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A Complete Guide to Modern Logos: Types, Tips & Tools


Logo design is an important part of a company’s brand. It can be seen in advertisements, products, and business documents. A well-designed logo can help customers identify a company and its products. There are many factors to consider when creating a logo, such as the colors and fonts used. A professional designer can help create a logo that accurately represents a company’s brand. Contact us now, we have multiple professional designers and we provide the best logo design service in town.

Modern Logo

It is a form of branding that uses a simple, clean, and stylish design to communicate a company or product’s message. It is often used by businesses that want to convey a feeling of innovation, simplicity, and sophistication.

A modern logo should be memorable and easy to read. It should also be able to work well in both digital and print formats. When designing a modern logo, designers often use geometric shapes and lines to create a clean and sleek look. Some well-known companies that have modern logos include Google, Apple, Nike, and Starbucks.

If you are looking to create a modern logo for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, your logo should be simple and easy to understand. Second, it should be able to work well in both digital and print formats.

Types of Modern Logo

There are four basic types of logos, namely word marks (also called logotypes), letter marks, brand marks (also called symbol marks), and combination marks. But we are going to discuss the basic and advanced types that conclude with 9 types.

Brand Marks

A brand mark is a symbol or other design that is used to identify a company or product. Brand marks are usually simple and easy to remember, making them an important part of a company’s marketing strategy. Often, brand marks are used in conjunction with other elements, such as a company’s name or slogan, to create a complete identity for the business.

Brand marks are an important part of many companies marketing strategies. They can help to create an identity for the company and make it easier for customers to remember the business. When choosing a brand mark, it is important to select one that is simple and easy to remember.


Logos are one of the most important elements of a company’s branding. They are often the first thing that people think of when they hear the company’s name. A logo is more than just a symbol; it is a representation of the company’s values and mission.

An abstract logo is a type of logo that uses shapes and colors to create a unique image that represents the company. Abstract logos can be tricky to create, but when done well, they can be very powerful and memorable.

When designing an abstract logo, it is important to keep in mind what the company stands for and what message you want to communicate. The shapes and colors you use should reflect these values. In addition, your logo should be easy to remember and recognize.


If you take a look at our company logo, you’ll notice that it features a mascot. This mascot is based on the Greek god Hermes, who was the messenger of the gods. He’s often depicted with wings on his feet, which is why our mascot has wings as well. Hermes was known for being very fast, which is why our mascot is also running in our logo.

The reason we chose Hermes as our mascot is because we feel that he represents what we stand for: speed, efficiency, and accuracy. We want our customers to know that when they work with us, they can expect quick results and excellent service. Thanks for taking the time to learn about our mascot!

Additionally, mascot logos can also help to build customer loyalty and goodwill towards a company or brand. Finally, mascot logos can be used to effectively promote and market a company or product, particularly to children and young adults.


is a logo that is made up of two or more existing logos. The logos are combined to create a new logo that represents the companies or organizations that the original logos represent. The new logo usually has a different meaning than the original logo.

Some combination logos are created by combining the positive and negative spaces of two existing logos. Others are created by physically combining two or more logos. And still, others are created by combining the elements of two or more logos.

Combination logos can be an effective way to communicate the merger of two companies or organizations. They can also be used to show a partnership between two entities. Or they can simply be a creative way to represent two separate entities.


An emblem logo is a kind of logo that uses an emblem as its design. An emblem is a symbol that represents something else, such as an organization, a family, or a country. Emblem logos are usually very simple in design, and they are often easy to recognize.

Many companies and organizations use emblem logos, including the United States Army, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, and the Red Cross. Emblem logos can be very effective in creating a strong and recognizable brand identity.


A dynamic logo is a logo that changes over time. It can be used to create a sense of motion or to add interest and variety to a static design. Dynamic logos can be animated, or they can change color or shape in response to user interaction.

There are many ways to create a dynamic. Some designers use animation software like Adobe After Effects to create an animated version of their logo. Others use code to create interactive logos that change based on user input. And still, others use physical materials like lights and LEDs to create kinetic logos that move in response to their environment.


A pictorial is an image that represents a company or brand. This type of logo can be used to communicate the mission or values of the business or to simply make a statement about the company’s identity. Pictorial logos are often more memorable than text-based logos and can be used to create a strong visual identity for a brand.

However, they can also be more difficult to design, and may not be as versatile as other types of logos. When choosing a pictorial logo, it is important to select an image that is appropriate for the brand and will resonate with the target audience.

Word mark

A word mark logo is a type of logo that features the name of the company, brand, or product. This type of logo is typically used to create a more recognizable and memorable brand identity. While a wordmark logo may not be as visually striking as other types, it can still be an effective way to build brand awareness and recognition.

When choosing a wordmark logo, it is important to select a font that is legible and easy to read. The font should also reflect the overall tone and personality of the brand. In addition, the color of the word mark should be carefully chosen to ensure that it is readable and visible against any background.

Letters form

The term “letters form logo” refers to the graphical representation of a company’s name, initials, or another emblem. The letters may be arranged in any number of ways, but are typically presented in a stylized manner that is unique to the brand.

A well-designed letter form can help a company stand out from its competitors and build equity over time. When done correctly, a letter form can become an instantly recognizable symbol of a business.

Final thoughts

A well-designed logo is an important part of a company’s branding and marketing efforts. It can be the difference between customers remembering your company and not. When designing your logo, keep in mind what you want it to communicate about your business.

Make sure it is visually appealing and memorable. If you need help creating or redesigning your logo, our team of experts is here to help.

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