page is, it will not realize its true potential unless it loads quickly. The simple reason behind this is customers, instead of waiting, take a few seconds to move back if they have to wait. Therefore, it is necessary to check the order page’s loading speed and make sure it is fast to load.

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