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Great Room Transformation

Decorating your home does not always have to be costly; sometimes even a small thing can brighten up a room. It is always great to hire the best interior designers in Ludhiana to deck up your home, but if you really want the house designed by the Top architects in Ludhiana, add little self-made things to it. And this year, when almost everyone is home due to the pandemic, simple arts & crafts project will not only transform your rooms but will also bring your family together. To help you out, here are some great arts & crafts ideas to transform every room of your home.

Living Room

Let’s start with the living room. This is the first room anyone sees when they come to your home. So, don’t stuff it only with things you bought, or your interior designers found for you; keep little space in that room to hang up arts & crafts things that your children or you made. A great option is creating a photo wall. Now there are many ways you can do it; you can string fairy lights on a section of your wall and hang printouts of your favourite photos with wooden clothespins. You can even hang a wire rack and hang the pictures on them. If you are printing the photos in your home, splurge a little and use high-quality photo paper and the best settings in your printer for the best result.

Another great way to spruce up your living room is by using old jars and bottles as a flower vase. Today, we often throw away single-use glass jars or bottles, but with little creativity, it can turn into something that best interior designers in Ludhiana will be proud of. For this, choose coloured glass jars and using acrylic paints paint designs on them. Now put them in a place where sunlight falls naturally and place either fresh flowers or dry flowers in them. Your room will not only look vibrant but enchanting as well when the sunlight will fall on those lovely vases.


The next room to transform using arts & crafts is your bedroom. There are a great many ways you can do it and they can be both fun and useful. For example, you can use an old ladder as a hanging place. If you have an old ladder at home, give it a bright colour (that will compliment your bedroom wall colours and place it near your clothes closet. You can use it as a place to hang your scarves, towels or even your blankets and throws. You can further decorate it by adding pompoms.

Another great way to spruce up your bedroom is by sprucing up your pillowcases. No, you don’t need to buy new pillowcases for that; just make some pom-poms in bright woollen colours and attach them to the corners of your existing favourite pillows.

Do you love to shop and have cute shopping bags lying around? You can declutter your home and make it beautiful by using them as pocket holders. Glue them to a vision board and place them near your vanity or your working space. Make sure you can see the logo (especially if they are from a reputed shop) and you can keep light things in them. They will declutter your workspace/vanity, and make it look beautiful.


Even your bathroom can be made extra special by little art and craft. Do you have small glass jars in the home? Then use them as planters for succulent holders. Succulents are small plants like cacti that are easy to maintain and look beautiful. You can place small pebbles, soil and rocks in the glass holder and place your cacti in them. Place them on top your cistern or washbasin and see how they brighten up your bathroom.

Dining Room

Bored of your plain white ceramic kitchenware? Then make them your next art & craft project and see how they transform your simple dining room area. However, it is not advisable to use them as daily use or frequent use kitchenware; the best is to use them at the centre of your table to hold fruits or condiments.

No matter which best architects in Ludhiana you hire, unless you decorate your home with such little things, they won’t look the place to return to after a busy day outside.

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